Saturday, January 19, 2013

Healthy Go: Preparing For More

A good place for preparing/ transitioning:
3rd Cup Cafe & Venue, Kunia,

Hello friends!

It has been cold… for Hawai‘i. It is 77°, plus a wind chill factor; it’s feels more like lower 60s. The wind is on the move outside. I know 60s is not much for people who live in cold snowy climates but it is something to people over here.

And I like to hibernate. Give me cold weather and I will hibernate until it is warm again. I mean, I don’t actually hibernate because I can’t afford to, but I will if given the chance. Staying snuggled warm in my bed is bliss for me.

That must be a part of why I like cats. They are my hibernating role models. Eat, drink, play for a few hours and then sleep for 20.

Anyways, I am fighting the urge to hibernate. I keep telling myself, “Jennifer, you are not a cat. You are uncoordinated and unbalanced and completely not graceful. You injure yourself walking. Now get up.”

I am preparing to take on more.

My schedule is starting to settle down and I am excited. I am working on a workout schedule.
I plan on going to the kickboxing class again. So far, it seems like the one that will be good for my schedule is on Saturday mornings, which are my mornings to sleep in but I will have to make a choice, right? I took a class years ago and I am so uncoordinated but I love the action.

I don’t know yet if I really want to try a yoga class. Maybe. I mean, I could use some stretching and such. I’m just more into very active and physical exercise.

And I want to lift weights. As I’m on my own, I’ll be looking for a class. I’d rather have a partner(s) for that but I don’t and I can’t afford a personal trainer, so I’ll see how the classes go for now. If you’re in my area and would like a weights friend, let me know! I could use the help.

And one can ask my friend Shayna, a Kinesiology degree (former) P.E. teacher “tita”- given proper instruction, I am serious about weights. She worked me out. She wouldn’t let me slack on easy weights for me or on low reps. She treated me like I’m strong and can be stronger, and I responded.

With my diet (again, I mean intake, not restrictions), I’ve been keeping steady with the smaller portions, some healthier choices, and getting at least 48 oz of water a day. I am munching on the healthy snacks from Trader Joe’s that my sistah sent me. Right now, I really need to ramp up my exercise, so that is my focus right now, and then later I will work on healthier versions of my fave recipes and the like.

My spirit health has gotten a huge boost this past week with the Arise Women’s conference. It was so wonderful. I heard good messages from the Beveres, Lisa Kai, and Andi Andrews. And these Christian women speak with authority and power- I love that! I got a drop card with the messages on it so that I can hear them again and take more notes because I mostly sat there, soaking it in instead of taking lots of notes like I usually would.

I’ve also been keeping up well with my Bible reading plans. I usually post updates on that on Mondays, so I’ll move on here.

So that’s it for now. Just preparing and getting ready to do more with this journey.

I believe transitions, preparations, can be so important. I myself like to have times of such; I don’t like to rush in the morning so I wake up early to have that waking up time, I like to get to appointments early so that I have that calming breath and preparation time, etc. I like to be in the right mental state when I go into the next thing and so on. I find that I am at my best when I have that on a regular basis.

Actually, it’s part of why I like riding the bus at times. It’s my transition time. I don’t have to stress about my driving, other people’s driving, parking, etc.


I hope that you are doing well and training better health habits too! Let me know how you’re doing as well- we can encourage each other to keep going!

Thank you for reading!

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