Friday, September 21, 2012

Healthy Go: Fitting Results

Morning sun rising

First, an update to a previous post [Persecution Tuesday]. I have received comments and points back from the professor and I have earned full points for both presentations. Some remarks returned regarding areas of improvement in public speaking, of which I had already anticipated and are usually performed by me but not this time.

YAY! Complete survival of PT!

Not gonna lie, PT was a little brutal for me. I am used to having several assignments due on the same day, but usually for different courses. And, I don’t believe I have ever had to do 2 presentations in one day, and both for the same course. Ah well, now I can say that I can do it!

I am regaining some confidence regarding my mental faculties. There have been doubts….

I had also reported in that same previous post that I had a pity mushroom burger. No alarm is needed about that since: 1) I did not follow that up with pity fries, pity soda, and pity ice cream, and 2) there’s proof in the closet that one pity burger shall not devastate this healthy journey.

The list of practical items in my closet continues to grow and that without having gone shopping!

Well, I did do a little shopping, but I’m not referring to any of those items.

The list does not yet include the grey shorts which are the item of the current goal, but I am a half-step closer to that goal. Just before the trip, I had fit into a few old dresses again. Most recently, I have fit into my light jeans shorts again!

For months, I have been wearing the living out of my dark loose jeans shorts that, for a time, were not so loose but were the only ones I could fit, and that are decent enough to wear in public. The light jeans shorts used to fit just right, then not at all, and now fits just right again. Now I have both pairs of jeans shorts at my disposal. Next up will be the grey shorts and my board shorts. I just tried the grey ones; they are button-able, but still tight, so I am not quite there yet.

Some of my old tops are fitting better now too! I love shopping my closet!

Intake-wise, I am still soda-free. I am getting back into drinking more water with this current schedule, but not yet at the 3-bottle minimum I had reached earlier.

I don’t recall if I have mentioned this already: I had read something about frozen vegetables and so have bought some and am working out how best to prepare them. I mean, the bag came with instructions of course, but I’m getting it to where I just know how to do it well and make it more routine. It’s the type of frozen vegetables that I remember school cafeteria lunches serving and I did not like them then; I think I was very suspicious of the freshness and preparation of them. Now, I will learn to be in control of that so that I have an easy mind in eating prepared frozen vegetables.

I have been craving chocolate lately, lots of it. I’m not sure why, or if it is a good or bad thing. I’m not gorging on chocolate but I was never really a chocolate kind of lady before and now I have a piece at least 3 times a week. It’s on my mind a lot. I’m only a little concerned about it since Halloween is coming up and so the impulse to eat bags and bags of chocolate could kick in. We shall see.

Hot breakfast: scrambled eggs and
potatoes with red pepper and onions.
Otherwise, I’m still eating rather well. I have increased my caloric intake just a little since I am walking every day. It is reassuring that I have done that and am apparently still losing inches. I have been hit or miss with breakfast only because my body gets up much earlier than my brain does, especially with the current schedule, but I haven’t missed too much. And the bus has arrived early enough that twice this week I was able to catch a hot breakfast for under $3, with time to enjoy it- fantastic!

Flower: I passed this on my morning walk.
Flower: I'm not sure what kind of plant it
is but the flower is pretty.

If anyone doubts the influence that one’s intake has on one’s health, you should just try making a few significant changes and see if you’re not feeling overall better in the course of a month.

I can go by my own experience through this journey. I am not a morning person, though with the changes in my intake, I have been going to sleep better and more regularly, as well as waking up and not dragging as much as I used to. In fact, I am waking up and often been ready to go to take on the day. I cannot remember a time that this has been true before in my life.

Getting adequate sleep regularly has boosted my attention skills in class. So far, I have felt like sleeping in class just twice- a big difference from it being every single class period. I believe I am retaining more information as well.

I do not fear an early schedule anymore. I can’t say that I love it since I’d still rather sleep in… but… I know I can do an early schedule.

I hope that you are healthy and well and are off to a great weekend! As always, feel free to leave a comment in the box below!

Thank you for reading.