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MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Experience

MAC Marilyn: Me and Alina

I was checking through the posts I’ve been working on and noticed that I didn’t get around to posting about the MAC experience I went for during my birthday. I thought I’d post it anyway. Enjoy!

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Hello friends!

I had gotten the notice in the mail that the MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection was coming out and right around the time of my birthday! I decided that I would have a little self-celebration of my birthday and signed up for a makeup appointment.

Previously, I had only been excited about the MAC Wonder Woman Collection of last year. I love Wonder Woman; I was her for Halloween years ago. I had signed up for a makeup appointment then, but cancelled it as the day was coming nearer; I was having one of my moments.

This time for Marilyn, I went through with the appointment and I am glad that I did!

MAC Marilyn: let's go in!

MAC Marilyn: products used on me

 Alina was the makeup artist. She did a great job! She had a gentle touch and was so professional and kind as she gave me directions (like to look up as she lined my eyes, or to blink as much as I need to during the mascara application) and gave me information about the products that she was using on me. It was the first time I had a professional do my full face makeup.

MAC Marilyn: the eye look, open
MAC Marilyn: the eye look, closed
MAC Marilyn: the lips

Here’s a list of what she used on me:
Paint pot: Bare Study
Eyeshadow (Marilyn): Preferred Blonde, Showgirl
Eyeshadow: Tempting, Typographic
Liquid liner (Marilyn): Penultimate
Primer: Prep + Prime Skin
Foundation: Matchmaker
Powder: Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing
Concealer: Pro-long Wear
Blush (Marilyn): The Perfect Cheek
Lip primer: Prep + Prime Lip
Lip liner (Marilyn): Cherry
Lipstick (Marilyn): Charmed I'm Sure
Lipgloss (Marilyn): Phiff!

*Not sure what she used on my brows or mascara, I forgot! :/
** The ones in bold are what I picked up for myself

MAC Marilyn: the whole look

I allowed myself a little birthday money to spend on collection pieces that I would truly enjoy, for my birthday and because they were limited edition and were unlikely to appear again.

MAC Marilyn: Showgirl eyeshadow,
Charmed I'm Sure lipstick (matte),
and Phiff! dazzleglass
Top row: Charmed I'm Sure lipstick, lipstick with dazzleglass
on top, and Phiff! dazzleglass
Bottom: Showgirl eyeshadow

“Charmed I’m Sure” is my first red lipstick. It is a true red matte and I am glad; I’m fairly certain an orange-y red would not look good on me. “Phiff!” is my first dazzleglass; it is described by MAC as a “sheer yellow peach” and has very finely milled glitters in it that gives my lips a lot of shine. “Showgirl” is a “dark blue grey” (exactly how I would have described it) with a veluxe pearl finish. From what I understand (and I may be wrong), the veluxe pearl finish has tiny reflective shimmers in it that are just beautiful, in my opinion.

Pieces from the Marilyn Monroe Collection are pretty much sold out online within the first hour of the launch probably. I say probably because I’ve never seen a collection not be sold out by the time that I check online. I think it’s about 3 am or something my time when they come out.

If anyone is interested in the collection, one might be able to find a piece here or there on eBay or Amazon, but it will be pricey!

For future collection launches, one’s best bet is to sign up for the makeup appointment or just check the nearest MAC launch store. One takes a chance to go on the day they are available in stores as it is probably line crazy!

To be honest, I’m generally not a star-struck kind of person. I do admire a good deal of people and it usually has to do with their personal story of struggle or if they’ve excelled in an area that I would only dream of excelling, things like that.

I have gotten more interested in Marilyn herself from watching the TV show “Smash.” I started watching “Smash” for Katherine McPhee and ended up adoring Marilyn as well; she was the subject of the musical that was the subject of “Smash.” The writers of the show handled Marilyn so tenderly that I understood more of Marilyn’s wounded, vulnerable quality and sense of loneliness, which I started to relate to more.

And so I was more excited about the MAC Marilyn collection than I probably would have been if I hadn’t watched “Smash.”

I love the packaging for the Marilyn collection! I love the images that MAC used. I will most likely keep the packaging long after I’ve used up the products because Marilyn looks classic and gorgeous in the images.

MAC Marilyn: the packaging was classic, made Marilyn
look stunning

MAC Marilyn: And a lip print on the inside- nice touch

Let me know if you have ever had your makeup done and how the experience was, or if you were able to get anything from the Marilyn Monroe collection. Or leave a comment about whatever you would like to say- I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading!

And a photo of my free birthday Starbucks
drink- I had forgotten to add it to the
previous post

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