Friday, November 23, 2012

Healthy Go: Gobble Gobble

Hello friends!

I hope you have had a great Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of you!


I’m still looking for my motivation to do more. I guess I’m mostly trying to keep myself from becoming overwhelmed with life; it’s so easy for me to become overwhelmed.

I’m sorry that this post isn’t very informative, or maybe it is by all the types of things I would usually say but am not now.

Let me say a little more….

I had watched a video on a fitness YouTube channel that talked about Thanksgiving meals. The video hostess was basically advising that one doesn’t overindulge in all the holiday food, trying to say it in a humorous way I suppose.

Someone(s) commented that the hostess should relax because it is just ONE DAY of overeating.

Well, for some people, especially those who struggle with their weight and health, just one MEAL can set them back to the bad habits that allowed them to become unhealthy. I know that it can happen to me.

Sometimes, I just need someone to remind me of my goals, to encourage me to keep on the path to better health.

I sometimes read video comments and just think how funny it is that we all have our opinions and write our comments as if the person in the video was talking just to us.

Well, turkey isn’t very appetizing to me.

What I love is mashed potatoes! I had just one full plate that was about 1/3 of: turkey, mac/potato salad, and mashed potatoes. I also had a chocolate Napple (a pastry dessert).

I saved having my traditional piece of custard pie for the next day. I love custard pie!

And for the time being, thank goodness that I don’t have multiple Thanksgiving feasts to participate in, because while I am good at saying “no,” I do sometimes feel guilty not eating something when I’m invited to a meal. Contrary to some opinions, I am not entirely cold-hearted.

Thank you to my family for another year of supporting me through my struggles!

What are you thankful for this year?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Ok. I particularly love your Healthy Go posts. Not much into the others, though I do go through 'em.

    And it's funny how you end up with a question. Ummm, I don't celebrate Thanksgiving. So, let's not get there.

  2. That's good- at least I write something interesting! I know, I write about whatever comes to me. I thought the questions might give people something easy to comment on but sometimes I forget about it. Thank you!

  3. No. It's good to include questions and expect replies.

    Thank you? For reading and commenting? My pleasure! :)


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