Friday, July 5, 2013


He had been my greatest unsung hero.

It’s possible that he could have been more to me,
Had he wanted to be so and
Had I been able to shake this sense that
I am a burden to those who might
Love me.

I was better when he was near
And I thought I held his attention.
I would see his face and hear his voice and
Be at peace.
He would laugh at me and I would think that
I had done some good.
He had a way of getting me to talk, even
Of things I didn’t want to talk about, and
I felt safe.

He has left me now and
I’m not sure
He’ll ever come back again.
I miss my great friend
So much.

If I could, I would tell him so many things,
Anything he’d like to know.
If I could, I would make sure that he knew
My wild instability was not to do with him,
Nor does my seeming health now have to do with
His absence.

The rest of what I would say…
Is for him
Should he ever return.

What a predicament I am in.
When once I thought my voice so poor
As to embarrass him,
I would now sing his praises
When I have no audience.

I hope he is well.
I hope he finds his joy.

I hope.

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