Friday, January 25, 2013

Healthy Go: Eat Like A King… Or Queen

Hot caramel macchiatto and toasted spinach
bagel on a cold, drizzly day- mmm!

Hello my healthy/unhealthy friends!

I was studying and looking up architect Carlo Scarpa when I came across a blog. This particular blog was about architecture and life. Some posts were about the author’s fitness journey, and in particular, this post of his:

About halfway down, the author mentions that his trainer taught him to “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a peasant.” I have been training this practice in my own life for a few months now but had never heard it put like this before. It means to eat more of your food/ calories for breakfast, a little less for lunch, and even less for dinner.

I’d like to picture it as one having a good fire. Picture a fireplace or fire pit. To start, one puts wood and kindling in place. Then one lights the kindling that gets the fire going.

If the fire starts to go out and one wants to keep it going, one puts another piece of wood on the pile. One doesn’t add a whole other pile, unless one didn’t start with much in the first place, but I’m thinking of starting with a good robust fire.

To let the fire slowly go out, one lets it go; one doesn’t put more wood on the pile.

So picture food as the wood (energy) and your body as the fire. Breakfast can get your body going so that you’re awake and alert. I’ve found this to be true for me after a few weeks of having breakfast, because I used to not eat breakfast and then I’m falling asleep from being too hungry by the time that lunch comes around (depending on my activities- if I’m home, I eat when I’m hungry). Or I’m not distracted by thinking about what I’ll have for lunch.

To keep your body running well, eat a good lunch but you’ll probably find that you don’t need to eat as much as you did for breakfast, and less for dinner.

I think this video* explains better, and quicker:

Just having your calories this way won’t have you lose weight necessarily; losing weight is still dependent upon calories in/ calories out, but as the doctor says in the video, eating a good breakfast will make it less likely that you’ll overeat the rest of the day.

I’d also add that it has worked best for me when I’m mindful of what I have already eaten. A good breakfast tells me I don’t need a big lunch but if I’ve missed breakfast, I eat a bit more at lunch than I intended to while still keeping it within reason.

And, it probably makes a difference what you have for breakfast. As my trainer friend has advised me before, and as the doctor (video) mentioned, have protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

When I decided to start having breakfast, I started with mainly oatmeal. I felt better than I had before (having no breakfast), but it wasn’t enough to get me to lunch. Nowadays, I tend to have smething like fish and veggies, or the breakfast special on campus (eggs, potatoes, meat). When I do this, I make it to lunch feeling good, not famished, and I have smaller portions for lunch and dinner now.

It took me about a month to get into the habit of having breakfast. Then it took me a few months to go from oatmeal to other things. I still have oatmeal for breakfast sometimes, usually when I’m staying home.

If you try the King-Prince-Peasant system, you might have to go with it for awhile before noticing any benefits, and you might also have to adjust so that it’s sustainable for you.

I hope this helps you!

I’ve been feeling a bit… sad lately. It will probably be awhile before I feel… something better. I’m okay. I am.

I think a lot, and sad memories pop up as they’re wont to do.

It’s been a frustrating couple of weeks too, as I plan out my days to get certain things done and others interfere with those plans. I’m not talking about my parents’ interruptions or anything.

I’m talking about going to a shop during its own business hours and finding it not open; this happened 3 times. I’m talking about busses that could have been on time but were not. I am patient about traffic, patient about people asking questions, patient about helping the elderly or wheelchair persons; it’s a different thing when the bus could have been on time, had none of those situations, and was late anyway.

So my spirit’s been a little annoyed but that is not going to dictate how I eat in a day or if I exercise or not. At least, it’s not dictating those things as much as it used to.

I’m okay. I’m starting to get the “My Year of Health” project rolling. I actually think that it’s a good part of helping me remain rather steady lately. I don’t want to disappoint myself with it. For now, I am enjoying it.

I hope that you have had a good week. I already know what I’ll be writing about for next week’s HG post; I’ve already started it, so I’m hoping it will be good!

Thank you for reading and get healthy, my friends!

*I am not subscribed to skaibluemediatv at the moment; I don’t know him personally and so I can’t speak to whether he’s a certified licensed doctor or not. I just found that video to be helpful in what I was trying to explain with the fire metaphor. 

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