Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last Friday

Previously, on “Who I Am”…

I talked about a food establishment which has gotten on my bad list. I had also mentioned, briefly, that the day had been great until that negative experience, so I thought I should mention why that Friday had been great.

It was one of the mornings which I was able to get an affordable hot breakfast. Classes went well and I am enjoying the subject matters.

Then I went to meet Mama Julie. She is my friend Julie’s mom; to keep from confusion, I’ll call [our mom] “Mama J.”

I had performed special teams duty at Julie’s wedding; I was one of the scripture readers. Julie told me that I was supposed to have received a watch for being on the special teams (she didn’t call it “special teams,” that is my term for it). Somehow I didn’t get my watch while I was up there, so Julie sent it back with Mama J for me to pick up.

I picked it up on Friday, along with a few other little goodies from Mama J! Some of the goodies were for my own Mama also.

We were in the downtown/ Chinatown area so I didn’t want to open the gifts right away. We went for a walk around town. She showed me a cute little corner store that had Hawaiian hula/ craft items. We talked about her grandchildren and other things. Mama J’s so cute!

Then we went to her new apartment. It’s in a good building and she’s able to grow some potted plants. She has some nice views out too! (I don’t want to compromise her safety so I’ll move on and not give away more.)

After I left, I decided that I would do a little walking of my own- it was the mid-afternoon and I when I said “little walk,” I meant “little walk.” Anyways, I find that I don’t know Chinatown as well as I ought, being the place of my peoples.

I stopped off to have a chat with Sun Yat Sen.

Sun Yat Sen statue, Honolulu Chinatown
I caught the sign of “Otto Cake” and stopped in. I had remembered reading about his shop in an article in the MidWeek [read it here]. Despite how possibly dangerous that area could be, I wanted to show support for his shop, and to have a little cheesecake treat served by Otto himself.

Otto Cake, Honolulu Chinatown
Otto Cake, interior
Otto Cake, interior with artistic touches.
Otto Cake, storefront window with words calling for justice.
Perhaps a better read about Otto the artist is this one [click here]. He mentions having a fascination with ants, which reminds me of my friend Handsome whom I had met in art class many years ago- he had done a piece that featured ants, but I wouldn’t know if Handsome knows Otto in any way.

Otto Cake, cheesecake takeout box.

Otto Cake, Lemon Cheesecake- yummmm!

I’ve only had a bite of the cheesecake so far but it is good! I took it home along with my other goodies.

I told you it was a little walk.

Here are the goodies!

Wonderfully brightly colorful, really good choice for Mom! Mom also got a butter mocha, of which I do not have a picture.

From Jules' Mom to My Mom.

Pearls for me! I do believe these are my first pearls.

From Mama J

What was inside the purple bag- pearls!

And THE watch! So pretty- I see why Jules wanted me to wear it at the wedding. Quick, someone take me out on a fancy date so I can wear it out!

Memento from Jules and Dex's wedding! And it was on
Seattle time!

Thank you to Mama J and Jules for the goodies!

Thank you to Mama J for the great afternoon!

And thank you for reading! If you happen to find yourself in Chinatown, stop in at Otto Cake and have a treat!

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