Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cut Short

Do you like my new haircut?

It was time for me to get a haircut and schedules happened so that I got it cut just before going on the trip. I went to my usual spot at the Paul Mitchell UluponoAcademy.

I mostly have a great haircut experience at Ulupono. I’m getting a cut by a supervised future professional (student) for a great price; this is the main reason I go. They give a scalp massage during the shampoo & conditioner.

The main downside to going to Ulupono every time, for me, is that I’ll get a great haircut that I LOVE and then the next time that I go, that person who did the cut is probably not there anymore. Hopefully they’ve gotten picked up by a great salon. In describing the cut to the next student, I even use their terminology and yet the cut still hasn’t been quite what it was the first time.

Another downside is that there can be several people touching your hair (the student and their supervising “learning leader”, or more) and there can be breakdown of communication, which is what happened to me this most recent time.

The whole process could take at least an hour, as students consult, wash and massage, and then also are trying to get the attention of the learning leader. My cuts have taken at least 2 hours because I usually have long hair when I go in, and my hair is thick and wavy, calling for extra care at times.

So, I had prepared some photos of the haircut that I loved to take with me and to show the stylist. I forgot to bring the photos; my fault.

Original loved cut, styled, side view.
Original loved cut, flat-ironed, front view.

The student assigned to me was nice and professional enough. The consult was fine, the wash and massage was good, and she was doing a good job. I believe she understood what I wanted as she showed me pictures of the cut and asked me questions.

What happened was that one of the leaders that she called over to check something took up the scissors to show the student something, and the leader went ahead and cut my hair shorter than I wanted it to be. She cut it the standard triangle cut but I wanted an elongated triangle cut. The leader didn’t talk to me; she didn’t look at the consultation notes at all.

I did not like the way that the leader handled my cut. Let’s just put responsibility where it is.

I didn’t say anything either because once you cut, there’s only growing it out again. The student was being careful. As soon as the leader made her first cut, I knew it was too short.

I’m not very attached to my hair; I’m pretty laidback about whatever the stylist wants to do with my hair as long as I look good and don’t end up bald. I usually don’t even tell them what cut I want but I really loved the cut I had years ago.

The cut came out great and I look great with it. The male leader, whom had supervised most of my cut, kept staring at me as I paid. Either I looked really good or he was simply admiring the cut, I don’t know. I just caught him staring and he didn’t look away like people usually do.

New cut, front view.
New cut, side view.
New cut, back view.

New cut, wash & go, with bangs tied up top.
New cut, wash & go, side view.

The cut is good. I can flat-iron it or just wash & go and I feel confident going out either way; I love that. Mom and I have not detected any odd parts about the cut; there’s no odd chops or unevenness, etc.

The only thing about the cut is like I said earlier; it’s much shorter than what I wanted. The loved cut was the same long-front/ short-back cut, but elongated, meaning that the front was longer.

I’ve had my hair this short before, but it was a different cut and so long ago that I don’t remember how I handled it. I don’t remember disliking it at all. It might be that I wasn’t having an eczema flare up at the time or that I wasn’t doing my makeup… I don’t know.

While on the Seattle trip, I really noticed that I can’t do much with my hair. I can’t put it up or back in any way without a lot of clips all over my head. None of the ends reach enough to be put up in a hair band. Wearing a headband keeps my hair out of my face as I put on makeup, but it hurts my head after awhile so I can’t wear it all day.

My eczema has been flaring up in certain areas, most noticeably on my neck right now. The hair is not helping the situation as the hair touches my neck right in the areas that it is most irritated.

I tried this method:

Hair out of my face and off my neck,
but it's worth it...?
…but my scalp gets irritated after awhile.

I don’t know what I’m going to do. If you have any suggestions, please let me know? I would be SO grateful!

Still, I prefer going to Ulupono than anywhere else to get a haircut at the moment.

I’ve had mostly bad experiences with other cheaper haircutting places and I can’t afford to go to a higher-end salon for the time being. I don’t know that I would want to pay higher-end prices even if I could afford it; it would have to be only once in a good while.

So I recommend Ulupono if it’s time for you to do something with your hair. It is currently my go-to hairstyling place. I have had good styling experiences with certain leaders as well as the students.

Just be cautious if you’re pressed for time or if you’re very particular about your style.

I have been considering going there to get my hair colored- I just haven’t decided what color and style yet as it’s been awhile since I’ve had any coloring done at all. I want to do something bold for the next color but I want to make sure I will be hired somewhere first!

Thank you to Kassandra and Andre for the good style!

Check out the different services (hair, makeup, nail care) that Ulupono provides here. Let me know how it turns out!

Thank you for reading.

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