Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Girl with Green Eye Shadow

I love green eye makeup on me!

We went to dinner to celebrate a birthday and this is the eye look that I wore. I didn’t show the rest of my face because I didn’t have my face or hair done yet.


Products used:
(No primer)
Barely Branded [70]- Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal
Edgy Emerald [50]- Maybelline Color Tattoo
Golden Sage [333]- L’Oreal Infallible E/S
Soft Brown – M.A.C. (not shown)
Highlight, Rock & Roll [TS29A] – NYX Trio
Ash [ECP03] – NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder
Nude Eyes [Champagne, Pewter, Black]– Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips eyeliner trio
Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Mascara

Everything shown can be found at the drugstore. Soft Brown can be found at a M.A.C. store or counter, or on their website.

Swatches: Barely Branded, Edgy Emerald, and Golden Sage

I used Barely Branded on the inner part of the lid and Edgy Emerald from the middle to the outer part, up to the lid. I would describe it as more of a light jade green in color.

Golden Sage was laid down on the outer corner and blended towards the middle and above the crease; it is a leafy green color with a slight golden shimmer to it. Soft Brown was used to soften up the edges just above the crease, on the inner part of the eye.

The Highlight from Rock & Roll went under the brow. This matches my skintone almost perfectly and with a satin finish.

I lined the upper lash line with the Black Shimmer Strips eyeliner. Champagne lined the lower lashes, with Pewter lining the outer corner on top of the Champagne. These liners last a long time, but I would recommend allowing them to dry and set. For me, especially on the upper lash line, I keep my eyes closed for about a minute after applying the liner or it tends to transfer to the rest of my lid because of my eye fold.

For my eyes, I prefer to wear false lashes but my right eye has been itchy lately so I went with mascara. This PF one is not waterproof and had smudged under my eyes within 2 hours.

Do you like the look?

To find out what I ordered for dinner, check out [My Year of Health: Dinner Celebration]  
For reference:
Eye shape: Almond eyes, folded lid with parallel crease
Eye color: Dark Brown
Skintone: Medium with cool yellow undertone

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