Friday, December 7, 2012

Healthy Go: Cravings vs. Notions

Hello healthy friends!

MEASUREMENTS  (one month change, overall; NC= no change; in inches)

Weight:           Unknown
Neck:              13        (NC, -0.25)
Chest:              38.75 (NC, -2)
Arm:               11.25   (-0.25, -1.25)
Forearm:        9.25    (NC, -0.5)
Waist:             33.5    (NC, -1.5)
Hips:               38.5    (-0.5, -2.75)
Thigh:             20.0   (-0.25, -1.25)
Calf:                14       (NC, -0.25)

I was a little anxious about facing the tape measure this week.

It has been a brutal week health-wise; the last week of classes tends to be. I have been getting better about not procrastinating on assignments, but I still have to learn to pace the larger assignments. I had a paper due Monday morning, then a portfolio and a paper rewrite due on Thursday. I ended up skipping the rewrite and I think I’m going to be regretting that later.

So, sleep-wise, I had maybe 3 hours Sunday night. Then from Wednesday to Thursday, I was basically up for more than 24 hours; I have no idea how I functioned! …because I debated but I did go to both of my classes on Thursday and did not fall asleep in class. I did snooze a little on the bus rides though, but still I didn’t totally knock out until I got home.

In order to last on those minimum-sleep days, I ate small snacks along the way, mostly almonds and the Snapea Crisps. Almonds are a great way to keep one going when a full meal isn’t an option, keeping in mind that this is just until one can get to a regular meal and not that the only thing one eats in a day should be almonds.

It is the holiday season here in the US, which means… Peppermint Mochas! Not really, but I have come to enjoy Peppermint Mochas. I blame it on my friend because he had one and I had to try it. He was so happy about his PM. Now, I have it the Healthy Go way; I order it “skinny,” which is lower calories, no whipped cream. I do miss having the mint chocolate chips on the top, but I’ll just deal with it.

I have also been trying almond milk. So far I’ve only picked up the milk made by Blue Diamond. This was mostly because Dad wants to have more calcium in his diet but not have to take more pills, and he’s lactose intolerant. The almond milk boasts calcium, vitamins D, E, & A, and has no lactose.

The BD milk is called “Almond Breeze.” We’ve tried the chocolate one and the original; they are both good! I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised that the chocolate one had a lot of taste to it. So I think we will try to get the Almond Breeze whenever it’s on sale.

I tempted the fat-status this week with 2 Whoppers. I rarely crave Whoppers, but I have found that when I have a specific craving, it is better for me to deal with it right away. If I try to resist it, the more I do, the more I end up gorging on it. Already, I have no desire to have another Whopper anytime soon.

When I say “craving,” I mean like a strong desire to have something. A lot of times, I just have a notion that I might enjoy something, and that is not a craving. If it’s just a notion, which most of the time it is, then I can go ahead and brush it off. I don’t have to worry about going crazy after it later.

That is probably the main thing I learned this week, to understand the difference between when I’m having a craving versus having a notion, and then to make the best decision either way. The Whopper was a craving, and so it could have easily been 7 of them instead of just the 2 had I tried to ignore it.

Next week is finals week. Wish me health!

That’s all I have to say for this HG post. I hope that you are healthy too!

What is your favorite holiday or winter drink?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Did you really just legitimize eating TWO Whoppers as "cutting off a craving" because you could have eaten SEVEN instead of TWO?

    You could have eaten ONE, or not even eaten a Whopper at all if you absolutely had to eat Burger King.

    The only type of people who "have" to eat fast food are people with food addictions and those with extremely busy life styles. Everyone else can avoid fast foods almost entirely with willpower if they're willing to cook.

    1. Wow. Harsh. What a way to beat up on me for a weak moment. I can take it. I’m thinking you haven’t been with me on this journey long.

      I didn’t mean to imply that having 2 Whoppers is entirely okay. I’m fairly certain that this particular craving was helped on by the stress of the week. I’m still early in this journey towards better health and beating myself up over the 2 Whoppers is not going to help. I have to take where I am now and do better next time. I’m getting to know how my mind and body has been working so that I can make better choices more consistently, to change how I’ve been making choices. I was looking at the bigger picture, not just this one week.

      I did not have the 2 on the same day; I’ve never had 2 burgers at one sitting. I had them over 3 days- 3 different sittings, as the second one was halved and eaten for 2 meals. That second whopper made me realize later on that the first one was a craving response and the second one was probably a notion that I didn’t have to indulge. I probably made it because that was the day that I had had no sleep, so I wasn’t thinking so much. Next time, I’ll be more aware of such.

      Believe me, this is a big change from how I was eating 6 months ago. I meant that I could have easily spiraled back to old habits but that I caught myself this time and that is a good thing.

      The rest of the week, I did eat healthy. I had nuts, fish, eggs, veggies, drank water, and other things. I do cook.

      Keep in mind, this is not a fitness advice blog. The Healthy Go posts are about my journey towards making healthier choices. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I am getting there and it won’t happen overnight.

      This next week will also be stressful, so we’ll see how I deal with it. I’ve written before about how I tend to pressure myself too much. If you’d like to better understand why I relaxed on myself about the Whoppers, it’s called “Healthy Go: Pressure.”

      As for willpower, I’m going to need mine to last, for years way past trying to resist one craving.

      Good for you if you’re stronger than me, or stronger than your cravings- I'll be there someday! Thank you for responding!

  2. Hi healthy you!

    I love almonds, and almond milk. Got a box full [or half full] just for me, like you.
    I had to google Whoppers. We are too far away. Figures? Here > Distance: 11891.04 miles. Travel Time: 23.78 hours. Whopper = Burger King. Whoppers = Malted milk balls. You referred to the 1st one, no?
    I, too, learned the difference between cravings and notions. Thanks to you.

    Best of luck for your finals and assignments. I've had a lot this semester. My exams are ending next week, 2 more papers to go. YAY! Yours will be over soon too. Hang in there! :)

    Holiday drinks? Do we have any here? None that I know of, I mean no special mochas etc.
    Winter drinks? Not for now, it's summer here.

    Umm, how will you know who is who if you have 2+ Anonymous comments?
    Unless you know the writing styles of people. Like it's easy to recognize mine [Is it?], though it depends on the topic and contents of posts.
    Anonymous may mean passer-by too.

    Hello Anonymous above me! Was happy to see 1 comment when I got here. :)

    1. :D

      I tried almonds before and didn't care for it, but I wasn't trying to be healthy back then. ;) I love them now!

      LOL I meant the BK one. I do love the milk balls more than the BK one- it reminds me of my dad because he likes the candy one.

      Notions- so many people say "I had to have" when they really didn't have to have something, so I'm trying to be aware of when I do this too. I was looking at old HG posts and some of the cravings might have been just notions or ties to my old tastes. So it seems I don't really crave things too often.

      Hmm, maybe... is there a drink for when you are really cold? The mocha was just a treat- I usually have hot tea or cocoa to warm me up.

      Hmm, I don't know how... I was thinking the earlier Anonymous wasn't you, by the attitude ;) I guess now we know it isn't just you sometimes! Maybe use a "signature" that I'll recognize as you. Like our mutual friend wrote once under "anonymous" but put "KHJ" so I knew who it was.

    2. :)

      Winter = tea and coffee. No extreme temperatures here - tropical climate. Tea = everyday in fact.

      Yes, I will sign under every post from now on. Have to, seeing the above.
      Awww, KHJ commented. Must've been a while ago 'cause I didn't see it.


    3. Yes, it was a few months back that KHJ came by. I think it was when I first when on break. Thanks, the sign helps! lol

      We've been having crazy weather, something to do with the lava flow and stuff. It's been hot and humid.

    4. I prefer winter. So much better. :)


  3. I drink Almond Breeze Vanilla flavor sweetened, I cant pass the unsweetened one. And yes I also believe in endulging a bit as long as you dont over do it, maybe 2 whoppers was a bit much but hey if you killed the craving and kept doing other good things to improve your health then Holla approves ;)

    1. My favorite Storm! It's a party now!

      I'm not a vanilla fan, flavor or scent. The original is okay enough but I like the chocolate better. I haven't tried the unsweetened one. I'll try a few more before I just settle for any particular ones.

      As long as I don't make cravings a habit, right? It was just really on my mind and I had to get it off or I could have had a tendency to develop an obsession. It was SO much easier making better choices again once I'd had more sleep! Hahaha HOLLA! :D

      P.S. When is your next post?! Did I miss one?


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