Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not My Usual Post

Not the chocolate from today.

This is not the usual sharing of information. If you are a sensitive type, or male, you might want to click out … now.

The story goes: I …

I went to the store today with a list of various items. I walked around in different departments like makeup, books, office supplies, kitchen supplies, etc.

What I ended up purchasing… what I realized, as the lovely cashier rang me up, was that my purchases were… like a “PMS Pack.” It was a very feminine bag of stuff: two feminine care products, underwear, and, to top it all off, chocolate! That is all.

I did not find what I wanted in the office supplies. I did not find anything I liked in kitchenware.

No, I am not PMS-ing. Currently. Actually, I don’t PMS often, but that’s a different subject….

I don’t find such things embarrassing; it is a part of female life. It just amused me because I don’t think my shopping trips have ever come together on a theme such as it did today, and because I don’t see myself as a stereotypical female. For instance, the chocolate is a recent thing and normally I do not crave chocolate. I don’t buy new underwear that often either, meaning that I will wear holey underwear until it’s cold in its grave and entirely unusable because no one sees my underwear anyway.

I don’t know – I just thought this was a funny coincidence.

Also, if I had realized it sooner, I would have gone to the male cashier instead, perhaps give him a look to see if he’d be uncomfortable or something, have a little more fun with it.

Anyways, that’s the story. Don’t know if it was humorous for you or not. I thought I’d give it a shot.

Thank you for reading! Back to our regular program lineup….