Friday, November 30, 2012

November Update

Hint to a recent makeup look I did, hopefully the write up
will be posted soon!

It’s Friday and I usually post a Healthy Go update, which I am working on. I should have it posted later today, so if you don’t see it now, please check back later!

1- Bible reading plan. I am all caught up for my Bible reading! I have been for a few weeks now but haven’t been able to soak in a blog post for it. Actually, I’m a couple days behind- no excuses this week; I am on November 28th’s readings. I am reading Ezekiel & 2 Peter. Gotta start thinking about what reading plan I will do next. I might try some of the short-term ones and a year one.

Again, I have been using the YouVersion Bible App- I highly recommend it. It’s a great and easy way to read between different versions and track your reading plan.

2- Candles. It has finally gotten cool enough to start burning candles again- don’t worry, I am super-paranoia-ly-careful about burning them. I never have them on when I’m not in the room or when my cats are in my room without me, etc. I trim the wick down after each burn.

So I finally gave in and started burning an Apple Slice from Diamond Candles. It smells delicious! I also recommend the Pomegranate Lemonade. So far, my favorite one is Honeysuckle; it’s a light floral- I don’t know quite how else to describe it.

I adore my DCs because they have great scents, not too heavy yet they fill a room of practically any size, big or small; they’re made of soy and burn cleaner (burning regular wax candles makes me sleepy and sneezy); they burn all the way down- not a lot of extra wax leftover once the wick dies; the glass is great for other crafty reuse ideas; and I have gotten great customer service so far!

3- Facebook break. I have deactivated for a time, one of the main reasons being that it is finals mode for school. I want and need all A’s and this is my first full-time semester back in awhile so I need to refocus more energy towards this. It’s quite a story of why I’ve been in school for so long but I will have some good news soon I hope. The good news is not that I will be done with school but I don’t want to jinx the good news yet because I feel like I rarely have good news.

4-Daily makeup. I think… I think… that I have finally figured out how to do my daily face makeup routine so that it looks relatively good for most of the day. I was having trouble because my skin is dry with a few oily spots, and so my makeup was melting in the heat and drying out now that it’s cooler. And I’ve figured out to use slightly less of my moisturizer, and a few other things. I did a makeup look recently and so I’ll be working on the write up soon I hope. It had been awhile since I played around with makeup.

5- Kahoolawe presentation. I had to do a presentation recently and I used my experience on visiting Kahoolawe- it is the uninhabited Hawaiian island which had been taken by the U.S. Government and used for some time for bombing practice. I had gone back in 2006 and I don’t think I ever wrote it up for this journal. I’m thinking I might share it after all. We’ll see- there’s always so many things I intended to write up or are in the works and they don’t see the light of the internet. Sigh.

6- Bookworm. Aside from my course readings, I have been reading a few good books. I always want to do book reviews so we’ll put these on the “Do it- Write it up Jenn!” list: Arabian Nights, Count of Monte Cristo, Waking Up in Eden, and A Simpler Faith.

I think that’s all  of the updates I have for now besides Healthy Go, which should be up later today. 

Thank you for reading!

P.S. I just had a hiccup with my computer that took a few hours. I might have to post the Healthy Go entry tomorrow. -Jenn