Saturday, October 6, 2012

Birthday Redemption

Birthday 2012: End of the night, me and my babe.


Other than family celebration dinners, it has been a long time since I had last celebrated my birthday on my actual birthday day. It’s a long story as to why; basically, I had a birthday go wrong, or it was at least very un-enjoyable.

Last year, I only had a family dinner but it was late because I had gotten into a car accident the day before the actual day.

The year before, I … I had wanted to have a friend dinner but just… didn’t find a friend. And it was on a Tuesday. I later celebrated it, a month and a half later, mainly because I wanted to go indoor rock climbing. The climbing part went well. After that, the rest of the night… I’d rather not talk about it.

So, I have a history of not celebrating it on the actual day. I have been doing it after the day and so people tend to not know when it is.

At this point, I don’t really care about people knowing it or not, because I feel that if they do know when it is, then I can tell that they truly care. Otherwise, I don’t really care. I’ll just be blunt- when one’s prone to being depressed, it’s difficult to care about one’s birthday.

Haha, which reminds me, there was one year, ONE year, when my own mother forgot my birthday! They were on a trip. I don’t think I did anything that year.

This year, it was pretty great! We celebrated it on the actual day!

I have my beloved Rachel to thank for it!

This past summer, Rachel and I got to hang out quite a bit. I don’t remember how but the subject of my birthday came up. I was surprised to find out that Rachel remembered when it was, though I tried to trick her!

Then we talked a little about how we’ve never really celebrated it. Like, since I’ve known them, I’ve always been the one to plan something for my birthday, if at all, and then it’s more so because I want an excuse to do something that I want to do, like the rock climbing one, and so it hasn’t been on the actual day, like I’ve said before.

Other than family dinners, I believe the last time someone else planned something for my birthday was in my last relationship, my boyfriend at the time took me to dinner and other stuff.

I told Rachel that I was tired of planning for my own birthday. Once in awhile, it’s nice to have other people remember it and plan something, right?

I think I would love to be surprised! I think… because I’ve never had a surprise event. Although, I don’t know how anyone would surprise me, as I tend to notice when someone is acting out of their ordinary and that I am suspicious.

In the morning of the day, I went to the MAC store. The Marilyn Monroe Collection launched that day and so I had scheduled to have my makeup done. Alina (sp?) was the makeup artist and she did a fantastic job! I’ve never had a full-face makeup look done by a professional before and I’m so glad it went well- it felt like a real treat to me!

[I’ll write a separate post on that, with product list and more pictures]

MAC Marilyn Monroe: Me and the
makeup artist, Alina

Then I stopped by at Sephora to pick up my birthday gift! How nice of Sephora to remember and gift! This was the first time I’ve ever picked up the birthday offer. This year was the Sugar by Fresh lip balm mini duo- original and rose (pink tinted). I have only tried the original one so far and I like it. It has a fresh lemony butter scent and makes my lips kissable smooth- how I like to keep my lips. I cannot stand having dry, chapped lips!

Sephora: birthday gift- the Sugar by Fresh lip balm mini duo,
original and rose.

I went home for a nap.

Then I met with Rachel and Zac. They drove me to dinner- sushi! Sonnie stopped by for a little bit- I was so glad to see him, it had been awhile. A few other invitees couldn’t make it because dinner was short notice, and a couple other people weren’t notified (of the local people) simply because I had Rachel do the calls and she didn’t have their info (sorry!). Otherwise, I’m very happy with whom I was sharing my birthday, the full list of which (those I truly want to share it with besides family) is very short this year, getting shorter each year.

Rachel, Zac, and I ate sushi… and ate… and ate. It was “buffet” style so we made it worth it! I was not gonna estimate calories that night!

Birthday 2012 Dinner: Me and Sonnie

Birthday 2012 Dinner: Terrible of me not to have taken a
more flattering picture of Zac and Rachel. Is this the first
and last time they take me to dinner?!

We ate so much that we went to walk it off in Barnes & Noble. Rachel bought me this guy- how did she know?! I believe I am naming him “Lysacek.” At least, that’s his name for now!

Meet the new man in my life, Lysacek!
Thank you Rachel!

Lysacek is going to be a big help as I practice my drawing skills. He is an artist’s model. He holds the pose, doesn’t move, not even a breath, doesn’t complain, is willing to work for hours on end if that’s what I want, and for less than minimum wage… perfect- haha!

After that, we called it a night. They drove me to my car and I went home and slept! I slept in the next day too.

For post-birthday birthday treats, I used my free birthday drink card at Starbucks the following week, when it was still good. This was my first time cashing in on that offer too. I’m so glad I could use it while their Fall flavors are out! I got the Salted Caramel Frappucino (no whip)- yum!

I don’t think I have a favorite season but for some reason, I really like Fall flavors. I also like Fall and Winter to enjoy things like Starbuck’s Spiced Apple Cider- I used to have it all the time in Oregon, it was during Winter/Spring, ohhhhhh…!

Back to the recent past, I cheerfully handed over the card to get my drink, exactly as the instruction say. The barista asked if I wanted her to sing and I said “Sure!” And she did! Cheerfully! It was pretty good too. She asked the other barista why she didn’t sing and the other barista answered, “Because I didn’t want her (my) ears to bleed!” Haha!

Thank you to Rachel, Zac, and Sonnie, my family, Alina, Darlene (who texted), and all my Facebook friends who messaged me, for making this a great birthday!

…and it’s not over yet. My family will be taking me to dinner later, I think.

Shout out to my fellow September babies!

Mahalo for reading and yay for another year of ME!


  1. Super cute pic of you and Charis! I think that is how you spell it...Your gift will find its way to you soon...I swear!

  2. Thank you! And Charis says, "I make any pic look cute!" I get a gift?! Can't wait to see what it is!!!! :)

  3. After reading this, I ♥ you even more, Lego!! You are such a kind soul and you need to realize that!! You're one of the few I'm actually glad I've met through SL!! Keep being you!!

  4. ♥Ayyyyyyyyyyyo! *blush* I am glad we met too! It's good to have a partner-in-crime *wink* hahaha!


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