Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Seattle Day #3: Buffet/ Rehearsal/

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Here are my recollections from the trip I took back in August.
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Friday started out with the rehearsal luncheon at Super Buffet. Super Buffet lived up to its name. I didn’t even get to check out every buffet line that they had. The food was really good too.

Washington: Super Buffet

Super Buffet: my plate

Mom and I sat with Dexter’s brother, Nestor Jr., Nestor’s wife Hollie, and Hollie’s mother Paula (I hope I have her name right). They were cool. Hollie had pictures and videos on her phone of her cat; now, I know that sounds boring to some people, but she had some good ones! They showed us a video of her cat on the toilet, staring into the water as it was being flushed, and someone trying to nudge the cat in!

I wore jewelry from Glint & Gleam that I had gotten earlier this year. I plan to do a full post on this jewelry later but I thought I would give a sneak peek. This guy was a hit with friends:

Glint & Gleam: Summer Laughing Skull Necklace

I’m showing a picture of the bathroom door at Super Buffet- they had really nice bathrooms. I have a thing about good public restrooms; they deserve a mention.

Super Buffet: restroom
Super Buffet: restroom

Super Buffet: Julieann with family and friends
Super Buffet: Family
Super Buffet: Gate and bridge

We had some time between the luncheon and the rehearsal, so mom and I stopped by at Target. While Mom was looking for things, I had a little fun with the sunglasses. I also picked up a new hat- I seem to like the cadet-shape in hats.

Target sunglasses
Target sunglasses
Target sunglasses

Next up was the wedding rehearsal.

Rehearsal: This is the closest I got to an
Ezra smile- I kept catching him grouchy!
Rehearsal: They're so pretty
Rehearsal: Julieann wearing Aunty Sue's gift
Rehearsal: She's such a good model!

After that, I convinced Mom to take me to Ulta. I hear about this store very often from watching beauty YouTube videos so I was curious and was also in the search for new, affordable makeup brushes. I wish we had an Ulta. I know someone might ask, “Isn’t Ulta like another Sephora?” but of course each store could have different things. For me, it’s that Ulta has NYX and more nail polish companies, so this is probably for the best so that I save more money!

Ulta: NYX section
Ulta: I felt strange about taking a pic in store lol
Driving back

And that concludes Day 3 in Seattle!

If we are also connected through Facebook, you may access more of my trip pictures on my page!

Have you been to Seattle? What is your favorite thing to eat or to do or etc. in Seattle?

Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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