Monday, January 14, 2013

The Good Word: Abraham, Prophet of God

Plan: Reading God’s Story: on point
Plan: Made to Crave: on point


This past week, for the RGS plan, I read through Genesis 12- 29.

I wrote a note about Genesis 20. Abraham is in a foreign land ruled by King Abimelech. Abraham told people that his wife Sarah was his sister instead.

This was not the first time that Abraham and Sarah had gone through a country saying that they were brother and sister. The first account said that Sarah was beautiful and so Abraham worried for his life because the men would want to take her.

In both accounts, the king somehow found out that Sarah was Abraham’s wife, and in both accounts, Sarah remained untouched.

In the account with King Abimelech, God told him in a dream that Sarah is already a wife. What I find interesting is that even with this deception, God announces to Abimelech that Abraham “is a prophet, and he will pray for you and you shall live.” [v.7]

I’m not exactly sure what one ought to get from this, but what I am seeing is that our mistakes and mishaps do not negate God’s call on us. God is going to continue working in us to become more Christ-like, if we let him, and we’ll make mistakes or things will happen to us, but God can still use us.

I can’t say for sure that the deception of Abraham was in fact sin; the Bible doesn’t outright call it that. It does seem like Abraham was trusting on his own understanding rather than God’s wisdom. And yet, God still called Abraham his prophet.

I still think about Level Up. I still think sometimes that I failed because I failed, because I had sinned. I kind of gave up on ministry because I knew I was dealing with sin.

More and more as I read the Bible and seek God’s wisdom through other resources, … I don’t know. God knows, I was struggling with something in particular but that I was coming to give it up in favor of the ministry, doing God’s work. Instead of beating me up with it (because I do a great job of that already), God was working with me on it.

It’s also that the works of others got to me as well. They talked about me behind my back as if they knew me. They made like they knew exactly what I was going through.

Let me say, they were off-base. Even if they weren’t off-base, their treatment of me (and others) has been unkind and disrespectful.

Then I read something like Genesis 20 and try to think… who would be a great (Christian) leader having started only after they had gotten their act totally together first? This is not to excuse or condone living in sin.

I’m saying that people held a standard of perfection to me, should I be a leader, that is impossible for anyone to fulfill. And I’m saying that I had made the decision to do better, that I was continually striving for a closer walk with God, then and now. God knew my heart.

I read Abraham’s story and I wonder if he was ever overwhelmed with all that God was promising him and all that he was to do or become. Abraham had faith and finished well; I hope that I might do the same.

The Made to Crave plan is really good! If you struggle with food cravings, with self-control in your food intake and exercise, I recommend reading this plan or better yet, the book it is based on of the same title.

And… that is all for today!

Thank you for reading!

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