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Healthy Go: End of the Year Review

2011: Getting back to here
would be a good start!


I thought that the end of the year would be a good time to go back through all of the Healthy Go posts and review the journey so far.

The first Healthy Go post went up on June 8, 2012. Since then, there have been 23 HG posts.

It all started here: Healthy Go Introduction
All the HG posts, from recent to first: all Healthy Go posts

At the start, I was at my heaviest weight ever: 156 pounds. My overall weight goal: 135 lbs. I am currently: neither 156 nor 135 lbs. I am somewhere in between.

The light denim shorts
that I can fit again!
(Sorry about the mess
in the background, still
making space for the
new full-length mirror)
Smaller, intermediate goals have been about how I fit into my clothes. My first small goal was to fit into my black size 10 dress again. I accomplished that by August 3. The goal to follow was to fit into my grey shorts (still in progress). I don’t seem to have expressed it as a goal, but I also fit my light denim shorts again, sometime around August.

I also had diet goals. The main one was to be off of sodas, to break that seeming addiction. I had my last soda the week of July 23. I still drink juice but I also drink a lot more water than when I began.

Changing what I eat on a regular basis will be an on-going process, though I have made some progress. I’ve given up having pastries so often; I’m down to about once every other week and I’m still working on cutting that down even further. Though it wasn’t a specific goal, I haven’t had a potato chip in months! I have had fries though, and that is becoming less too. I like almonds now and have added more fish and veggies back into my diet. My tastes and my mind are starting to favor healthier choices on a more regular basis.

I have setbacks now and then, but they are no longer triggering my anxiety or having me completely sabotage my progress. I am becoming more thoughtful in my choices. I understand better when I am having a notion rather than a strong craving for something unhealthy, how I have dealt with cravings in the past, and learning how to handle them in a healthier way.

Getting enough quality sleep is healthy. I have an easier time falling asleep when I want to when I cut off liquids 2 hours beforehand. Getting enough sleep regularly has helped me to be more awake and attentive throughout the day.

Advice to keep in mind for myself (and you too if it will help):
Keep the progress going- don’t sabotage all the good things I’ve already accomplished.
At gatherings, I don’t have to stuff my face in order to enjoy myself; revel in then companionship of family and good friends instead.

Remember how much better I feel, physically, mentally, emotionally, when I make healthy choices. It feels good to let go of the guilt.

Today doesn’t have to repeat the failures of yesterday. Move on.

Remember the fighter in me.

Preparation goes a long way.

Remember how good it felt to exercise, and then do it again!

Healthier choices, especially food, may cost more now, but it will be cheaper than needing surgery or medication later because of extra pounds. Choose healthier now.

Make healthy changes from my tastes- for instance, I love burgers, so I found the Sirloin Burger soup by Campbell’s Chunky to satisfy that taste while having less calories. I love French fries, and I found the Snapea Crisps to satisfy the crispy, slightly salty taste for less calories. Don’t try to jump from burgers to salads all day right away because my tastes won’t adjust that quickly, but my tastes are changing well with the more gradual substitutions.
Make this journey enjoyable because if I don’t enjoy the changes, I won’t keep up with them.

My first measurements were taken on July 6, the first Friday of the month. They were:
Weight: 156 lbs.         à and now     à        for a change of
Neck: 13.25 in.           à        13.0     à        -0.25
Chest: 40.75 in.          à        38.25   à        -2.5
Arm: 12.25 in.            à        11.25    à        -1.0
Forearm: 9.75 in.       à        9.25     à        -0.5
Waist: 35 in.               à        33.0     à        -2.0
Hips: 41.25 in.            à        38.0     à        -2.25
Thigh: 21.25 in.         à        20.0     à        -1.25
Calf: 14.25 in.             à        13.75    à        -0.5

Exercise routines done
Jillian Michael’s Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism” DVD
BodyRock.TV- I Can Only Imagine Workout-
Insane Home Fat Loss: International Love Workout-
BodyRock.Tv: Hard and Strong Workout-
Body Rock- Hot & Sexy-
BodyRock- Take Me for A Little Ride-
Insane Home Fat Loss- Sexy Abs-

To help me, I’ve created a playlist for the workouts on YouTube that I’ve done and enjoyed. In this way, I will be able to find them easily and do these on days that I don’t feel so adventurous to try a new one, and I’ll get better at doing these.

Inspirations and encouragements
Tati’s encouraging video
Dara Torres’ Olympic tryout, fit and going strong at 40.
What American Ninja Warrior guys can do.
How good it feels to be in the water.

Benefits I’ve experienced
More confidence
Less dry scalp and dandruff
Clearer skin
Fit old clothes again
More energy
Better sleep
Better mental abilities
Less guilt (guilt from making unhealthy choices)

My take on everything
I started this Healthy Go journey for several reasons. I was tired of my clothes choices going down because I couldn’t fit them anymore, and I don’t care to shop for new clothes. Every so often, I need to change something in my life, always hoping it will be for the better, and what better than to change my health. Writing the progress in these HG posts has also helped to keep me accountable to changing.

I also hope that this will help someone else, because usually the first inspiration is to look for encouragement in someone who has already done it and that can help; I want to be another kind of encouragement, at least for now. I write as I’m doing it to encourage someone to keep going, and that we might not see the benefits of the good changes tomorrow, but we will see them in time. Struggling through, making the changes gradually, keeping it up… the process can be difficult at times but it’s all important. We often don’t get to hear about the setbacks and struggles along the way and how people have pushed through or handled them. I’m not a success story yet, but I will become one, struggles and all.

And for the first time in many years … I want to feel attractive. I won’t get into all of it here but something happened to me many years ago that caused me to want to be unattractive, like very purposefully unattractive. I generally don’t go around thinking that I’m attractive to guys anyway, and I don’t know how to explain this well… there’s something that I want to do and I don’t want to wait for it to come to me and then try to find my health. I want to be all-around ready, as ready as I can be, and that includes how I see myself. I remember what it felt like and I want it back so I am going to get it back. I know that was very vague, but it’s a reminder for me later on about what it is I want. This one, I have to do for me and me alone, though later I will have someone(s) to thank for helping me get to this point of wanting.

Emotionally, sigh, this year has been difficult as ever. Some of it came before the HG and sort of helped me make the decision for better health. Some of it came after and almost threw me off completely. However, I am here today, several inches less, and still feeling unsteady and crying a lot, yet I am still here and I am still going on with the journey. I think it’s important that I, or possibly anyone, work toward an overall health: mind, body and spirit.

So, I have done some things well, like getting off of soda, and some other things not so well, like still not having a regular exercise schedule. I am still in the process, still learning and trying.

It took a moment to go into a depression that has lasted years; I won’t be able to just snap out of it and undo right away all the damage I’ve caused. This too will take time and this has just been the beginning.

Coming Up
It will be 2013 soon enough. Next week, I should have some set goals to share, including intermediate goals and a little more definite timeline this time around; I think I’m ready for it now.

Thank you for coming along with me on this Healthy Go journey and get ready for more goodness ahead! 


  1. Nice one.
    You look good in the first photo, hope you get back to there soon.

    You're stressing less now, I see [I hope I'm seeing right], which is a very good thing. :P
    Just be patient and everything will fall in place eventually. Weight loss is a gradual process just as weight gain [I heard that on TV and I've kept it in mind ever since]. So, you hang in there. :)


  2. Thank you NB!
    Yes, less stress for now but I go back for more school too soon as usual. It is good to have some relax time though!
    Ah, patience, not my strong suit yet the past couple years have helped me learn more of it. Here's to more patience!


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