Thursday, September 6, 2012


I’m back! Missed me? Yeah, I miss me too sometimes.

I have tons of trip photos and videos to sift through, so the trip stories will come later.

Today, I have a bus story for you! Yay. I haven’t done one in awhile.

So, most of the time, I don’t mind taking the bus. I hate driving and there are days when I shouldn’t drive at all. If the bus is going where I’m going and I’ll make my appointments on time, I’ll take the bus.

Today was not a great bus day at all.

I’ll have to give some background that will be pertinent later to the bus story.

On the one-day job I had last month, I had a tall, unpleasantly faced lady get in my face, ranting about something that was not my responsibility and that I could do nothing about. She had a boot on her left foot, the walking stability boot type, and was using a cane. She was very tall and didn’t sit down, so she towered over me sitting at the table.

I didn’t feel like bothering that day so I just played dumb till she moved on. She was looking for a fight and while I normally wouldn’t back down from a fight, it wouldn’t look good to beat up a lady with a walking cane. Just kidding.

Back to today.

The first bus segment coming home was fine. I got on, I got off.

The second bus was crowded. I was still able to get a seat near the front, like I like it.

All of a sudden, something hits my head and my hair flies in my face. That sounds dramatic; it was only a small hit and a small hair flight. A teenage/ young boy had walked from the back of the bus to the front and  decided my head needed a little waking up, apparently. No acknowledgement whatsoever and it wasn’t a light brush of my hair that he might not have noticed.


Then it starts being standing-room only. The guy next to me stood up to let a lady sit down, but she refused it, unpleasantly saying to an older gentleman, “You go right on ahead. You. Go. Right on ahead.” The older gentleman sat down next to me.

More and more crowded. It’s time to play sardines.

An older lady gets on the bus and has a few bags with her. She said some things to the 2 people near me. Then she said something to me. I took out my headphones and she asked if I was going to ______ (where I live; after the freeway segment). I said, “Yes.” And she stopped engaging me.

Here’s where I failed. I didn’t stand up and give her my seat.

On the morning bus ride, I’m more inclined to give my seat away. The day has just started and I haven’t beaten up my bad leg yet.

This bus ride was on the way home, and my leg was throbbing. I was concerned that it would hurt like crazy by the time we got to my stop which was still an hour ride away. I was concerned because my leg hurt by the time I got home yesterday, the morning of which I had given up my seat and stood up for the long ride.

Still, I could have stood up. No excuses, I failed.

I know you’d rather believe me to be perfect. I understand, but I have my moments. I’m sorry.

So the lady looking for a seat resigned to put one of her bags at my feet since the woman in front of me said that she was getting off in K_____ (before the freeway segment).

She made it a point to say something about how she must be the oldest person in this part of the bus and smiled at me. She didn’t look past 50 to me and there was an older looking woman nearby. Sometimes I think about carrying a knee wrap with me for when my leg just needs a rest.

The man to the right of the woman in front of me got off in K_____, so the lady looking for a seat sat there. Then the woman in front of me got off. The lady (now with a seat) with the bags was about to reach over the empty seat to get the bag that was at my feet but before she could, the lady whom had refused the seat earlier sat down in front of me. She almost sat down on the other lady’s hand.

Oh, did I tell you? I’m fairly certain that the unpleasant woman was the same woman who was in my face at my workplace. Same unpleasant face and demeanor. Her left foot was wrapped. She had a cane.

We get to my stop. The lady with the bags was getting off at the same stop. To get off, I had to cross the man next to me and somewhat cross the lady with the cane. I knocked her cane a little, saying, “I’m sorry, excuse me.”

Next thing I know, she’s moving the cane and I’m getting more tripped up. I’m not going to say she was tripping me on purpose. However….

Anyways, there it is. Plus my arm got banged by heavy bags too. People just are not that considerate anymore.

Well, it makes me truly appreciate the men and boys who give up their seats, and the young ladies who give up their seats when the men and boys don’t, and the bus driver who says “Have a good day!” as he ends his shift and hands over the bus to the next driver, etc. The bus can be a good experience.

Well, I hope you’ve had a good holiday off the past Monday. Stick around for trip posts and the continuance of the Healthy Go posts… starting… tomorrow hopefully. I’ve already started laying it out.

Have a safe travel everyone, see you next time, and thank you for reading!