Friday, November 30, 2012

Healthy Go: Recovering Habits

Hello friends!

I have been slowly recovering the healthier habits that I had trained earlier. I’m starting to eat better again and to drinking more water. I’ve also been making more conscious efforts to move around.

Though, slowly.

I’m still a bit down in spirits. Something, or maybe a lot of things, have been weighing on my spirit. Some of that is just life. Life is never sunshine and roses all day long; I guess I just wish for a little more of that, just for a little while.


I mentioned awhile ago that Snapea Crisps [my previous post on this here] is my favorite snack and it still is, only the last couple times that I went to my local store up the street to get more, I couldn’t find it. That’s a bummer but I can still get it at the grocery store; I just have to travel a little further and I don’t especially like the parking situation at the other store.

I had also mentioned that I have been trying a parmesan encrusted tilapia. I like it as a healthy and cheaper alternative to salmon- I really enjoy salmon. The last time I went to the store for the tilapia, they had just plain tilapia filets. I bought some anyway, but I prefer the parmesan one still. I don’t really know how to flavor tilapia, and the filets are smaller, and I don’t seem to cook them as well. I’ll still eat it but the parmesan one was more enjoyable.

I’ve gotten in at least 1 bottle (24 oz.) of water a day, which is getting better from recent times. It’s still the fear of being in class or getting stuck on the bus ride and having to use the restroom that stops me from drinking more. That might sound silly to you, but I don’t like interrupting a class or missing information just because I couldn’t hold it longer, and most of the bus rides I take are almost an hour long- holding it in that long, or even just feeling like it, is not fun at all. I have had no incidents but I don’t want to have one. I can’t even fall asleep if I feel like I might have to go in the middle of the night.

I’m just being real, folks.

As to moving more, it’s still unscheduled, unprepared moving pretty much. I’m working my mind up to doing the prepared workouts again.

I know, I’m still going about this at snail’s pace; I’ve just been more about the process and making it stick better than it ever did in the past. I used to just jump right into things like exercise and changing my eating habits, and I don’t want to get burned out or be completely unprepared when things change and I have to adapt somehow.

Like going back to school full time: previously, I would have not been prepared for the change and I would have reverted back to eating whatever and whenever, eating for comfort and ease rather than what is better for me health-wise. Going back to school has shaken me a bit and delayed my progress, but I haven’t entirely given up and gone back to bad habits, and for that I am glad.

It does help that now there are more healthy initiatives going on around campus. The fast and easy campus food is still around but there are more alternatives, some quite healthy. Having my water bottle is handy and I’m learning where the water fountains are.

I’ll take help where I can.

So, earlier this week, I was doing some exercises while watching TV. It did something because I started feeling the tiredness in my muscles the next day. And that next day was one which had me standing up on the long bus ride home. My arms were not very happy whenever the bus jostled and I had to grip the support hard. However, it was a good pain; I am starting to feel the urge to do more major workouts….

Here a link to an encouraging post from Strong is the New Skinny. I got the image from this post. Don't throw in the towel- I'm not gonna!

I think that’s all the HG updating I have for this past week. I’m revving up for more! I hope… right.

Do you have any healthy recipes I might try out? Let me know in the comment section below! Yes, I do cook (debatable)!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Read!

    No, I don't find it silly. I, too, don't move from my chair till the class is over, can't afford to miss important information.

    Slow and steady wins the race, so going at the snail's pace isn't a bad thing at all.

    Recipes: none [I don't cook].
    Something else: yes.
    Maybe you already know of this, but saying still in case you don't.

    I know that pineapples help A LOT in losing weight. [Hope you're not allergic to these]
    Not pineapple in desserts or cakes or puddings or other baked stuffs, but the fruit only, just like that, raw. Some people add sugar to it, don't.

    I typed something else before but I think this comment is better.
    In case you're curious, the other comment was more of how I perceive a dieting process. Was subjective, that's why it ended up in text file instead of here.

    Umm, just so I know what to post and what not. Do you have any idea how many people read your blog? I mean all your posts + comments under them.

    Hope I don't bore you with my comments. I absolutely love reading blogs and you're the only person I *know who posts that often.

    1. It's long. Didn't realise. I love writing too, by the way. ;)

    2. LOL making up for the times you tried to post and it wouldn't let you! It looks like you need your own blog, if only to reply back to me ;)

      And yes, I appreciate all comments, long or short. I don't think I've heard that about pineapples. I just try to eat fruits when I can because I am usually more thirsty than hungry so might as well eat some juicy fruits! I do love pineapple too, and I'm in the right place for them hehehe

      I don't really know how many or who else reads my blogs. Now that it tracks stats for us, my audience numbers go up but not many leave comments. My in-person friends do read but I can't tell how often 'cause they leave comments randomly. Most are from the USA but I get some other countries too.

  2. LOL! Yeah, kind of. ;)

    Ok. Think you should give it a try. I heard it works.

    It goes up, you say. Maybe it's me only. Checking if you've replied yet. Hehe... Joking. Maybe others do read the posts too. :)

  3. Even if it is just you reading, I am glad to be writing! :D

    1. Hahahaha... I really haha'd. ;)


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