Saturday, September 22, 2012

On The Bad List: A Certain KFC

This was my status update on Friday night:

It was looking to be a great day... now it's ending in crap. Don't even ask me about it yet because I am that ticked.

It is difficult to get onto my bad list. The list is rather short with the list of people and places that I will … not deal with.

Here’s what happened:

Dad suggested KFC for dinner and sent me out to get it. Get 5 pieces and corn, he said.

I passed by the high school and it looked like some event was going on. I get to KFC and the drive-thru line was long. I went inside, thinking it would be faster. There was a line inside too.

When it was my turn to order, I asked the girl if I’d be able to substitute the sides in the combo #4- 5 piece chicken for two, including 2 biscuits and 2 sides. She said she didn’t think so. So I told her 5 pieces of chicken only and a large side of corn. She said they couldn’t do that. Okay, so I ordered the #4 and a large side of corn (4 pieces).

I think she got stuck, or thought I was stuck, on the 5-piece meal substitution. I’m pretty sure customers can order single pieces of chicken. I was just trying to make it easy since it was a busy night for them.

So I wait for my order. And wait. And wait.

The people who were behind me start to get their orders. I’m waiting and watching. After about 20 minutes, the guy who ordered after me asked if they forgot about us.

His order comes up, but the employee was about to give it to a lady who came after us. They had to clear up that confusion.

Another customer was at the counter trying to clear something up or I don’t know. So I was waiting for them to take care of him. I was considering asking for my money back and walking out at that point. The guy told them that I was there before him.

So the employee asked if I had the #5. I said no, I had the 5-piece meal with a side of corn. Corn? She looked confused. I show her my receipt. She goes to get the corn.

I see the manager go in back and pull out a bag of frozen corn. If I had to wait for the corn, I definitely would have asked for my money back.

The employee gives me the order, saying that they had given my order to someone else. I just left with it.

If it had only been that they were busy, that would have been fine- I could forget it easier.


… They were understaffed for a Friday night, and for there being an event at the high school right across the street.

… They were poorly managed. The cashier and the order-maker were not communicating well. The order-maker didn’t know which order was next. Once she made the orders, she was calling out what the order was, NOT the number of the order, hence, a lot of confusion as to whose order had just come up. The manager seemed to be confused as well.

The people who were eating-in, I kept seeing them go back up to the counter to ask for utensils and plates.

… There was barely an apology for having kept us waiting. No compensation either. It was at least a half-hour wait for me and the guy that was after me. I checked my phone for the time.

It was ridiculous and way beyond just having a busy night.

Years ago, I had gone to this KFC and went through the drive-thru. I had to pull to the side and wait. It was about a 1-2 minute wait, and they brought out a complimentary drink for my wait. So, I had a good impression about them.

After this past Friday night, I will not go to that KFC again. If I am wrong about this, blowing it out of proportion, tell me how so in the comment box below.

I am a huge fan of good customer service and will tell people when I see it. I will also tell people about very poor customer service. Good customer service is so important to business.

Sigh. I couldn’t stop shaking my head the rest of the night.

I’m sorry that I can’t say here which KFC it was. If you know me personally, you’ll have a good guess which one. I am not going to that one again. 

At least this is good for my Healthy Go journey as the next KFC is "far." 

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! I’m going to go read something good.

Thank you for reading!

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