Thursday, September 27, 2012

Seattle Day #2: JULIEANN/ Shower/ Trader Joes

Bridal Shower: Donna's hula.

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I forgot to preface the previous Seattle trip post, in case you didn’t know that I had gone on a trip, with saying that these are my recollections from the trip back in August.
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Day 2 started off slowly for me; I needed to go slow.

First event of the day was the themed bridal shower. I put on the dress I brought for it, my red and white floral dress from Charlotte Russe. I had bought it when I lived in Oregon several years ago and I probably wore it last in Oregon. I was so happy to be able to fit in it again!

Mom drove and I navigated, which worked out great for the whole trip. I had a little hiccup in navigating but quickly got us back on track, again. It was mostly due to passing the street sign before I could read the street name. We found the house easily after that.


At the shower, we met a lot of Dexter’s family who were all so friendly and kind. They have a lovely home and it was good to see where Julie has been living.

Ladies were busy cooking in the kitchen. We got settled in with meeting new people and chatting. Of course it was great to see Julie again, and my other mother, and to meet some of Julie’s friends whom I had heard a lot about but hadn’t met until that day. It was good to catch up with Tracy again; she’s always Tracy and I like it.

Bridal Shower: The spread.
Bridal Shower: My plate.
We had a great time. The food was good! Donna danced the hula. The games were fun, even if a little rigged since Julie and her mom were among the first winners, but we’ll let that slide!

Bridal Shower: Family.
Bridal Shower: Now that is a cake! It even had fresh fruit
slices in the middle layer!

Bridal Shower: The mamas with the daughters!
Bridal Shower: Presents!

On the way back to the hotel, I got a little carsick. I just become nauseated and dizzy. I crashed on the bed pretty much as soon as we got back. The ladies went out to dinner that night but I just couldn’t get myself together for it.

Instead, Mom and I hunted down the nearest Trader Joe’s. It was only about a 5-minute drive so that I could brace myself in case I got sick again.

I ended up being okay but I did sleep heavy that night.

Trader Joe's, Washington
Trader Joe's: when I lived in OR, I would sometimes buy
TJ flowers for the apartment- I miss that.

That was pretty much it! I took lots more photos which will be featured on my Facebook page for those of you connected with me over there. I also didn’t want to show all the gifts that were received in case some of them were personal to Julie.

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Thank you for reading and have a good evening!

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