Friday, September 6, 2013

I Thought

It’s all there in my mind. Behind the quiet door, a room of shelves piled with books, and a desk scattered with signs of a life. It’s all there.

I thought that my key would
Always unlock the door
That the knob would turn and
I’d be let in

Those white walls never got their coat of blue. Colors come from the artwork hung, the pictures on display, and a hint of glow stars.

I thought I’d always be
At home in this place
That I could walk the grounds
And be at peace

The bed is by the window, near to the fresh air at night. A fan stands by for when the wind takes a nap. The pillow is beat up from sleepless nights and tear-stained from peace-less nights.

I thought that I would
Never be alone again
That I could carry you
Wherever I may roam

The clothes hang still; the folded shirts must be collecting dust. Have the spiders made their home? Are they enjoying the shoes?

I stand… (don’t cry) I stand…
Outside, waiting and searching
And hoping, I’m hoping
To be let in

Behind the quiet door, a space I knew, a life I loved. It’s all there in my mind.

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