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Healthy Go: Where’s The Drive?

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Tilapia filet with Vegetable Mix.

Hello friend!

I am starting to see another beneficial outcome of being on this Healthy Go journey- clearer skin!

In my adult years, I usually have at least one zit making an appearance and it’s a constant thing. Sometimes I will have a bad zit, one of those huge, sore, plump, noticeable zits.

For the last couple months, I’ve noticed that my skin has been behaving well more than usual! My problem areas tend to be the chin and near my eyes, on the outer areas of the eyes. Now, I have been feeling them forming near/ on my nose, which is strange. Well, I still sometimes feel them forming on the usual problem areas also, but they rarely fully develop anymore into those pus-filled annoyances!

I believe the two main things that I’ve been doing that has contributed to the clearer skin are:
-a more proper skincare regimen
-drinking more water
I still sometimes skip on doing skincare, but I’m more consistent with it now than ever before. Before, the most I would do was to wash my face. I could do another post on what I actually do and how often now if anyone is interested.

As to this HG journey, drinking more water has definitely improved my skin. I have back-ne too (sorry if that’s gross) and I think even the skin back there has been clearer.

Now I wonder how great my skin would have been if I had always been more of a water drinker. Oh well.

I started this in June so I’m going into the 5th month of Healthy Go and I am starting to slow down. I feel my motivation seeping out of me.

I am known to have a rather independent nature. I’ll go to the movies by myself, the beach by myself, I’ve done a lot of things by myself. I’ll keep myself entertained and it can get really dumb; I don’t know why I’m confessing that and I think that if you know me personally, then that should be obvious. Anyways, some people think that I’m very busy; I’m just very busy doing things by myself.

Independence is just one factor, but what happens is that I do things on my own and make decisions for myself regardless of others and it can be a great quality… and it can be lonely and a hindrance at times. This is one of those times when it’s more of the latter.

I just get tired sometimes. And/ or frustrated. I don’t always know what change I need to make in my thinking in order to motivate myself again. And frustration in one area of life makes it easier for frustration to bleed into other areas of life.

I think I’m at that point. I want to talk to someone but don’t know who to call.

(Is this making any sense? Am I merely rambling? Sometimes I can tell and other times I can’t.)

Here are HG areas where I could use some encouragement or motivation help:

-to get back into drinking more water again
-to schedule in exercise and to do it; to not rely on the morning walks alone
-to make good and better decisions, mostly about intake
-to keep me from reverting to emotional eating… I’ve been wanting to lately…


Morning Walk: gorgeous sunrise silhouette.
Morning Walk: Another beautiful, amazing sunrise!

MEASUREMENTS  (one month change, overall; in inches)

Weight:           Unknown
Neck:              13 (-0.25, -0.25)
Chest:             39 (NC, -1.75)
Arm:               11.5 (-0.5, -1)
Forearm:        9.25 (-0.25, -0.5)
Waist:             33.75 (NC, -1.25)
Hips:               39 (-0.25, -2.25)
Thigh:             20.25 (-1, -1)
Calf:                14 (-0.25, -0.25)

*I’ve started using decimals and using 0.25 (1/4th inch) as the smallest unit, to make it easier to read here.

In a previous HG post, I had mentioned that I have only ever gained in my chest area and never lost- well, I guess things are different this time! In my clothes, I still can’t detect a difference, so we shall see….

I think it’s odd how I’m losing in my arm. I don’t know why I think it’s odd.

CURRENT GOAL UPDATE (to fit the grey shorts)

It is still just outside of fitting. My hips are the main hindrance, but according to measurements, I’M TAKING YOU DOWN, HIPS!!

I hope you are all healthy and doing well!

How do you stay motivated with healthy habits?

Mahalo for reading!

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