Friday, March 15, 2013

Healthy Go: Sloshing Through

Hello friends,

It has been here and there with the posts, on [Who I Am] in general, so this is also a bit of an update overall. Most of it has to do with health anyway.

If you’ve seen my [My Year of Health] project, I’ve been sick. Right now, I’m kind of on-and-off sick.

I even missed a few days on [MYoH] as well. I think I’ve been saving whatever thinking energy I have for the coursework I have to do. It’s paying off; I’ve been struggling yet apparently doing well in my first ever online course. This has been a boost to my confidence. I think that ever since I started Second College, I haven’t felt like I had my full intellectual faculties at work. I’ve been feeling kind of dumb, let’s say, and I’ve been questioning my decisions a lot. Last semester was a start and this semester has me feeling again like I am smart.  

My eating through this illness has been… iffy. I haven’t been eating entirely junk again but I haven’t been eating regularly. Most of it has to do with my sleeping habits lately in that I’ve been overly tired many days, and so I’ve had a lot of 2-meal days. I’ve been eating mostly liquid stuff, like soups, and soft stuff, like potatoes. I went without plain water for a bit because I couldn’t get enough effort up to washing my water bottle. I was drinking a lot of hot and cold tea.

My thoughts haven’t really been on exercising, even on the days that I felt okay. Yesterday I did quite a bit of walking around, and I even did several flights of stairs, so that’s been the most I’ve done in a while.

So pretty much, I’ve just been getting coursework done and doing any small thing to keep my spirits up. I’m not giving up. I’m just in neutral for now.

I hope that you are well! I hope that you’ve been making healthy progress.

Thank you for reading,

For another way to follow my healthy journey, visit [My Year of Health] with short posts everyday!

P.S. here are some pics of things going on anyway while I’ve been sick and not sick:

Lipstick: NYX Matte in Natural (indoor lighting).
Deciding which lip colorwill help me look less dead
when I did go out of doors. 
Nails: China Glaze in Peachy Keen (natural
light). Bright color to cheer me up and look
towards Spring!

Cats: Napping with my Megamouth Shark.
Places: visiting the Japanese Cultural Center
of Hawaii.
Places: The Heineken truck perfectly framed.
Places: The new interior look of Liliha Bakery.

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