Friday, February 1, 2013

Healthy Go: I Have Been Weighed

“You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.”

Where is that from? A Knight’s Tale. I believe it’s partly borrowed from the Bible (Daniel 5).

Whenever I think about being weighed, that line pops into my head, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with what I’m going to write about. …Or does it…?
MEASUREMENTS  (one month change, overall; NC= no change; in inches)

Weight:           Unknown
Neck:              13 (NC, -0.25)
Chest:              38.25 (NC, -2)
Arm:               11.25 (NC, -1)
Forearm:        9.25 (NC, -0.5)
Waist:             33.0 (NC, -1.5)
Hips:               38 (NC, -2.25)
Thigh:             20 (NC, -1)
Calf:                14 (+.25, NC)

Back in June, I had weighed in at 158 to begin with, at my brother’s place. Then two weeks later, I weighed in at 156 at my friend’s place.

Two Mondays ago, I weighed in at the gym. It read right at 160.


Well, several factors could help explain the disparity.

Different scales.

The first time I weighed in for HG was using my bro’s scale. The second time was on my friend’s scale. The third time, the most recent, was at the gym on one of that doctor office type of scale.

Different scales can have different calibrations and such; sometimes it will be a slight difference and other times, a bigger difference. Who knows how long the one at the gym has been there or if it has been maintained. This is not to discount it because it gave me the heavier weight; it’s just to say that if I want to keep better track of my weight progress, then I ought to weigh myself at the same scale each time to get a more consistent read.

Who knows when my bro or my friend bought theirs? Who knows which is the most accurate? It could be that one or none of them are correct. I’m not a prizefighter, so let’s say I’ll use the weigh-ins as just another tool to track a progress.

Different circumstances.

Years ago, I had a scale at home and I would weigh myself after waking up, still in my bed clothes. I felt that for me, that was the most consistent of circumstances in which I could weigh myself. I hadn’t eaten yet, I would be in practically the same clothes each time, I don’t have to be that awake to step on the scale.

Weight can fluctuate slightly throughout the day. I might get myself a scale.

When I had weighed myself at the gym, I had eaten breakfast and had just worked out, then weighed in. And I was wearing slippers because I don’t like sweaty feet, mine or others.

Or I actually did gain weight.

Who knows? I mean, I’ve been mindful of what I eat, even when at parties or out with friends, and I have been getting more active lately, so I don’t know where more pounds would find me, but it is a possibility. I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve done enough to gain muscle mass, but what else is there?

Keep in mind, I have definitely lost inches.

Even though I might weigh more than I thought, there’s no denying that I have lost inches. I have used the same tape measure each time that I’ve recorded the inches each month. Even if I hadn’t recorded the inches, there’s still no denying because of the clothes that I fit into now that I couldn’t fit into before.

Last week, I was getting ready for a family party. I noticed that my pants had a stain in a noticeable spot. It wasn’t coming out right away. It was cold, so shorts were not an option, and this was the only long pants that I could fit at the moment.

Knowing that I had been losing inches, I decided on a whim to try on another pair of pants that I have not worn in a couple of years. This one goes almost all the way to my waist but it wouldn’t go over my hips anymore.

Well, I got into the pants!  Okay, it is still very tight around my hips, but I got in them and I wore them to the party. I just wore a long sweater to make it look good.

So. I am not what I weigh.

And neither are you.

The view from the 5th floor, D-building, Shidler College

Yes, I sometimes eat with college habits- I had no bread at
home, but I had roast beef and provolone! 

I might have to track my diet again, just to see where any extra calories might be coming from and where I can make another switch to a healthier option, etc. I will see how the exercise goes first and then later get back to the diet tracking.

And maybe adjust my weight loss goal for this new weight. Originally the goal was to get from 155 lbs. to 135 by April. The adjustment will still be for 20 lb. loss over 12 weeks (by the end of April), from 160 lbs. to 140.

Again, as a reminder, I’m not so focused on the weight loss or the numbers. I know that the numbers shouldn’t define me.

And yet, I am an ambitious person, in certain respects. I never used to think I was ambitious but a friend told me so years ago, and I am just lately coming to embrace that part of me. I am a risk-taker. I am daring. I am a fighter. I love a good challenge, especially when it’s in line with the dreams I have for myself. I get uncomfortable in comfort zones. Status quo for myself is never okay with me. I want better and I want more. I expect better and more.

Others might not think that I am all those things, but either they haven’t gotten to know me or it’s just that I don’t really share …what I’m going through or what I’m doing and why. I don’t really talk about my dreams or plans. I just go and do things.

I may get down on myself from time to time, but don’t you ever count me out.

So. I know that I can lose the 20 lbs. and the 12-weeks timeline is the challenge for me.

So let me get to it.

I hope that you’ve had a healthy month!

Thank you for reading,

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