Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Bus in Time: The Story Behind The Status


So this was my FB status a few days ago:

I was walking up to the bus stop and saw this guy looking at me. He was smiling so I smiled back. He seemed to be with someone, a friend I guess. He talked to her a bit and then turned back to me; I was standing several feet from him, in the back.

He’s still smiling and then he waves; I just smile back. He’s got an open bottle in hand and a lit cigarette, but at least he’s not approaching me.

With his free hand, he shows me the “ok” signal. I point to myself, confused. He nods. I nod back.

At this point, I’m wondering but hoping that the hand signal for “ok” still just means “ok.” I feel like I might have given a nod for gang recognition or agreed to something to which I ought not agree.

The bus comes. There are several people getting on it. It doesn’t seem like he’s getting on.

I get on the bus.

A few cute Japanese girls get on.

Then he gets on.

I have an empty seat next to me. I am trying to keep an uninterested poker face on but I’m thinking, “Oh man, pleeeeease do not sit next to me!”

He tells the driver, as he walks towards us, that he’s not getting on the bus. His friend is sitting behind me. He comes over, gives her a kiss on the cheek and says goodbye.

I thought they said goodbye before she got on the bus…?

As he’s going back to the front of the bus to get off, he tells his friend, “Maybe I should take this bus; I need one wife.”


He was also referring to the Japanese girls.

It still takes a few moments for everyone to get on and I’m thinking “hurry up, let’s go! Before he comes back on….”

And the bus takes off. He waves goodbye as we move past him.


I can laugh now that it’s over, haha! Please do not tell my father these bus stories; I don’t need him to be panicking even more each time I go for the bus.

I know, I know. Rudeness is not my rule of thumb and so someone smiles at me, my tendency is to smile back. Plus, this was in the daytime, with other people around, so I had a little sense of safety; I am more cautious at night or if I’m alone.

And I smile because I have a bad memory. I smile because it might be someone I ought to know from somewhere. People tend to recognize me a lot earlier than I recognize them.

So that is the story behind that particular status.

The. End.

Thank you for reading!