Friday, January 31, 2014

My Family, My Type

Or… My Type of Family.

This is my first pass at typing my family with the MBTI and the help of the Kiersey Temperaments. It’s just an overview, a starting point so that I might write later with more details on specific subjects.

Dad: SJ, I over E, T over F* - ISTJ
Mom: E over I, P over J, F over T, S slightly over N* - ESFP
Bro: NT, I slightly over E, P slightly over J - INTP
Me: I over E, P over J, T over F, N over S - INTP
Family type: INTP

Note: Bro’s type is also here subjective. I mentioned MBTI while he was driving, and being a Psychology minor, he had knowledge of it, and quickly mentioned that he remembers he was probably an INTP. In further thought, I can see it and so will go with it unless he says otherwise. I doubt I will be able to figure it out otherwise.
*The dichotomy regarding which I am least certain.

Dearest Dad, the Probable ISTJ
I am fairly certain that Dad is an SJ. I would describe my dad as traditional, ordered, structured. He does his laundry a certain way, folds it a certain way, puts it away very neatly. Everything has its place. He wakes up early and goes to sleep early. Dad’s very good about getting his physical checkups done (of which I have grown appreciative because it has prolonged his life). He keeps tracks of dates, schedules, and expirations very well.  

Duty-filling also seems like something important to Dad. He fills the traditional role of the Head of the Family, the provider. He works hard at work, then comes home and does more (for the family). He took care of his father, having Papa live with us for a few years. As my uncle had gotten older, my dad started to take on the role of Head of the greater family as well in parts. I can think of many examples where my father was honored by relatives, mostly in small, quiet ways; or when he’s been called upon for some assistance or guidance by relatives. Dad taught us and several of my cousins to ride the bike, swim, and to drive a car.

Dad is an I and a T, in my opinion, because he is methodical, reserved, unassuming, among other things. He likes to be at or around the home, not liking to be out or away for longer than he has to be. The work he seems to enjoy have been ones where he can do his part on his own, even within a team. He enjoys thinking puzzles and games, excelling at them.

Mommy Mine, My Likely ESFP
The more I think about it and the more I learn about Kiersey temperaments, the more I think my mom is an SP. I would say that she’s an artistic, fun-loving, people-person. Even though she likes to be a part of the action, she does it in her own way, having her own style or mark on what she does. I think she prefers to be treated and recognized as a unique individual, her own person, not as “one of those…” type of deal, or as “Jennifer’s mom” (though she loves being “Mom”). Mom tends to take things as they come, not really looking to the past or too far ahead, but is present.

She’s an E: she really comes alive when she’s out and about and/or when people are around. I said, “when people are around” because I’ve noticed that she’ll be in the livingroom, watching TV, all quiet; as soon as she detects my presence, she perks up. She comes alive, starts talking, even if not directly to me, or to anyone in particular. It’s like I can sense her energy get excited at the prospect of a companion. When I don’t respond (again, sometimes she’s not even talking to me) or when I leave the room, she deflates again.

In general, Mom likes to be out and about. I think her quiet devotional time with God in the mornings are about as introspective and on her own as she likes to be. Otherwise, she wants to be around people, have her dog around, have the TV or radio on, just something going on around her, to engage her.

I believe Mom to be an F mainly because she is very loyal to people and organizations that she values very much, and her statements along those lines indicate F-logic/ decisions to me. I don’t know that I can explain it well enough because it’s difficult for me to understand F. She is the emotional one of the family, but I do think that the F is something deeper than just a ready display of emotions. Mom is intelligent, but it’s not a rational intelligence that I can easily follow where she’s coming from or where she’s going with things. She has her areas of expertise that I lean on when I need to, and I very much appreciate it. I appreciate her.

Big Brother, A… What? INTP?
Before a casual conversation with him about MBTI, I would have had a difficult time getting a grasp on my brother’s type. His strong interest in computers and technology in general would have me guess NT. He enjoyed science and mathematics. He’s a good chess player and other games of strategy. I think the Kiersey temperament description of NT fits my brother.

My brother excels. Although strong rational intelligence is not necessarily the sole realm of NTs, I would call my brother a genius. I would say that he finishes what he starts and finishes well. He’s also good with people, though, the less that he has to deal with them, the better. I’d like to think that my brother can do anything, and maybe that’s a little bit Big Brother Admiration. Maybe this adds to my confusion on his type.

Big Bro seems like an extravert at times, but he does seem to enjoy his alone time more. I think it’s just that people like him and his friends lean on him, so it seems like he’s out and with people frequently. He seems to be at ease with people. However, he has his lair, and he loves having his own lair.

If my bro is an NT, I would say that he’s more likely an INTP than an INTJ, but I still go back and forth on it. If I take the MBTI J/P dichotomy as what kind of structure he prefers, I don’t think I know him well enough to say. In outward manifestations, things I can observe of him, it still goes either way.

Like I’ve said, I have a difficult time typing my bro. I only stick with INTP for him because that’s the one he recalled during our brief casual conversation about this. I could be wrong; he could have recalled incorrectly. For now, I will say that he’s an INTP until further notice.

An ISTJ and an ESFP spawn two INTPs. Our family can be as goofy as that sounds, but that will be a topic for another time.

This is the starting point. I’ll adjust if needed, as new insights arrive. Again, I am unprofessionally attempting to type.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

2014 Arise Conference - CHANGE

The Arise 2014 Conference “Change” was held this past week, presented by Send Hope International and the host, Inspire Church. Having been sold out early last year, this year’s conference was held as two sections. I attended the second session, held from Wednesday to Friday.

This year’s featured speakers were:
Vera Kasevich, Hillsong Church Kiev
Lisa Bevere, speaker and writer, Messenger International
Andi Andrew, Liberty Church (New York City)
Lisa Kai, Inspire Church

I was able to attend on Wednesday night and Friday; I missed Thursday due to a class. My friend Jenn and I had gotten the VIP ticket, which includes early seating and other goodies; this year’s VIP gift was an Arise journal and conference drop card.

The conference started off with Vera Kasevich about “Change From The Inside Out.” Her talk was based off of her remarkable testimony of faith, of how she grew up in Ukraine and was herself changed from the inside out.

After more worship, which included one in Spanish that I found thoroughly enjoyable, those with VIP tickets were treated to a reception, sponsored by Compassion International. The speakers were there to meet and greet. Delicious hors d’oeuvres and desserts were served, including turkey meatballs, pesto shrimp on toasted bread, lemon bars, mini cupcakes, and more.

I was up early on Friday morning; it was cold, I was tired, and it took awhile to get out of bed, but Jenn picked me up and we made it to the morning session. The main speaker was again Vera, and we heard a little more of her testimony as she spoke about “Motherhood Power.” We listened to Andi Andrew’s breakout talk on “True Beauty,” based on the Proverbs 31 Woman - she knew her lane and she ran in her lane well.

The afternoon featured a Global Panel, a group of women sharing about missions around the world and their personal involvements. We heard about She Rescue Home, Compassion International, Sak Saum, missionary work in Uganda, Made in Hope, Inspire Church Manila, and Inspire Church’s missions team.

We also heard earlier from Maria, a former Compassion Child from Peru, now working for the organization. Pastor Mike of Inspire Church has been on a Compassion trip and came back fired up to help the children. He’s inspired his church and others at the conferences to sponsor and continue sponsoring children through Compassion. He held up three cards for specific children and people were moved right away to sponsor them, and so Pastor Mike, his team, and Maria went to work right away to connect these children with sponsors.

Double tired (unrelated to the conference), Jenn and I grabbed some Starbucks and went to her place. I fell asleep at times. I met her boyfriend, Dean and his dog, Sam. Sam is well-behaved. We decided to watch the night session on livestream. Normally, we would have made it back to the church, but I was still falling asleep. The livestream had a few technical difficulties, but we were able to catch most of it. The speaker was powerhouse Lisa Bevere on
“Asking and Acting.”

I hope this was enticing!

I don’t know what God has for me in the coming days (or months, or years…), but I am encouraged to carry on, though I may be afraid, unprepared, worried, imperfect, for God is my provider and my strength - He can be yours as well.

On the program for Arise 2015 are:
Wendy Perez, The Church at South Las Vegas
Leigh Ramsey, She Rescue Home
… and returning guest, Andi Andrew, with hostess Lisa Kai. Come, be inspired and convicted by what God is doing in the world through women. It’s not usually livestreamed. Come, and be refreshed in person.

Tickets for Arise 2015 are being sold now, link below, so register and we’ll see you next year!

Grilled dinner, provided by Dean and Jenn - yum and thank you!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Healthy Go: Up Next, In 2014...


It has been a few months since the last HG post. Around last September, I let go of the HG endeavor… quite entirely. It wasn’t intentional. I think the main thing that hit me was having a lot of quick and major decisions to make and having to adjust things.

I can handle change and major decisions, just not easily when several come on top of each other. I am not able to make those decisions and be comfortable with them for a while. I started settling into a few decisions, equilibrating to my preferred state of being, in October, and then other major decisions started up again in November. I was mostly okay again in December but I didn’t really get to HG yet.

It just happens to be January as I’m returning to it. Again, these aren’t New Year’s Resolutions. This could have come sooner if I had equilibrated sooner.

And, really, what I consider to be a major decision is probably ridiculous to you. How many people agonize over a new printer? It’s a major decision to me because I want and expect a printer to last for at least 5 years. If it ends up not lasting that, I will be annoyed. I don’t like being annoyed, especially not by my own doings. Plus, I’m insecure in my knowledge and understanding of tech stuff, and I had to impose on my brother quite a bit for help with information for some of these decisions, all weighing on my equilibrium.

I think I’ve made HG strides in… stress management before. It appears there is more to be improved.

One minor other thing was that the Snapea Crisps that I love for a snack have been difficult to find in the original lightly salted version; finding the Caesar flavored ones have been very easy, but I do not enjoy the taste. I haven’t found another similar snack that I enjoy just as much. This issue is somewhat important to me, because a weakness of mine are potato foods: chips, fries, mashed potatoes, garlic potatoes, baked potatoes - I enjoy them. The Crisps are my favorite and healthy substitute for the potato foods. The past few months that the Crisps have been rare, I turned to potato chips because they were in the house. I have a few bags of Crisps now, trying to have a stock of them. I will also be looking out for something healthy for when I can’t find them again.

What resulted with letting HG go a few months:
  • loss of regularity with sleep
  • very little exercise
  • making unhealthy food choices again
  • regaining of previously lost HG inches
  • low energy, some moods, irregular bowel activity

So far, my attempts to re-regulate my sleep in December has not gotten anywhere; that effort is continuing in January. I have already started to return my mind to healthier food choices once more. I also need to be more mindful of my sense of hunger/fullness again. I’ve already started upping my water intake again.

I have yet to return to more exercise.

I know that the inches are back because my shorts are tight again. I have not measured recently. I don’t want to measure again yet; maybe next month. I’m waiting mostly because I was keeping track of measurements in my planner and I haven’t received my 2014 planner yet.

For now, I just want to get going!

So that is where I am at the moment.
I was thinking the other day, remembering some of the wonderful things that came out of HG in the past, so I am gearing up my mind and looking forward to it. Good sleep, more energy, clearer thinking, more stability, and looking good in my clothes - here I come!

If you’ve “let go” of your HG endeavor, TODAY, whatever day you are reading this, at this moment, is a good day to start up again! And I’m still around to encourage you. Let’s get to it!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome, 2014!

Hi! It’s 2014!

Again, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. I make resolutions during the year as it comes, so this is more an update and things I do every year, things I’m looking forward to, and such.

I usually have these things decided upon before January 1st, but I’m coming to think my bro was right: It is weird having Christmas and New Years in the middle of the week. At least, it threw me off kilter a bit in getting these things decided and ready to start out of the gate.

I’m not even going to have my customary bowl of poke (poh-kay, if you were wondering) for New Year’s because it’s a Wednesday, Mom gets a discount at the grocery store on Thursdays, and I forgot that I had wanted to pick some up on the Monday before NY’s. Bummer. Well.

---3 hours later and we went to the store. To my surprise, they were well stocked for the holiday rush. I was able to get the poke that I like. Yay me! A little expensive, but, yay.

Bible - I’m still considering which whole Bible reading plan I am going to do this year. A part of me wants to step it up a little by reading the Bible in either 3 or 6 months. A part of me questions if I will be able to stick to it or if I ought to continue to strive for more regularity in my reading the Bible daily. This past year, I was fairly good about it; well, I was very good about it compared to past years.

Devotionals - I’m still considering which devotional book to go through. I have 2 books that were given to me as gifts:
Starting Your Day Right, by Joyce Meyer
Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young
I also have Experiencing God Day-By-Day, by Blackaby and Blackaby. I’ve started it a few times since I picked it out years ago, and it’s very good (I recommend it), yet I haven’t completed it once in any satisfactory way. I’m not sure which may be more serving for what I need this year.

--- A day later and I’ve decided on the Jesus Calling devotional. It was my graduation gift from a friend and the most recent acquisition, so I’m going with that one. I’ve also decided that I will attempt to journal each day. I’m not going to share it online though, but it could possibly be a good discipline to develop, the journaling devotionals part; daily devotionals can definitely be a good discipline.

Work - I need a job, been saying this for years. It’s not an inability nor a non-desire to work. I have wanted to work. I want to work. I started working (steady, paid work) since I graduated high school. I’ve worked full time, 2 jobs at the same time for a period. I did apply for a few job positions last year. I worked the last election, for 2 days in the year.

A major thing holding me back - instability of the past few years. I want to be an excellent employee and the instability, my instability, has me questioning…. I need to get through this, I am well aware.

Agenda - Two years ago, I finally came across a planner that had everything I wanted, plus personalization, and I actually used one of them each for the last two years, but alas, the etsy store closed up shop.

So I shopped for this year’s planner and agonized over details, like design, layout, not enough pictures to make an informed decision, size, customer reviews with not enough informative comments to make an informed decision, etc. I decided to try one from Lilly Pulitzer, but waffled and then the design I wanted sold out, so wavered between one from Peter Pauper Press, then Bloom Daily, and maybe Kate Spade, or Vera Bradley. In the end, I gave up my crazy and ordered a Lilly Pulitzer in my fourth choice of design, since the first, second, and third choices all sold out while my mind was having its “fun.”

Courses - Spring and Fall, I will have two half semesters of graduate courses.

Health - I’ve been off my Healthy Go journey for the last few months and it’s showing. I think that the attempt to document (and share) a year of HG moves, every day, eventually gave out. It was helpful and encouraging for myself at the start, and I was more consistent with it for longer than I thought I would be, but a few things interfered, some naturally so from my tendencies, and it’s not that I am unable to carry a project every day for a year.

Rather, I think the weekly HG posts, where I can be more reflective and then ready myself for the coming week serves me better in this healthy direction aspect of my life. I think it was still good of me to try doing it as a 365-project, but it came out as I somewhat expected it would; now I know.

So, at some point, I will be getting back to the weekly HG posts. I did well with that system for a year and I can get with it again.


?Love life - Ehmmm…. Yes? No? Maybe? Whatever.

I’m starting the year single. Again. My last actual boyfriend was in 2000 (I’m still in good standing with my imaginary one; we haven’t argued in a week - I’m joking, I guess). I would like to be married someday. No, I am not looking. Yes, I am hopeful for a relationship so no, I am not despairing; there is no internal clock going off, no panic about being single or the possibility of being single for my life. That’s where I am and that’s as much as I want to say about the matter, for the time being.

My good friends Rachel and Zac are expecting their first baby in a few weeks, so I am excited for that!

Julie and Tracie and their families will be visiting later this year - can’t wait to finally meet the girls in person.

That’s about all I can think of so far. Otherwise, I don’t know what’s coming up. I’m a little excited about it, but not.

  • Have you made any resolutions for 2014? What are they?
  • What are you already looking forward to for 2014?