Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Seattle Interlude: Farmer’s Market

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Hello friends,
Here are my recollections from the trip I took back in August.
Thank you for visiting this journal!


On the day of the wedding, Mom and I got up early and took care of something. We got to the church really early too. We took the opportunity to walk to the Kent Farmer’s Market happening nearby.

This Farmer’s Market was pretty good- I would have loved to stay a little longer or to pick up a few things. I ended up not getting anything for myself; it just means I will have to visit again someday!

They had live music, a variety of food, lots of fresh flowers, homemade crafts- everything one needs at a good farmer's market!

Thought of getting this for Tra's yard

Wondered if Shelly would settle for a wooly hedgehog
instead of a mole

I felt awkward taking a pic of this but I meant
to show the size of that dogs- biggest dogs
I've seen in person, I think!

Thought about using something here for a costume

Face painting!


Do you enjoy farmer’s markets? Is there a good one near you? What kinds of things to do you look for at a farmer’s market?

I like flowers and fruits and vegetables and unique items!

Thank you for reading!