Saturday, January 25, 2014

2014 Arise Conference - CHANGE

The Arise 2014 Conference “Change” was held this past week, presented by Send Hope International and the host, Inspire Church. Having been sold out early last year, this year’s conference was held as two sections. I attended the second session, held from Wednesday to Friday.

This year’s featured speakers were:
Vera Kasevich, Hillsong Church Kiev
Lisa Bevere, speaker and writer, Messenger International
Andi Andrew, Liberty Church (New York City)
Lisa Kai, Inspire Church

I was able to attend on Wednesday night and Friday; I missed Thursday due to a class. My friend Jenn and I had gotten the VIP ticket, which includes early seating and other goodies; this year’s VIP gift was an Arise journal and conference drop card.

The conference started off with Vera Kasevich about “Change From The Inside Out.” Her talk was based off of her remarkable testimony of faith, of how she grew up in Ukraine and was herself changed from the inside out.

After more worship, which included one in Spanish that I found thoroughly enjoyable, those with VIP tickets were treated to a reception, sponsored by Compassion International. The speakers were there to meet and greet. Delicious hors d’oeuvres and desserts were served, including turkey meatballs, pesto shrimp on toasted bread, lemon bars, mini cupcakes, and more.

I was up early on Friday morning; it was cold, I was tired, and it took awhile to get out of bed, but Jenn picked me up and we made it to the morning session. The main speaker was again Vera, and we heard a little more of her testimony as she spoke about “Motherhood Power.” We listened to Andi Andrew’s breakout talk on “True Beauty,” based on the Proverbs 31 Woman - she knew her lane and she ran in her lane well.

The afternoon featured a Global Panel, a group of women sharing about missions around the world and their personal involvements. We heard about She Rescue Home, Compassion International, Sak Saum, missionary work in Uganda, Made in Hope, Inspire Church Manila, and Inspire Church’s missions team.

We also heard earlier from Maria, a former Compassion Child from Peru, now working for the organization. Pastor Mike of Inspire Church has been on a Compassion trip and came back fired up to help the children. He’s inspired his church and others at the conferences to sponsor and continue sponsoring children through Compassion. He held up three cards for specific children and people were moved right away to sponsor them, and so Pastor Mike, his team, and Maria went to work right away to connect these children with sponsors.

Double tired (unrelated to the conference), Jenn and I grabbed some Starbucks and went to her place. I fell asleep at times. I met her boyfriend, Dean and his dog, Sam. Sam is well-behaved. We decided to watch the night session on livestream. Normally, we would have made it back to the church, but I was still falling asleep. The livestream had a few technical difficulties, but we were able to catch most of it. The speaker was powerhouse Lisa Bevere on
“Asking and Acting.”

I hope this was enticing!

I don’t know what God has for me in the coming days (or months, or years…), but I am encouraged to carry on, though I may be afraid, unprepared, worried, imperfect, for God is my provider and my strength - He can be yours as well.

On the program for Arise 2015 are:
Wendy Perez, The Church at South Las Vegas
Leigh Ramsey, She Rescue Home
… and returning guest, Andi Andrew, with hostess Lisa Kai. Come, be inspired and convicted by what God is doing in the world through women. It’s not usually livestreamed. Come, and be refreshed in person.

Tickets for Arise 2015 are being sold now, link below, so register and we’ll see you next year!

Grilled dinner, provided by Dean and Jenn - yum and thank you!

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