Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The INTP Journey, So Far


In this post, I talk about my experience with the MBTI and Jungian cognitive functions in trying to find understanding about me. I am not an expert and I am still learning things about “Types.” I think the concepts are fascinating and can be helpful tools in creating/ building better relationships with people, I hope.

I first came across the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) through a Facebook quiz years ago. According to the quiz, I was an INTP. Interesting, but I put that to the side for possible exploration at a later time.

More recently, I had come across a suggested channel on YouTube. In browsing the person’s videos, one had a video explaining how one used to think they were one type only to realize that one is a completely other type. I thought that was interesting, and being that I had some time I could devote to figuring out if I am an INTP or not, that’s what I set out to do.

I took a few free online typing tests. The results of 5 out of 7 tests said that I was an INTP; the other two said INTJ. I read more INTP and INTJ descriptions on several sites, as well as a little on the other 14 types, and I thought I still related best to the INTP descriptions.

I thought that perhaps a forum might help affirm the INTP result for me. I landed upon one forum which I enjoyed, and so I joined the forum. What I appreciated about the forum was that I could browse around among what different types were talking about and such, I could interact with people of all types, and there was still a certain kind of organization to it.

In reading the INTP threads, I believe I was a little more affirmed in being an INTP. What other supposed INTPs were saying, as well as how they were saying it, resonated with me; I could also relate to what other types were saying about INTPs.

I still remained a little skeptical about my being an INTP; after all, I could be wrong, other people could be wrong, the tests could be wrong. There is a more official test that one can take, with a professional interpreter to help one figure out one’s type; I would possibly like to take that test one day to see how it goes.

The MBTI was based upon Carl Jung’s theory about cognitive functions; as one person has stated, the cognitive functions are the meat of the MBTI and I think there’s some truth to the statement in that it helps to clear up any confusion about the 4-letter type pairings. I read more about the functions. In doing so, I was affirmed again that I am an INTP.

All of this is to say, I am fairly certain that I am an INTP personality type.

For the past 3 months or so, I’ve been diving in to type stuff as much as possible. What I have gotten from this so far is a better understanding of myself and a relief in finding out that I am not so alien. In continuing my study of type, I hope to gain improved or new communication skills – better communication is the main thing I’m interested in at the moment but if other positive things come from understanding type, it would be welcome.

A 3-month casual internet study is not enough to master a subject, so one may take anything I say about Type with that in mind. I could be entirely wrong about anything I say but there’s room to learn more.

This has been my experience and understanding so far.

  • What is your personality type?

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