Friday, February 7, 2014

Healthy Go: January Review and Into February

Not a great start to the year for Healthy Go stuff. I haven’t really done much but lay some groundwork for me, like taking measurements. So. Fun. Not.

Yet I need something I can look to when things get rough. Taking measurements and recognizing that inches were being lost had been one of the encouraging things when I was plowing ahead well before with HG. So back to measurements, I go. Through January, I have already lost about an inch overall with only making different food choices here and there.

We’ve been having indecisive weather here lately. And one of my cats has taken to crying and pawing at night. Otherwise, my sleep has improved some. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I have resorted to blocking the space under my door with a towel at night, to keep any probable roaches from entering; this has been working well.

I had a few unintentional workouts and exercise. After a friend’s baby shower, I helped with resetting chairs and tables, any physical labor. I have always tended towards the physical labor, though I should be good at things like decorating, and now I see it as an addition to HG. I also had the opportunity to carry things up and down stairs that day.

And then due to schedules with my rides, I had a few impromptu instances of walking a ways to my destinations, for about 20 minutes at a brisk pace. At least they’ve happened on days I wasn’t particularly tired, so I didn’t do it grudgingly.

I’m still working on working up the water count again. I’m still prone to drinking more calories than I ought to. I’m saying “No” to pastries and other goodies, I’ve cut back on food to healthier portions again, but I still like the sweetened iced teas and the occasional ice blended drinks.

A little good news - due to the luck and hunt of dear Dad, my Snapea Crisp stores have been fairly replenished! So I have cut back on chips and fries significantly once more! Also been snacking on almonds again.

Oh, Greek yogurt - not sure if I’ve mentioned this before either. I have come to prefer Fage’s Greek yogurt. I have a theory that the separation of the yogurt and the flavoring helps it last just a little longer. Maybe it’s true, maybe not. Either way, Fage just tastes good! The one with honey is my favorite, with the strawberry one being a close second, and then that’s really the only two I usually eat.
A sample of the foods I’ve been having:

1. Veggie Wrap, The Bean Counter -  Spinach wrap, carrots, tomato, spinach, american cheese, (with a cream cheese sauce?) - it was yum, I would only switch to a different cheese due to my preference for swiss:

2. Honey Ginger Salmon with klondike potatoes, home-cooked - Salmon, honey, ginger, onions, mushroom, pepper, potatoes baked:

3. Miso Salmon on bed of Spring Mix Spinach greens, home-cooked, salad mix from Foodland - Salmon, miso, water, garlic, onions, mushrooms, pepper:

4. Tanioka fare - Shrimp Tempura, Corned Beef Hash Patty, Salmon Patty, Fish (Ahi) Patty - not exactly healthy but I don’t get to have this every day!:

5. Shawarma with salad, The Fat Greek - YUM:

February goals: get more water in, walk more, lift more weights, fit into the blue Mossimo shorts again!

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