Saturday, September 8, 2012

Healthy Go: Trip Aftermath

Flight: Me, a bit air sick.
Here’s a special Saturday edition of Healthy Go!

Okay, not really. As soon as I was back from the trip, I had to get things in order for class and then this weekend I attended an amazing conference, so I’m still in need of rest and getting settled back into… what I do. Thank you for being patient with me!

So… back to business…

For the first few days of the trip, I was jet-lagged, in need of some de-stressing, and had a strong moment of car-sickness. I don’t get the kind where I throw up; I just get nauseated and dizzy. It’s San Francisco’s fault for the car-sickness!

Anyways, I didn’t formally exercise the first few days. The hotel did have a fairly good exercise room and pool; the pool looked well-maintained, the machines also looked rather recent and well-maintained. I did pack a bikini and workout clothes; I just couldn’t feel well enough to go.

Still, I got some physical activity in. We were on the third floor and away from the elevator. Mostly I was the one to carry our bags up and down. We took the stairs every time. Also, our room was far from the ice machine so I got in some walking for that.

Then there was the wedding and the dancing at the reception- yes, I “danced” too.

And Sunday was our big day for sightseeing. We walked a lot. We went down to the waterfront too, which called for some serious stair climbing on the way back up! I was proud of myself though because I was not at all dying on the stairs. It got my heart pumping and I got through it and felt pretty good!

Stairs: On the way down. One can barely see the bottom.
Stairs: We HAVE to go back up?!
Not that I wanted to do more stairs that day. Or ever. But I do not fear the stairs so much anymore.

I tried the tap water on the first day because we got in late at night and I didn't want to pay a lot just for a bottle of water. The tap water tasted okay…. The second day, we got some bottle water and that was much better still.

I did have some soda but lem’me ‘splain (isn’t that a give away?). At the buffet, I had finished a glass of water when the waitress came by to refill it. When I tasted it, it was Sprite. Sprite was the soda I preferred back when I drank soda. Well, Sprite and Coca-Cola. Mom offered and switched glasses with me so that I could keep with my water-drinking habit. Thank you, Mom!

And the other soda was just half as I shared one with Mom on the last day of the trip. Mom didn’t like the lemonade from that same place earlier in the week so she wanted soda.

Otherwise, I can still count myself soda-free, right?

Ruby's Dinette: The stop-over meal, a mushroom swiss
burger, shared with Mom. I needed to eat something at
this point!

Trader Joe's: My favorite snack- CRISPS! So cheap here too.

Mom and I also shared most of our meals, except for the event meals and one meal of the sightseeing segment. There were two buffets during the trip and I did fill up my plate more than I usually would. It was all so good though!

Trader Joe's: I used to have the Greek Salad as much as I
could when I was in CA. We also tried the Falafel wrap and
I tried Almond drink. It was pretty good.
The Crab Pot: menu. I so wanted to have
the Pacific Clambake, but we only had one
guy in our party to help us eat it all, so we
ordered individual meals. It was SO GOOD!

I would be shocked if I gained anything more than a single pound on the trip, though I won’t know either way because I haven’t weighed myself in awhile. We ate, but we walked a good deal also, and then there were those stairs!

And now for the feel good moment: these pictures.

Update shot: Starting to see my waist
through the hoodie again!
Update shot: No belly protrusion showing.

Previously, I started to wear this sweatshirt and just feel disgusting because it was getting tight. It’s not a good feeling when something I used to like wearing no longer likes me back.

Yet, here I am on the last day of our trip, just dressed, in natural light, and feeling good again! I looked at myself in the sweatshirt and thought, “Hey there, I’ve missed you!” So I took the pictures to remember the moment. I’m not where I want to be yet physically, yet I am definitely moving in a good direction!

I have a waist again! And my tummy’s not bulging out quite so much!

In numbers: (one month difference, overall difference; nc = no change)

Weight-          ?

Neck               13-1/4”          (nc, nc)
Chest              39”                  (-1/2, -1)
Arm                12”                  (-1/4, -1/4)
Forearm         9-1/2”            (-1/4, -1/4)
Waist              33-3/4”          (-1/2, -1-1/4)
Hips                39-1/4”          (-1-1/4, -2)
Thigh              21-1/4”          (+1, nc)
Calf                 14-1/4”           (+1/4, nc)

So, I seem to be losing inches, except for maybe in my legs. Several factors may explain it. I might not be measuring as consistently on my legs than I am in other areas. I have mostly gained the weight in my mid-section and chest; in my legs, not so much, so I didn’t expect to see great changes there to begin with. Maybe all that walking and stairs added some good muscle to my legs?

I don’t really know at this point. Overall, I am losing inches; not all of the measurements are off-base.

And yet again, I want to emphasize that I’m feeling a whole lot better now than when I first started a couple months ago! I don’t mean “feeling” like “Ugh, I feel so fat”; I mean “feeling” like an overall, whole being, mentally, physically, etc. “feeling.”

I feel less tired than before. I’m starting to feel strong again.

Okay, I think this was a long enough update for this time. Next time, I hope to talk more about relaxing on myself.

Hope you will be on your way to a healthier and better week to come. As always, be welcomed to leave a greeting/ comment in the box below.

Thank you for reading!

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