Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Seattle Day #1: Phew, I made it!

I was told the sun shows up in the morning. Where is it?!

Flying almost always makes me anxious, though usually it is a manageable anxious. This time, almost as soon as I booked the trip, Dad started stressing me about a particular detail that I hadn’t thought about so the anxiety this time built up for about a month before the trip.

[Healthy Go note: I didn’t stress-overeat, yay!]

This is how I get my over-thinking skills because both of my parents tend to stress me out on something here and there, and they stress me out on different things, so it almost feels like a constant thing. And, it is in my nature to over-think. I try to think out every angle, every nuance, every action, every possibility, etc., rather than miss something important or in order to make the best decision. It’s a vicious thing going on in my head.

I love my parents! They are the perfect parents for me. I simply don’t love stressing out and try to remain as calm as possible at all times.

Besides, I ended up stressing out about a real important thing: school. It was my fault that I registered late, so I was running around the week before trying to get meetings and signatures and classes and get straight on the assignments and schedule. Everything, for the major part, has worked out and I sense that God was in it. I’m not saying God was in it just because it worked out the way I wanted but that sounds like it would turn into a much, much longer post; put it simply for now, I rarely say things like that unless I truly believe it strongly- God was in it.

Still, being a good student (or trying to be), I ended up not sleeping the night before the flight. I usually don’t sleep the night before in an attempt to force sleep on the plane, but not sleeping plus stress is not a good combination. I try not to stress so much that I began packing and getting ready for the trip weeks in advance and yet I ended up not fully packing until about 3 hours before the flight. By then, I was so tired that I just threw stuff in and wasn’t really sure I packed the essentials at least. I could not remember much at all but thank goodness I did have essentials!

And, I was able to complete and turn in an assignment early.

The flight was early in the morning which is good for easing my stress- I didn’t think about long lines at all and didn’t have to. The Dept. of Agriculture check line thing wasn’t even open yet. At this point, I am blank on anything that happened even though I didn’t sleep at all during the wait for boarding.

The flight was on time and was alright.

And we're on our way!

Can't wait to be off the plane again.
I was not alright. I wish I enjoyed flying, but my body and mind do not like the idea of being trapped and having to sit for hours. I got a little nauseated and was just uncomfortable the whole time- not unusual but it was quite intense this time. Mom says I did sleep some but I don’t really remember it. I know that I missed part of the movie but couldn’t say if it was because I had slept or not. I usually get the window seat because I don’t like getting up at all during a flight, I’d rather just resign myself to the sitting, but I needed to get up twice this time- thank you to the much understanding and patient person in the aisle seat!

The movie was “The Avengers.” I think I enjoyed it- I don’t remember quite. I am somewhat a fan of Robert Downey Jr.- even in his wild days, at least one could tell that he was a good actor; can’t say that about every wild “actor.” So glad that he is doing well.

I also like watching Mark Ruffalo, even though his distinct voice and cadence gives him away every time in that I am always aware that it’s him acting, as opposed to someone like Gary Oldman who is a master of disguise and always surprises me.

Anyways, wholly mustard! I just looked up the movie on IMDb and noticed that Paul Bettany provided the voice of Jarvis! How did I not wonder or notice that before?

Not exactly sure, but I think that was
Downtown Los Angeles below us.

Ehm, back to the flight… I was able to use my own headphones so didn’t have to pay extra for the movie sound. We did not have complimentary meal service though, but the complimentary ginger ale was good for me, just not enough on its own.

LAX: we made it!

I was so glad to be safely off the plane and moving again! Though I was dead tired, moving was good for me. We were able to use the underground tunnel from one gate to the next which was a plus though I wouldn’t want to have to do that alone.

Stopover meal at Ruby's: love the old diner interior.

On reaching the second gate, my day got really good! Our gate was next to the women’s restroom, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Ruby’s Dinette! Best. Gate. And stopover. Ever.

We had two hours between flights that turned out to be just right for me this time. We shared a meal at Ruby’s that was very necessary. I started to feel a lot better after that. I didn’t get to have any CBTL but it’s okay.

Downtown Seattle below us!

The second flight was new to me, being LAX to SEA, but it was fine. It was only 2 hours which was manageable enough for me. I was only mildly uncomfortable.

A lot more babies were on this flight. Before takeoff, the attendant switched two of the rows of passengers because they had a policy that no row could have more than one infant in it. I had never seen that done before. She said it was a safety precaution due to the number of oxygen masks.

One of the babies somewhere near the front was having a worse flight than I was and I felt sorry, the poor thing.

Again, landing and moving was good!

Sea-Tac Airport

Sea-Tac Airport Train Station.

I really like the Sea-Tac airport! It was a little confusing at first only because I wasn’t used to seeing trains in an airport. I’m used to following the crowd just down an escalator to the baggage claim but we had to take the train to the baggage claim this time. However, the airport signs were very easily followed. Also, there were very helpful people around to tell us where we go to pick up the rental car. They have a bus to the rental car facility which makes everything very easy.

I generally have a good sense of direction. I’m not thrown off by N/S/E/W. I kind of just know where to go. Still, I was a little off as we left the rental facility. It only took a few minutes to turn around and go the other way, and then we were on the right track. We found the hotel easily enough.

Safe in the hotel room.

Now it was late at night. We got to the hotel. It took a few minutes to get the room assignment and keys. Then I did a bit of walking as I searched for a nearby elevator. I didn’t search long because I was just tired and so I carried our bags up the stairs, and got into the room.

At that time, I was just on mission-mode: do the next mission. Go. Done. Next mission: fill bucket with ice. I hunted down the nearest ice machine which was on the other side of the hotel; good thing it wasn’t too big of a hotel.

Mission: drink a lot of water. Mission: take a shower. Mission: get ready for bed. Mission: crash. All missions completed.

And that concludes the travel to Seattle and the first night.

Not very interesting, I’m sorry. The write up for Day 2 should be more exciting!

For my Facebook friends, I’ll be posting more of the trip photos on my FB page. Enjoy!

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