Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mailbox: Payday and Polish

Julep's Glycolic Hand Scrub, polishes in "Gayle" and "Lynn."


So I’m mostly unsick now. My head and nose are still a tiny bit stuffy.

Nobody brought me soup. Someone did bring me pizza though!

Today was a good mail day. I got paid today! For the one-day job I did last month.

And… my prize arrived today!

I have met a lovely lady through YouTube, due to our mutual fascination with Little Black Bag [see my previous post about LBB here]. Her name is Grace.

I liked watching Grace’s videos because we seem to have similar tastes in what we would like (and sometimes get) from the LBB site, and because she shares her thoughts on other goodies that she gets from more subscription services, like Cravebox, Birchbox, and Beauty Army, etc.

I am subscribed to LBB and JewelMint only, but by watching Grace’s videos, I can get an idea of what products the other services provide, what their service is like, etc. I am on a very limited budget, so I have not been tempted to try more services yet and I have been skipping the two I’m in for a few months now. I have been living vicariously through Grace quite a bit!

Gracie21 is her YouTube name. She recently reached 100 subscribers and so she held a giveaway to thank everyone. She gave away 2 sets of 2 Julep nail polishes and a little extra to 2 winners (so one set per winner).

The giveaway closed at the end of August. I was in Seattle at the time and came back in September. When I got back home, I started to go through my long list of subscription videos that I didn’t want to miss. I think it was the third day of watching videos here and there that I came across Gracie21’s giveaway winners announcement; I couldn’t believe it when she said my YT name! She had put our names in the description box too, so then I believed it. Goes to show, I should always check these winner announcements, because sometimes I don’t check it since I don’t enter all giveaways. I also tend to forget what giveaways I entered too.

So, yay!

Like I said, my prize came in today. I received the Julep polishes in “Lynn” and “Gayle,” and the Julep Glycolic Hand Scrub.

Julep's "Gayle" and "Lynn."

“Lynn” is a light coral pink frost (I may be totally messing up the color description; this is according to me). It looked good after 2 coats but put an extra coat on to make it a little more opaque; in my experiences in general, frost polishes tend to be on the sheer side. I really like using pink polishes on my nails, so this is a good color for my collection! I didn’t have anything like “Lynn” yet. [Just looked it up on and this is a “nude blush” with a “pearl” finish.]

“Gayle” is a deep eggplant color [I got it- “Regal, deep aubergine crème” on the site]. Now, I don’t usually pick out purple polishes; in fact, I can’t think that I’ve ever had a purple (or lilac, or orchid, or plum, etc.) polish. I like how a lot of colors look in the store, but I don’t buy a lot of polish overall and I tend to buy colors I’ll use a lot. I guess I have been too unsure to try any purples, thinking that they wouldn’t look good with my skin tone or that it wouldn’t be “me” or I wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

Having said that, I really like “Gayle!” I like that the aubergine shows, that it doesn’t look black but that it is purple. I think it looks good with my skin tone. I feel like it is a color that I could wear to work and still look professional with a little edge. It went on opaque in one coat but I put a thin 2nd layer on just to make sure.

"Gayle" on the left; "Lynn" on the right.

So both colors went on very smoothly. I can’t talk about lasting power just yet as these are my first Juleps. One might be interested to know that Julep polishes are “4-free,” meaning that they do not contain “formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP.” I don’t know what the “4” seem to do, but I am okay with having polishes without them.

Thank you to Gracie21 for the Julep! I am so glad to get to try them out! I already see a yellow polish on the site that looks intriguing… I might just have to try a few more colors.

And as soon as I’m in a mood to give my nails a proper polish, I think I’ll go with “Gayle!”

Please check out Gracie21’s channel; subscribe too if you’re interested. Also check out Julep’s program if you love nail polish. Let me know if you've already tried Julep polishes and which colors you enjoy!

I hope you are all healthy and well!

Thank you for reading!