Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Persecution Tuesday

I did not make that up; my professor called today “Persecution Tuesday.” It was only PT for me and one other student.

At least I wasn’t alone in the persecution? Though, she bore it better than I did and I’m a bit embarrassed about that. I am so off my game. Oi.

This is why I am supposed to be out of the college game by now. I’m too old for this.

In short, I had two presentations and one assignment due today for ONE class, my first early class of the day. One of the presentations was an extemporaneous one. By the time I got the email notifying me of this second presentation, I was stuck. Instead of doing final preparations for the first presentation, I ended up working on the second presentation.

I was supposed to be up second for the first presentation, but the first person was a no-show apparently. Generally, I don’t mind going first, but this is a subject that is new to me and so I am a little out of my area. Plus, being distracted by the second presentation I would also have to give, I ended up with a flat presentation. I could have done so much better.

I flopped on that second presentation. I presented more like an architecture emphasis rather than an urban planning emphasis, which it was supposed to be. I leaned back on my area of knowledge rather than what the course is teaching. I know I was missing pertinent information.

And, the third strike was the assignment. Granted, it was a rewrite and I should have completely finished it before this weekend so that is my fault; I had worked on it early but failed to finish the thorough final look-through that I usually do. I forgot to include a very important map in the illustrations.

It’s not over yet. I now have a write up to do for that extemporaneous presentation, due by the end of today.

After classes, I went to the library and got the books and DVDs that I had put on hold yesterday. Phew, at least that much is done. I still need to search out one more book.

However, I couldn’t fit all the books into my backpack. I ended up carrying three big ones. Not too bad, but then I caught the bus, a very crowded bus.

And people never cease to confound me. There we are, in a sardine bus, and the person behind me is going “Excuse me, excuse me,” wanting to get past me or something. Hello. Friend, I would be so glad to get out of your way but I am busy breathing down this stranger’s neck already.

Anyways, I gave up my seat twice for others- it was the right thing to do. I ended up having to place my bag on the floor and shuffle it along with my feet whenever there was space to move. Even in a crowded bus, I think courtesies are still in fashion, but so many people just knocked me without the niceties. It was a good bus day; it just wasn’t much fun.

It’s life. Don’t take pity on me because there are others whom have worse days.

I had a mushroom burger today- another reason not to pity me since I gave myself a pity burger. I mention it here because, in light of the theme of today (persecution), the initial sight of this gave me a little start.

I thought it was a skull.

It is a mushroom. 

I appreciate the artistic outlet.

The professor promised PT wouldn’t happen again. Maybe next time it will be “Punishment Thursday?” I do enjoy the course.

Saying a prayer for all those who work to pay for their education at the time of their education. I don't know how they do it. I mean, I have worked and gone to school, but I had help.

I hope you are having better days! You’re welcome to leave a comment in the box below.

Thank you for reading and now to finish off “Persecution Tuesday!”