Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome, 2014!

Hi! It’s 2014!

Again, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. I make resolutions during the year as it comes, so this is more an update and things I do every year, things I’m looking forward to, and such.

I usually have these things decided upon before January 1st, but I’m coming to think my bro was right: It is weird having Christmas and New Years in the middle of the week. At least, it threw me off kilter a bit in getting these things decided and ready to start out of the gate.

I’m not even going to have my customary bowl of poke (poh-kay, if you were wondering) for New Year’s because it’s a Wednesday, Mom gets a discount at the grocery store on Thursdays, and I forgot that I had wanted to pick some up on the Monday before NY’s. Bummer. Well.

---3 hours later and we went to the store. To my surprise, they were well stocked for the holiday rush. I was able to get the poke that I like. Yay me! A little expensive, but, yay.

Bible - I’m still considering which whole Bible reading plan I am going to do this year. A part of me wants to step it up a little by reading the Bible in either 3 or 6 months. A part of me questions if I will be able to stick to it or if I ought to continue to strive for more regularity in my reading the Bible daily. This past year, I was fairly good about it; well, I was very good about it compared to past years.

Devotionals - I’m still considering which devotional book to go through. I have 2 books that were given to me as gifts:
Starting Your Day Right, by Joyce Meyer
Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young
I also have Experiencing God Day-By-Day, by Blackaby and Blackaby. I’ve started it a few times since I picked it out years ago, and it’s very good (I recommend it), yet I haven’t completed it once in any satisfactory way. I’m not sure which may be more serving for what I need this year.

--- A day later and I’ve decided on the Jesus Calling devotional. It was my graduation gift from a friend and the most recent acquisition, so I’m going with that one. I’ve also decided that I will attempt to journal each day. I’m not going to share it online though, but it could possibly be a good discipline to develop, the journaling devotionals part; daily devotionals can definitely be a good discipline.

Work - I need a job, been saying this for years. It’s not an inability nor a non-desire to work. I have wanted to work. I want to work. I started working (steady, paid work) since I graduated high school. I’ve worked full time, 2 jobs at the same time for a period. I did apply for a few job positions last year. I worked the last election, for 2 days in the year.

A major thing holding me back - instability of the past few years. I want to be an excellent employee and the instability, my instability, has me questioning…. I need to get through this, I am well aware.

Agenda - Two years ago, I finally came across a planner that had everything I wanted, plus personalization, and I actually used one of them each for the last two years, but alas, the etsy store closed up shop.

So I shopped for this year’s planner and agonized over details, like design, layout, not enough pictures to make an informed decision, size, customer reviews with not enough informative comments to make an informed decision, etc. I decided to try one from Lilly Pulitzer, but waffled and then the design I wanted sold out, so wavered between one from Peter Pauper Press, then Bloom Daily, and maybe Kate Spade, or Vera Bradley. In the end, I gave up my crazy and ordered a Lilly Pulitzer in my fourth choice of design, since the first, second, and third choices all sold out while my mind was having its “fun.”

Courses - Spring and Fall, I will have two half semesters of graduate courses.

Health - I’ve been off my Healthy Go journey for the last few months and it’s showing. I think that the attempt to document (and share) a year of HG moves, every day, eventually gave out. It was helpful and encouraging for myself at the start, and I was more consistent with it for longer than I thought I would be, but a few things interfered, some naturally so from my tendencies, and it’s not that I am unable to carry a project every day for a year.

Rather, I think the weekly HG posts, where I can be more reflective and then ready myself for the coming week serves me better in this healthy direction aspect of my life. I think it was still good of me to try doing it as a 365-project, but it came out as I somewhat expected it would; now I know.

So, at some point, I will be getting back to the weekly HG posts. I did well with that system for a year and I can get with it again.


?Love life - Ehmmm…. Yes? No? Maybe? Whatever.

I’m starting the year single. Again. My last actual boyfriend was in 2000 (I’m still in good standing with my imaginary one; we haven’t argued in a week - I’m joking, I guess). I would like to be married someday. No, I am not looking. Yes, I am hopeful for a relationship so no, I am not despairing; there is no internal clock going off, no panic about being single or the possibility of being single for my life. That’s where I am and that’s as much as I want to say about the matter, for the time being.

My good friends Rachel and Zac are expecting their first baby in a few weeks, so I am excited for that!

Julie and Tracie and their families will be visiting later this year - can’t wait to finally meet the girls in person.

That’s about all I can think of so far. Otherwise, I don’t know what’s coming up. I’m a little excited about it, but not.

  • Have you made any resolutions for 2014? What are they?
  • What are you already looking forward to for 2014?