Monday, August 26, 2013

My Favorite Lip Products

In my makeup arsenal, I counted 41 lip products, which includes: lipsticks, glosses, balms, creams (in which category I counted the Revlon Lip Butters), stains and liners. I have the most in the lipstick category with 17.

The brands and types of lipsticks I have are: Sei Bella (a division of Melaleuca), M.A.C. matte and cremesheen, Revlon Super Lustrous matte, Avon Ultra Color Rich, Maybelline Vivids and Color Whispers, NYX matte, and Rimmel London with Kate Moss Lasting Finish.

My favorite lip color tends to be fuchsia, or a deep vivid pink. My favorite fuchsia lip products are M.A.C.’s Moxie (matte), Maybelline’s Vivid Rose (Vivids), and Sei Bella’s Fuchsia. From the photo, they do look fairly similar, with Vivid Rose being like a combination of Moxie and Fuchsia.

Swatches in natural light

Lipstick was probably the first makeup product I used on a regular basis. I started with natural looking colors, or I should say color because I used the same one lipstick over and over again, repurchasing it for years. I think it was an Almay lipstick; it brought some moisture and a bit of color to my lips. Due to my current attraction to bright lip color products, it has been difficult to find the perfect natural lip product for me.

I do have Sei Bella’s Clay Rose, which is a perfect natural lip color for me, but I have been rationing it until I find a suitable replacement because it is not in their permanent line. The one I have found to be the most comparable, for the time being, is the Rimmel Kate Moss #17; it is about the same tone as Clay Rose but with a little more pink in it.

Swatches in natural light

I have recently started to like real red on my lips. It began with my birthday last year when I had my makeup done by a M.A.C. artist and she used Charmed I’m Sure on me. I like it so much that it is yet the only red lipstick that I own; I simply cannot imagine needing another red. Though, I do consider other reds on occasion, but so far, I have always come back to a strong satisfaction with Charmed I’m Sure. I still don’t use it that much because it was a limited edition from the Marilyn Monroe Collection.

Swatches in natural light

Photo of what the M.A.C. artist used on me last year -
Cherry lip liner, Charmed I'm Sure, and Phiff!

I also enjoy Sei Bella’s Raspberry, also being rationed. I would say it is a pinkish light red color; it looks a bit coral in the photo. It was my favorite lipstick until I got into the fuchsias. Avon’s Charged Cherry is a beautiful shade on its own, but I also do not have easy access to it as it seems that Avon refreshes their lines often and I got it to help out an Avon representative. It also seems very fancy for everyday wear, for me, because it contains quite evident purple and red shimmer.

Swatches in natural light

Charged Cherry, showing the sparkles in it

Other lipsticks that I own and enjoy are M.A.C.’s Ravishing, Maybelline’s Shocking Coral, Cherry on Top, and Pinup Peach; I suppose these are more peach and coral shades. The first two are brighter shades; the latter two are from the Color Whisper line, which tends to be slightly sheerer finish than a regular lipstick, leaning towards a tinted gloss look/ feel.

Swatches in natural light

I find that I don’t enjoy using lip gloss as much as I used to. I do enjoy M.A.C.’s Phiff! which I also got during my birthday makeup session; it is also a Marilyn LE item (photos earlier in post). I save it for special occasions or when it’s not a special occasion but I just feel like it, which hasn’t happened yet.

I do like the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick (photo earlier in post); I would add it to the fuchsia category. I like the formula, which gives a lot of color and some moisture to my lips, and leaves good color when the gloss wears off.

I have a tendency to forgo or forget the use of lip liners. I hear that the NYX lip liners are good, and they are affordable, yet I haven’t used them enough to have formed an opinion on them myself.

The Melaleuca Sun Shades Lip Balms (not pictured) are a staple in my lip collection; I keep backups of them. I usually have two floating around which are on active duty status. My favorite scents are Mountain Mint, Lemon Gum Drop, and Strawberry Daquiri. I prefer the Mountain Mint one slightly more because it gives that pleasant tingly sensation; the other two don’t.

I also have two fresh Sugar lip balms and a Burt’s Bee’s lip balm (not pictured), but I haven’t used them enough to have formed an opinion on them yet.

A note: I will say that it’s safe to assume that I enjoy the formulas of the lip products I mentioned in this post, though I am not very discriminating or well versed as to the finer details of different lip products, as I do not own nor have as much experience with lip products as someone more deeply involved with makeup. I do not notice the feel of glitter chunks and such, as I am not usually rubbing my lips together that often; I also do not mind scents much, as I usually don’t notice them after application. I will mention that the Revlon balm stain has a mint scent and the M.A.C. lipsticks have a light vanilla scent.

  • What are your favorite lip products/ colors? 
  • Do you have certain criteria you look for in lip products?

*For reference, my skin is a medium tone with a cool yellow undertone (M.A.C. C30).

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