Friday, August 2, 2013

Healthy Go: Too Ambitious?


I haven’t done too many HG posts lately. I don’t know where my mind has been, or I mean, my mind has been scattered here and there, just having a blast (my mind is) while being difficult to focus on any one thing.

(Warning: this is going to be a bit rambly)

So… it’s now August 2013…. It’s been little over a year since I started HG; I think I started in June last year. I don’t know what I thought I’d be like in a year when I started. I did think that I’d be further along than I am at this point.

I thought I’d have lost more inches and weight than I have. I thought I’d be more consistent and doing harder workouts by now. I thought I’d be in better shape.

I mean, yes, I’ve been stressed and depressed and physically sick at times; such things can slow one down. And the plan was to make gradual changes in lifestyle which I will be able to keep up with and maintain/ or improve going forward. I’ve never been one to try this-or-that diet. When I’ve wanted to lose weight or get into better shape, it’s always been through exercise; with HG, I’m making all-around lifestyle changes, exercise and diet (food intake, not fad diet), as well as mind and spirit.

Also, health is not the only thing I’ve been dealing with in life. I’m struggling in a lot of areas of life, mostly internal things, I think.

Anyways, what I’m saying is that I am more ambitious than simply losing a few pounds and inches, which is basically what I’ve accomplished in the year. I’m glad to have made progress and I’m trying not to be too hard on myself (I am easily very hard on myself) for not being as far as I wanted to be at this point.

All those reasons I mentioned above (stress, struggles, etc.), I don’t like using them as excuses. Life is always going to have struggles and challenges. Yes, I’ve been dealing with a lot, but nothing more than anyone else goes through.


I probably ought to practice more of what a good professor taught us: Begin with the positive.

It’s too easy for me to push myself to the ground.

I didn’t start this post with the positive. Here it is:

  • I have lost inches, pounds, and a size
  • I have more energy than I did a year ago
  • My mind is still cobweb-y but clearer than a year ago
  • I have been more stable in emotions (I think)
  • I’m at a point where I can build strength (“leaks” have been repaired and no longer in panic mode; I’m no longer simply trying to keep from gaining weight)
  • I am moving more (could use more consistency and attack in this)
  • I enjoy healthier options (haven’t felt deprived of anything)
  • I’ve learned to cook/ or gone back to cooking a few healthier dishes
  • Thinking healthier is starting to become second nature
  • I got my dental health check up

So, my ambitions were high but not all for naught. Good has come from them.

Should I adjust my ambitiousness? How does one do that? How does one expect less of oneself?

At least my ambitions keep me going, even if I don’t meet them in the time that I intended to.

For a while, I was struggling and going seemingly nowhere in my academics, but now I’ve got Part 1 done and onto Part 2; I wanted to quit a long time ago, but where would I have been? –probably wishing that I hadn’t quit.

I think I shall keep my ambitions high as long as they keep me making progress. I have to practice keeping them mine, as I know in other areas at least, people expect me to make quicker progress and such; I understand that, as I expect that of myself, but I have to accept at times that I am doing what I need to do and I will get there. Keep disappointment and that type of depression at bay; I have enough to deal with.

STATS (since January 2013; in inches)

Weight: 152 lbs
Neck: ………12.5
Chest: …....38
Arm: ……….11.75
Forearm: ….9.25
Waist: ……..31.5
Hips: ………37.25
Thigh: ……..19.5
Calf: ………..14

Sorry, I don’t know how my ramblings can help anyone but if you’ve found hope, encouragement, something helpful, then I am glad! I do have a point/ helpful idea sometimes, don’t I?

Glad you’re still with me, or if you’re just coming along now, wonderful!

5 more months in the year – let’s keep going!

For another way to follow my healthy journey, visit [My Year of Health] with short posts (almost) everyday!

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