Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye, 2013!

So…. It has been a year…. It was…, well, it was.

Overall, it wasn’t bad and it wasn’t good. I feel like a lot has changed and simultaneously, not much has changed.


  • Attended Arise 2013 Conference
  • Welcome, Lily Faith!
  • Lent - laid aside Facebook for relationship with God
  • Read through several devotional reading plans through the YouVersion Bible App on Kindle
  • Lost inches
  • Graduated - BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (Interior Design), minor in English
  • 4.0 my last semester of undergraduate courses
  • Went to the dentist - on Julie’s and Bro’s birthdays, fixed up the teeths, had a good checkup
  • First College friend Ivette and her husband visit Hawaii, and I got to catch up with them!
  • Welcome, Serah Marie!
  • Became more interested in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; most likely an INTP myself
  • Attempt to Re-church; lasted 2 months
  • Awaiting arrival of Baby TK!
  • Attended Equip & Inspire Conference
  • Kalihi Union Church celebrated its 100th anniversary
  • First laptop
  • Learning Rhino + Grasshopper
  • New printer in 6 years
  • Regained some inches
  • Two family members sudden passing away (separately): Uncle Edmond and Moana
  • Paul Walker passed away (bear me this one; I’ve been watching him since he was the son in Throb and it was a sudden passing) (and boy does that show my age)
  • New mattress set in ~25 years
  • Read The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, The Time Machine, Frankenstein, Jane Eyre*, Les Miserables, The Scarlet Pimpernel, A Tale of Two Cities, A Simpler Faith, Dracula
  • Read through the Reading God’s Story: One- Year Chronological Plan (NKJV)

My most read/seen post (stats say 66 views): Am I Lonesome Tonight?

My most commented post (2 from other than me): This Is the Story of My Cold Heart

My Healthy Go Year End Review: [Currently Unavailable]

Megamouth: "They can't have me! I'll claw my way out if
I have to!"

Usually, I share photos from the year, in a post of their own, but some of them are on an old computer which I cannot currently access. Also, I haven’t taken a lot of photos this year, definitely not as much as I usually enjoy. I suppose that part of the reason it has been a … year for me is that I hadn’t taken a lot of photos, so it seems like just a so-so year.

I am yet a bit conflicted as to choosing which was my personal favorite post. I settled on that particular Re-Churching post because… it seemed like the only logical choice. I could say more, but I don’t know that I am able to at this moment.

Well, this has been a(nother) bummer of a post so far, eh? Let me say that I am not pessimistic, cynical, or despairing.

I remain quite in Bittersweet Heartbreak Mode. I am starting to wonder if this will become/ is now a perpetual status. On one level, I am okay with it. On another level, I wonder if it is… or ought to be… disturbing to be okay with it. Nevermind.

I AM hopeful. I don’t exactly know for what I am hoping, yet I am hopeful. I don’t know that I am looking forward to anything happening.  It’s a little of “Hey, I’m still here!” and more of “Thank you, God, for everything.” It’s difficult to despair, or to despair for long, when one has felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Not sure what else to say, so I’ll say… thank you for visiting me here. I hope that I’ve been at the very least respectful, and at the very most ridiculous in my way, and perhaps with a dash of insight. I hope that you will visit again. I am, at the core, a fighter spirit, and I am here.

And, I would like to say that however the year has been for you, good or bad, up or down, or all around, there is a Hope with your name on it, and my hope is that you claim it.

See you next year!

*Not a first time reading. I may have missed some titles. Does not include titles read for courses.

** P.S. Someday, I shall fix my labels. I'm "working on it."

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