Friday, January 4, 2013

Healthy Go: What’s in Store for 2013?

February 2011: this is the pic for my next goal;
to look and feel as good as I did in this picture


Okay, so in prep for this new season of the Healthy Go journey, I actually looked back at the first HG post I had done in June 2012 and I had steps in there: drink more water, eat healthier/ less junk, gym more/ move more, and get a new mattress. I definitely drink more water now (and no soda), I eat less junk now, I had morning walks during the weekdays and did some other exercises, and I am still sleeping on the old mattress. So, I guess I did make progress on 3 of 4 steps. I forgot to talk about that in the year end review.

So. 2013.

The past several months, I was just beginning this journey. I had loose goals and no timeline because that’s all I could handle at the time, and because I still need to enjoy this journey or I won’t keep up with it (enjoy, as in not stress it, not make it feel like work, etc.). Going with loose goals was actually hard for me because I am ambitious- I wanted to lose 20 pounds right there or gym it 6 days a week, but I had to evaluate myself realistically and start with what I could handle.

At this point, I believe I am ready to take it another level and make out some goals and timelines.

Goal: To go from a size 10 to a size 8
Currently, I am a size 10 dress size and around a 10/12 pant size. I want to knock off another size to an 8. I’m not sure how to gauge or set a time for that, so the accompanying goal is…

           -To go from ~155 lbs. to 135 lbs. by April
At 135 lbs., I should be about a size 8.

Breaking this down, it is a loss of 20 lbs. within a 12-week period. This means about a 1-2 lb. loss per week which is doable (and generally advised). I have yet to weigh myself recently and am considering if I want to get a scale or not and how regularly I want to weigh in.

Goal: To set an exercise schedule by the end of January, for Jan.- May, and do it; also to do this periodically
I haven’t set a schedule yet because the next few weeks, I will still be setting my class schedule. Then I will know my classes, figure out my travel schedule (I travel mainly by bus), and I can see where the open spots in my schedule will be. Until then, I will exercise whenever. By the end of January, I should have a set schedule going.

In preparation for setting an exercise schedule, I am looking into gym classes and making decisions about how often I want to exercise at home, etc. I do enjoy trying out some of the exercise videos I’ve found on YouTube, so I’d like to make time for that too. So I shall be looking at things regarding a schedule.

I also have another personal goal which might mess up my exercise schedule, but I will handle it when I come to it, as I don’t know exactly when that will be. And one of my classes doesn’t start until late this month.

Goal: To climb at least 6 times in the year
The last time that I climbed was December of 2010. Then in summer of 2011, I had the damage to my leg. My leg is better; it aches sometimes and I still get shocks every so often, but I should be able to climb.

I miss climbing. At the moment, I am thinking that I will go once during Spring break, and then once a month in the summer, and… more.

Goal: To be consistent with the “My Year of Health” 365 project that I have started
This is my first 365 project. So far, I am excited about it, but I know that I will hit rough patches, so we shall see how this goes. I will still be writing the weekly HG posts here, but I am looking forward to the 365 project and maybe finding out things that I don’t usually think of in the HG posts or to trying new things, etc. I could use some form of stability in my life and this might help.

If you are interested in what I’m doing with this project, you can find it by clicking on the tab “My Year of Health” at the top of this blog.

Goal: To be more consistent with my Bible read than I was last year
I’m not only journeying towards better physical health here, so this will go towards my spiritual health. I look forward to cleaning my mind of the negative voices in my head, hearing God’s voice more clearly, finding guidance and strength for the day, and more. I guess this counts towards a healthier mind too.

I’m also still working on a goal that involves food: preparation, cooking, eating, anything. Got any suggestions?

By the end of the year, I want to be attractive (in my eyes), I want to have the fighter in me back, I want to feel good wearing dresses more often, I want to be wearing more of the closet that I already have. I hope these goals will get me there and be sure I will be adjusting as needed.

I’ll have some pictures at the end as inspiration/ motivation for myself (and some to remind me).

Leaner and meaner, here I come!

Do you have any HG goals of your own and what are they?
What or who inspires you to become better?
And again, do you have any suggestions for a food-oriented goal?

Thank you for reading!

Ah, I can't find my note on where I got this from! I will try
to find it again- so note: this is not my picture. I am short, in
the 5'0 - 5'4 range, so I look more like the size 16, sort of. The
size 12 here is more like me at size 8.
1999? As a size 6 model; might be the last
time I felt most like me
2001? Size... 4-6?
November 2004

2009- about size 8-10


  1. A size 10 is average for women. You looked great when I saw you at the wedding! I like women with curves and honey you got that! I am all for being healthier but don't get so caught up with the numbers. Focus on getting exercise and eating right. Just doing those things will make you feel like a new woman. If you happen to lose weight-hey! bonus and you will!!!

  2. Thank you, I know what you mean. I know it's not REALLY about the numbers, but it's difficult to talk without the numbers lol. For me, what I want to remember is that I am feeling a lot better now and that I'm ready to take on more- kinda has to do with my fight ;) Yes, if I do get caught up in the numbers, you have permission to knock me on the head lol, I trust you! :D


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