Monday, September 17, 2012

Library Card from The Past

I don’t have a Bible reflection post for you today. I am quite behind in my readings again. It’s not recommended to fall behind so often, but if you do, it’s okay; just get back to it as soon as you can. Yes, I should take my own words to heart and I will soon.

I just have a short story that happened today.

Between classes, I thought I’d be good and look up some text books that I need. I checked the library systems online and found the books. I thought I’d be extra good and pick up the books right after class. I thought, great, I have my card with me!

I went right after class. One of the books, I couldn’t find on the shelves. I decided to find other books that could be comparable, just in case I never find the original book. I found some that look promising. Great!

I found a DVD in the A/V room that would be good for a presentation I have to do later in the semester. Great!

I went to check out the DVD, a little apprehensive that I might have late charges yet unpaid from years ago- I always have this feeling even if I know that my account is good.

Instead, the lovely librarian informed me that my card was old and unusable. Apparently, I could not find my card at some time and had just gotten a new replacement card with a new number.

I wanted to cry right there in the library. I’m trying to be so good and this felt like such a big slap in my face by ME. I could’ve kicked myself.

Anyways, the librarian really was lovely. She put the DVD aside so that I could pick it up later, if I find my current card, and said I could have my books held at the counter downstairs. I went and put the books on hold.

Defeated, I went home. By bus, but the ride was good- no incidents.

I found my current library card. What the grief was I doing that I found the lost card and put it in my card holder?!

Well, no big deal really. I just have another trip to the library to make tomorrow, means more walking for me which is good, right? Physical activity!

Let me take a moment to make sure that I switch the cards………. Done.

To top off the day, I just read an email that I have an extra presentation to do tomorrow morning. That makes two presentations in one day, one of which I did not know about earlier. A presentation in less than 24 hours on a subject I know nothing about so let me get on it.

I hope you are well and having a great start to the week!

Thank you for reading.

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