Friday, November 9, 2012

Healthy Go: Walking Disaster Chronicles Continued

Hello friends!
Walking Stick: lion head. Cool? Me?

Sigh. As if I wasn’t already struggling with motivation issues, I decided to make things even more difficult- when do I not?

Yesterday, I was walking and then not so much anymore. This is the fifth incident of doing so that I can recall in recent years. I know, it takes skill to fall while walking.

This time, my right ankle decided to go its own way without letting the rest of me know. All of a sudden I had my hands out to prevent a full on face plant into the asphalt. I skinned my already skinned and lame knee, but so far no swelling on that leg and no pain other than the bloody scabbing part. I can’t really perceive any swelling in my right ankle but I can feel it. I have less mobility in my right ankle than I do for my left ankle for the moment, which is not good.
Scabby Knee: It's a beauty, isn't it?
That's not pus yet- it's antibacterial goo.

It’s okay. I’m still able to walk, just slowly and I don’t feel much pain.

#1 item on my Christmas wishlist this year: a walking stick.

But like a cool one. Maybe it lights up. Maybe it lights up and erases people’s memories when they look at the light. Yeah.

Besides all this- walking disasters, lost motivation, etc.- I have been struggling just... in every aspect including the physical. I don’t understand what one’s supposed to do with pesky things like emotions. And thoughts.

And I’ve just been tired. All the time. Physically tired, mentally tired, spiritually tired, etc. I’m okay, I’m just tired.

Other note: I am having problems with my internet connection… again. It’s the same issues that we dealt with last year, so I don’t know. It’s also approaching finals time. Ugh. I still might be posting irregularly for the next month but I will try my best to post at least once a week, connection permitting.

Q & Q time:
What would your walking stick look like?
What does it do (like lighting up)?

Thank you for reading!