Friday, November 30, 2012

Healthy Go: Recovering Habits

Hello friends!

I have been slowly recovering the healthier habits that I had trained earlier. I’m starting to eat better again and to drinking more water. I’ve also been making more conscious efforts to move around.

Though, slowly.

I’m still a bit down in spirits. Something, or maybe a lot of things, have been weighing on my spirit. Some of that is just life. Life is never sunshine and roses all day long; I guess I just wish for a little more of that, just for a little while.


I mentioned awhile ago that Snapea Crisps [my previous post on this here] is my favorite snack and it still is, only the last couple times that I went to my local store up the street to get more, I couldn’t find it. That’s a bummer but I can still get it at the grocery store; I just have to travel a little further and I don’t especially like the parking situation at the other store.

I had also mentioned that I have been trying a parmesan encrusted tilapia. I like it as a healthy and cheaper alternative to salmon- I really enjoy salmon. The last time I went to the store for the tilapia, they had just plain tilapia filets. I bought some anyway, but I prefer the parmesan one still. I don’t really know how to flavor tilapia, and the filets are smaller, and I don’t seem to cook them as well. I’ll still eat it but the parmesan one was more enjoyable.

I’ve gotten in at least 1 bottle (24 oz.) of water a day, which is getting better from recent times. It’s still the fear of being in class or getting stuck on the bus ride and having to use the restroom that stops me from drinking more. That might sound silly to you, but I don’t like interrupting a class or missing information just because I couldn’t hold it longer, and most of the bus rides I take are almost an hour long- holding it in that long, or even just feeling like it, is not fun at all. I have had no incidents but I don’t want to have one. I can’t even fall asleep if I feel like I might have to go in the middle of the night.

I’m just being real, folks.

As to moving more, it’s still unscheduled, unprepared moving pretty much. I’m working my mind up to doing the prepared workouts again.

I know, I’m still going about this at snail’s pace; I’ve just been more about the process and making it stick better than it ever did in the past. I used to just jump right into things like exercise and changing my eating habits, and I don’t want to get burned out or be completely unprepared when things change and I have to adapt somehow.

Like going back to school full time: previously, I would have not been prepared for the change and I would have reverted back to eating whatever and whenever, eating for comfort and ease rather than what is better for me health-wise. Going back to school has shaken me a bit and delayed my progress, but I haven’t entirely given up and gone back to bad habits, and for that I am glad.

It does help that now there are more healthy initiatives going on around campus. The fast and easy campus food is still around but there are more alternatives, some quite healthy. Having my water bottle is handy and I’m learning where the water fountains are.

I’ll take help where I can.

So, earlier this week, I was doing some exercises while watching TV. It did something because I started feeling the tiredness in my muscles the next day. And that next day was one which had me standing up on the long bus ride home. My arms were not very happy whenever the bus jostled and I had to grip the support hard. However, it was a good pain; I am starting to feel the urge to do more major workouts….

Here a link to an encouraging post from Strong is the New Skinny. I got the image from this post. Don't throw in the towel- I'm not gonna!

I think that’s all the HG updating I have for this past week. I’m revving up for more! I hope… right.

Do you have any healthy recipes I might try out? Let me know in the comment section below! Yes, I do cook (debatable)!

Thank you for reading!

November Update

Hint to a recent makeup look I did, hopefully the write up
will be posted soon!

It’s Friday and I usually post a Healthy Go update, which I am working on. I should have it posted later today, so if you don’t see it now, please check back later!

1- Bible reading plan. I am all caught up for my Bible reading! I have been for a few weeks now but haven’t been able to soak in a blog post for it. Actually, I’m a couple days behind- no excuses this week; I am on November 28th’s readings. I am reading Ezekiel & 2 Peter. Gotta start thinking about what reading plan I will do next. I might try some of the short-term ones and a year one.

Again, I have been using the YouVersion Bible App- I highly recommend it. It’s a great and easy way to read between different versions and track your reading plan.

2- Candles. It has finally gotten cool enough to start burning candles again- don’t worry, I am super-paranoia-ly-careful about burning them. I never have them on when I’m not in the room or when my cats are in my room without me, etc. I trim the wick down after each burn.

So I finally gave in and started burning an Apple Slice from Diamond Candles. It smells delicious! I also recommend the Pomegranate Lemonade. So far, my favorite one is Honeysuckle; it’s a light floral- I don’t know quite how else to describe it.

I adore my DCs because they have great scents, not too heavy yet they fill a room of practically any size, big or small; they’re made of soy and burn cleaner (burning regular wax candles makes me sleepy and sneezy); they burn all the way down- not a lot of extra wax leftover once the wick dies; the glass is great for other crafty reuse ideas; and I have gotten great customer service so far!

3- Facebook break. I have deactivated for a time, one of the main reasons being that it is finals mode for school. I want and need all A’s and this is my first full-time semester back in awhile so I need to refocus more energy towards this. It’s quite a story of why I’ve been in school for so long but I will have some good news soon I hope. The good news is not that I will be done with school but I don’t want to jinx the good news yet because I feel like I rarely have good news.

4-Daily makeup. I think… I think… that I have finally figured out how to do my daily face makeup routine so that it looks relatively good for most of the day. I was having trouble because my skin is dry with a few oily spots, and so my makeup was melting in the heat and drying out now that it’s cooler. And I’ve figured out to use slightly less of my moisturizer, and a few other things. I did a makeup look recently and so I’ll be working on the write up soon I hope. It had been awhile since I played around with makeup.

5- Kahoolawe presentation. I had to do a presentation recently and I used my experience on visiting Kahoolawe- it is the uninhabited Hawaiian island which had been taken by the U.S. Government and used for some time for bombing practice. I had gone back in 2006 and I don’t think I ever wrote it up for this journal. I’m thinking I might share it after all. We’ll see- there’s always so many things I intended to write up or are in the works and they don’t see the light of the internet. Sigh.

6- Bookworm. Aside from my course readings, I have been reading a few good books. I always want to do book reviews so we’ll put these on the “Do it- Write it up Jenn!” list: Arabian Nights, Count of Monte Cristo, Waking Up in Eden, and A Simpler Faith.

I think that’s all  of the updates I have for now besides Healthy Go, which should be up later today. 

Thank you for reading!

P.S. I just had a hiccup with my computer that took a few hours. I might have to post the Healthy Go entry tomorrow. -Jenn

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Seattle Day #5: The Sights, The Tastes

At the Seattle Space Needle
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Hello friends,
Here are my recollections from the trip I took back in August.
Thank you for visiting this journal!


Getting to the rail
At the rehearsal lunch, Mom and I sat across from Dexter’s brother Nestor, Nestor’s wife, and Nestor’s mother-in-law. They were so friendly. We mentioned that we’ll have one day of sightseeing, and Nestor and Hollie offered to show us around- sweet!

Here’s the short of it- we went to the Seattle Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass, had lunch at The Crab Pot, dessert at (I can’t remember what it was called), and poked in to several shops. We just missed the fish tossing though, and hiking, and the Experience Music Project (designed by The Frank Gehry), so we’ll have to make another trip of it!

The Chihuly Garden and Glass was crazy! So many pieces, large and small, with a whole outdoor garden- I was satisfied at the amount of objects and views!

The Crab Pot was delicious! We got seating outside- it was a beautiful day. Only one guy with us so we ordered individual plates. It was all so good. I had the crab-stuffed salmon. Dessert was salted caramel ice cream- also yum!

While making the trek down to, and back from, The Crab Pot, we took a lot of stairs down and back up again. It was a workout but I made it okay. I wasn’t way out of breath by the end of it and felt quite at health, so thank goodness that I started Healthy Go much before this trip! Mom had to take a couple of breaks on the way back up but she did well too.


It was a gorgeous day! We packed in as much as we could and our wonderful tour hosts helped so much. I don’t know what more to say but it was a good day.

Have you been to Seattle? What was your favorite thing there?
Where did you go for your most memorable trip?

Thank you for reading!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Healthy Go: Gobble Gobble

Hello friends!

I hope you have had a great Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of you!


I’m still looking for my motivation to do more. I guess I’m mostly trying to keep myself from becoming overwhelmed with life; it’s so easy for me to become overwhelmed.

I’m sorry that this post isn’t very informative, or maybe it is by all the types of things I would usually say but am not now.

Let me say a little more….

I had watched a video on a fitness YouTube channel that talked about Thanksgiving meals. The video hostess was basically advising that one doesn’t overindulge in all the holiday food, trying to say it in a humorous way I suppose.

Someone(s) commented that the hostess should relax because it is just ONE DAY of overeating.

Well, for some people, especially those who struggle with their weight and health, just one MEAL can set them back to the bad habits that allowed them to become unhealthy. I know that it can happen to me.

Sometimes, I just need someone to remind me of my goals, to encourage me to keep on the path to better health.

I sometimes read video comments and just think how funny it is that we all have our opinions and write our comments as if the person in the video was talking just to us.

Well, turkey isn’t very appetizing to me.

What I love is mashed potatoes! I had just one full plate that was about 1/3 of: turkey, mac/potato salad, and mashed potatoes. I also had a chocolate Napple (a pastry dessert).

I saved having my traditional piece of custard pie for the next day. I love custard pie!

And for the time being, thank goodness that I don’t have multiple Thanksgiving feasts to participate in, because while I am good at saying “no,” I do sometimes feel guilty not eating something when I’m invited to a meal. Contrary to some opinions, I am not entirely cold-hearted.

Thank you to my family for another year of supporting me through my struggles!

What are you thankful for this year?

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Seattle Day #4: WEDDING!

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Hello friends,
Here are my recollections from the trip I took back in August.
Thank you for visiting this journal!

It’s wedding time!

I don’t know that there is much to say. The venue was beautiful and wonderfully decked out. The ceremony was classic and very finely done.

The bride… STUNNING.

Let’s just get to the pictures, shall we?

A Wedding: the groom is ready!

A Wedding: Here comes the couple and the party.

A Wedding: My mother and my other mother.

A Wedding: back of the dress.

A Wedding: Brother and sister. Wonder what was said....

A Wedding: Me with Tracy and Reton.

A Wedding: blessing of the rings.

 [Sorry the pictures are a little blurred- I didn't want to use flash inside]

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. A!

I love you Julie! Thank you for letting me a part of this day- I was honored! Let’s do it again, but let’s switch roles next time….

Mahalo for reading.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Healthy Go: Walking Disaster Chronicles Continued

Hello friends!
Walking Stick: lion head. Cool? Me?

Sigh. As if I wasn’t already struggling with motivation issues, I decided to make things even more difficult- when do I not?

Yesterday, I was walking and then not so much anymore. This is the fifth incident of doing so that I can recall in recent years. I know, it takes skill to fall while walking.

This time, my right ankle decided to go its own way without letting the rest of me know. All of a sudden I had my hands out to prevent a full on face plant into the asphalt. I skinned my already skinned and lame knee, but so far no swelling on that leg and no pain other than the bloody scabbing part. I can’t really perceive any swelling in my right ankle but I can feel it. I have less mobility in my right ankle than I do for my left ankle for the moment, which is not good.
Scabby Knee: It's a beauty, isn't it?
That's not pus yet- it's antibacterial goo.

It’s okay. I’m still able to walk, just slowly and I don’t feel much pain.

#1 item on my Christmas wishlist this year: a walking stick.

But like a cool one. Maybe it lights up. Maybe it lights up and erases people’s memories when they look at the light. Yeah.

Besides all this- walking disasters, lost motivation, etc.- I have been struggling just... in every aspect including the physical. I don’t understand what one’s supposed to do with pesky things like emotions. And thoughts.

And I’ve just been tired. All the time. Physically tired, mentally tired, spiritually tired, etc. I’m okay, I’m just tired.

Other note: I am having problems with my internet connection… again. It’s the same issues that we dealt with last year, so I don’t know. It’s also approaching finals time. Ugh. I still might be posting irregularly for the next month but I will try my best to post at least once a week, connection permitting.

Q & Q time:
What would your walking stick look like?
What does it do (like lighting up)?

Thank you for reading!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Healthy Go:No Change

Dark Chocolate: Organic Belgian Dark
Chocolate from Trader Joe's

Hello friends!


Let’s get right into it…

MEASUREMENTS  (one month change, overall; NC= no change; in inches)

Weight:           Unknown
Neck:              13 (NC, -0.25)
Chest:              38.75 (-0.25, -2)
Arm:               11.5 (NC, -1)
Forearm:        9.25 (NC, -0.5)
Waist:             33.5 (-0.25, -1.5)
Hips:               39 (NC, -2.25)
Thigh:             20.25 (NC, -1)
Calf:                14 (NC, -0.25)

Jumper cables, anyone? I think I’m stalled.

I have been somewhat sick the past couple of weeks and the visit from the vog did not help matters.

So I haven’t been sleeping well.

I have to sleep better and get back to drinking the 3 bottles of water (at least) a day.

And I need to move more.

I have to figure out how I’m going to do this.

Besides that, I’m pretty sure my diet is okay. I have returned to cutting back on the treats a little more. The thing that has been helping me cut back on treats has been the dark chocolate- GOOD dark chocolate.

I have generally survived the possible candy overload from the recent Halloween “season.” Early on, I bought and ate one bag of Nestle Crunch bars, not all in one day. Then I would have a piece of the dark chocolate that I brought back from Trader Joe’s. What I noticed is that I would need to eat a lot of milk chocolate in order to satisfy my sweet tooth, whereas I only needed a small chip of the dark chocolate and I was good. And I didn’t use to like dark chocolate before. I wasn’t much of a chocolate person in the first place.

So aside from any actual health benefits dark chocolate may have, it benefits me because I’m not overeating chocolate. Now I just need to find a delicious dark chocolate that I can buy locally. We don’t have Trader Joe’s here so I’m going to check Whole Foods or something, see what they have.

I have narrowed down my dark chocolate favorite from Trader Joe’s to be between the Belgian Dark or the Swiss Dark. Mmmmmmm…….

Other than that, not much has changed. I still have morning walks, I still take unnecessary stairs when I can. As I mentioned in the previous post [Update- 31 Oct 2012], I finally have some time to think and plan how I am going to get myself out of this stall, what next step(s) I am going to take, etc.

I remember this being so much easier when I was younger. Oh, wasted youth….

I can’t think of anything else to say for this post.

Thank you for reading and stay un-sick, people!