Saturday, December 22, 2012

Spinal Tat

This was done for TWLOHA day in 2010- temporary

One of my fondest memories happened a few years ago. My friend Chris invited me to go to the beach with him and his visiting cousins. I guess they wanted to sleep in, so it ended up being just me and Chris. We had a good relaxing day together at the North Shore area.

We got around to talking about tattoos.

Chris has his Japanese name in, I think it was, katakana writing down his back.

I don’t have any but want one- the problem with me is that I can be very indecisive about pricey things and such long-term things as tattoos.

I remember it was Chris who came up with the idea of having a tattoo down one’s spine of a spine. I remember we both thought that would be crazy cool and probably very painful, too painful for the likes of us two.

And what should I find….

I wonder how far she took it, like all the way to the tailbone…?

I have since lost touch with Chris over the years, so I doubt that he’s reading this. On the very far off chance that he sees this and remembers that day too:

Chris, your spinal tattoo idea is a reality somewhere, out there, on a stranger’s back! I miss you, my friend!

What do you think of the spinal tattoo?
Do you have any tattoos? If so, mind sharing what they are?
What would be your guess of a tattoo that I would get?

Thank you for reading!

P.S. As I type this up, I am one step closer to getting a tattoo. I know what elements I want, though I want to design it mostly myself. I’ve been sketching some stuff. I want two things, and I’m not sure if I would want them as separate tattoos or as one piece. Then I’d have to decide on placement, size, etc. After watching and admiring the guys of “Miami Ink,” I can’t just laze this in. At the rate I’m going though, it’s still more probable that I will die tattoo-less- haha!  

Also, Mom says she's okay with me getting a tattoo if it's by one of the Miami Ink guys, not that I need her permission *wink* But you underagers, ask your parents permission before getting a tattoo.


  1. you need to watch Ink Master and Tattoo Nightmares

  2. Haha, I saw Tattoo Nightmares! I couldn't believe the stories!


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