Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why I Have Been Single

I have had this silver ring for a long time, so long that I cannot be certain from where or when I got it. I sense that I got it in San Francisco, which means that it was either around 95 or 98, I think. I remember, whenever and wherever I had gotten it, that I liked the design.

I have since wondered about the design here and there but would forget to follow through and try to research it, even now in this internet age. I thought it might be Celtic for it looked like the Celtic knots.

March 12, 2013, I finally researched the design. It took awhile. I wanted to find the exact design because sometimes little nuances can change a meaning.

This is the site where I first found it:

Apparently, this is a Celtic infinity knot that is often used on wedding rings to symbolize “the lifelong bond a man and woman create on their wedding day.”

A few websites showed this design on the men’s ring and so I wondered but finally found this site that has it both on the man’s and woman’s ring:

Apparently, I have married myself. Or mom likes it to mean that I am the bride of Christ. I have found the culprit to my chronic singleness!

Well, I tend to have a preference for which ring goes on which hand, and sometimes which finger. For instance, while my Celtic ring fits comfortably on my ring finger, I like wearing it on my left hand. Since I am neither married nor engaged, I don’t wear any rings on my left ring finger. Hence, I wear my Celtic ring on my left middle finger. So in a sense, I have been giving my wedding the middle finger.

Over the years, this has probably been my most worn ring. It’s one of my earliest surviving ring; it’s a flat, band design, a design that I love; and it fits so well. I’m still going to wear it and yes, I would like to be married someday. Plus, the design is supposed to go all around the band, but mine is interrupted. This ring is not going to be a determiner in my singleness; I do not ultimately put my faith in such superstitions or talismans and such.

 I just thought this would be a funny read.

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  1. Also, i was told, you must have two bedside tables and a light on either side of your bed. You will meet someone shortly after;) It also worked for me;)

    1. Oh shucks, I don't have any bedside tables or lights! That's what I've been doing wrong! Haha ;)


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