Friday, April 5, 2013

Healthy Go: A New Month?

MEASUREMENTS  (one month change, overall; NC= no change; in inches)

Weight:           Unknown
Neck:              13 (NC, -0.25)
Chest:              38 (NC, -2.25)
Arm:               11.5 (+0.25, -0.75)
Forearm:        9 (-0.25, -0.75)
Waist:             32.5 (NC, -2)
Hips:               37.75 (NC, -2.5)
Thigh:             19.5 (-0.25, -1.5)
Calf:                14 (NC, NC)


I thought I would just get into it right off the bat. Not a lot of change in the measurements and at this point I was just happy that I didn’t gain a lot of inches. I was off and on sick during most of March and it has thrown me off in a few ways here in the first week of April.

I haven’t changed things too much in my diet; I’m not eating any healthier nor am I eating any more junk than I have been the last few months. I’m still getting in water when I can. When I was feeling okay, I started moving around and doing weight exercises a little more than I usually would.

Yet my energy levels this week have been here and there, not consistent to what I’ve been doing and it’s been difficult getting back to normal things or some kind of stability. I have been having less dark chocolate, so maybe my body or my brain is sad about that? I don’t know. It could be something in the ever-changing weather lately.

I have also been guarding myself as well as I can from slipping back into depression on account of that period of illness. I think a couple days at the end there I was more tired because of depression but I didn’t want to get stuck in that again. Depression-wise, I think I’m okay for now.

Other than that, I’m just trying to keep up with courses and get back into everything HG again.

I mentioned on an MYoH post that my scalp and neck have been very dry and itchy for awhile. The scalp is getting better. It’s still very dry but getting less itchy. The dryness and itchiness is moving down to the neck now. It looks like I have hickies on my neck but it’s not; it’s just spots where I scratched so I’m trying hard not to scratch at all. My neck feels like a tree trunk- that’s attractive, I know.

Yay for an HG post! Woohoo! I apologize for the lack of posts in general. I’ve been using most of my brain energy towards my courses and trying to get in better health. I miss posting on this journal though.

I’m enjoying the MYoH project but I am better doing these more spread out self-analysis stuff. In general, I tend to do periodic self-evaluations, taking a step back just to look at everything I’ve been doing and then make what adjustments are necessary or try to figure out next moves and such. They actually help me feel well-adjusted. I don’t like stagnation or status quo. I am constantly looking to improve or to do something different. Even when I am depressed, I will try something different to possibly help me get out of it.

All that to say, I miss this, I miss you, my readers.

And I should end it right there because I don’t want to mess that up. Let the moment soak for a bit. I miss you.

Thank you for reading,

For another way to follow my healthy journey, visit [My Year of Health] with short posts everyday!

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