Thursday, September 27, 2012

Seattle Day #2: JULIEANN/ Shower/ Trader Joes

Bridal Shower: Donna's hula.

Hello friends,
I forgot to preface the previous Seattle trip post, in case you didn’t know that I had gone on a trip, with saying that these are my recollections from the trip back in August.
Thank you for visiting this journal!


Day 2 started off slowly for me; I needed to go slow.

First event of the day was the themed bridal shower. I put on the dress I brought for it, my red and white floral dress from Charlotte Russe. I had bought it when I lived in Oregon several years ago and I probably wore it last in Oregon. I was so happy to be able to fit in it again!

Mom drove and I navigated, which worked out great for the whole trip. I had a little hiccup in navigating but quickly got us back on track, again. It was mostly due to passing the street sign before I could read the street name. We found the house easily after that.


At the shower, we met a lot of Dexter’s family who were all so friendly and kind. They have a lovely home and it was good to see where Julie has been living.

Ladies were busy cooking in the kitchen. We got settled in with meeting new people and chatting. Of course it was great to see Julie again, and my other mother, and to meet some of Julie’s friends whom I had heard a lot about but hadn’t met until that day. It was good to catch up with Tracy again; she’s always Tracy and I like it.

Bridal Shower: The spread.
Bridal Shower: My plate.
We had a great time. The food was good! Donna danced the hula. The games were fun, even if a little rigged since Julie and her mom were among the first winners, but we’ll let that slide!

Bridal Shower: Family.
Bridal Shower: Now that is a cake! It even had fresh fruit
slices in the middle layer!

Bridal Shower: The mamas with the daughters!
Bridal Shower: Presents!

On the way back to the hotel, I got a little carsick. I just become nauseated and dizzy. I crashed on the bed pretty much as soon as we got back. The ladies went out to dinner that night but I just couldn’t get myself together for it.

Instead, Mom and I hunted down the nearest Trader Joe’s. It was only about a 5-minute drive so that I could brace myself in case I got sick again.

I ended up being okay but I did sleep heavy that night.

Trader Joe's, Washington
Trader Joe's: when I lived in OR, I would sometimes buy
TJ flowers for the apartment- I miss that.

That was pretty much it! I took lots more photos which will be featured on my Facebook page for those of you connected with me over there. I also didn’t want to show all the gifts that were received in case some of them were personal to Julie.

As always, feel free to leave a comment in the box below!

Thank you for reading and have a good evening!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Seattle Day #1: Phew, I made it!

I was told the sun shows up in the morning. Where is it?!

Flying almost always makes me anxious, though usually it is a manageable anxious. This time, almost as soon as I booked the trip, Dad started stressing me about a particular detail that I hadn’t thought about so the anxiety this time built up for about a month before the trip.

[Healthy Go note: I didn’t stress-overeat, yay!]

This is how I get my over-thinking skills because both of my parents tend to stress me out on something here and there, and they stress me out on different things, so it almost feels like a constant thing. And, it is in my nature to over-think. I try to think out every angle, every nuance, every action, every possibility, etc., rather than miss something important or in order to make the best decision. It’s a vicious thing going on in my head.

I love my parents! They are the perfect parents for me. I simply don’t love stressing out and try to remain as calm as possible at all times.

Besides, I ended up stressing out about a real important thing: school. It was my fault that I registered late, so I was running around the week before trying to get meetings and signatures and classes and get straight on the assignments and schedule. Everything, for the major part, has worked out and I sense that God was in it. I’m not saying God was in it just because it worked out the way I wanted but that sounds like it would turn into a much, much longer post; put it simply for now, I rarely say things like that unless I truly believe it strongly- God was in it.

Still, being a good student (or trying to be), I ended up not sleeping the night before the flight. I usually don’t sleep the night before in an attempt to force sleep on the plane, but not sleeping plus stress is not a good combination. I try not to stress so much that I began packing and getting ready for the trip weeks in advance and yet I ended up not fully packing until about 3 hours before the flight. By then, I was so tired that I just threw stuff in and wasn’t really sure I packed the essentials at least. I could not remember much at all but thank goodness I did have essentials!

And, I was able to complete and turn in an assignment early.

The flight was early in the morning which is good for easing my stress- I didn’t think about long lines at all and didn’t have to. The Dept. of Agriculture check line thing wasn’t even open yet. At this point, I am blank on anything that happened even though I didn’t sleep at all during the wait for boarding.

The flight was on time and was alright.

And we're on our way!

Can't wait to be off the plane again.
I was not alright. I wish I enjoyed flying, but my body and mind do not like the idea of being trapped and having to sit for hours. I got a little nauseated and was just uncomfortable the whole time- not unusual but it was quite intense this time. Mom says I did sleep some but I don’t really remember it. I know that I missed part of the movie but couldn’t say if it was because I had slept or not. I usually get the window seat because I don’t like getting up at all during a flight, I’d rather just resign myself to the sitting, but I needed to get up twice this time- thank you to the much understanding and patient person in the aisle seat!

The movie was “The Avengers.” I think I enjoyed it- I don’t remember quite. I am somewhat a fan of Robert Downey Jr.- even in his wild days, at least one could tell that he was a good actor; can’t say that about every wild “actor.” So glad that he is doing well.

I also like watching Mark Ruffalo, even though his distinct voice and cadence gives him away every time in that I am always aware that it’s him acting, as opposed to someone like Gary Oldman who is a master of disguise and always surprises me.

Anyways, wholly mustard! I just looked up the movie on IMDb and noticed that Paul Bettany provided the voice of Jarvis! How did I not wonder or notice that before?

Not exactly sure, but I think that was
Downtown Los Angeles below us.

Ehm, back to the flight… I was able to use my own headphones so didn’t have to pay extra for the movie sound. We did not have complimentary meal service though, but the complimentary ginger ale was good for me, just not enough on its own.

LAX: we made it!

I was so glad to be safely off the plane and moving again! Though I was dead tired, moving was good for me. We were able to use the underground tunnel from one gate to the next which was a plus though I wouldn’t want to have to do that alone.

Stopover meal at Ruby's: love the old diner interior.

On reaching the second gate, my day got really good! Our gate was next to the women’s restroom, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Ruby’s Dinette! Best. Gate. And stopover. Ever.

We had two hours between flights that turned out to be just right for me this time. We shared a meal at Ruby’s that was very necessary. I started to feel a lot better after that. I didn’t get to have any CBTL but it’s okay.

Downtown Seattle below us!

The second flight was new to me, being LAX to SEA, but it was fine. It was only 2 hours which was manageable enough for me. I was only mildly uncomfortable.

A lot more babies were on this flight. Before takeoff, the attendant switched two of the rows of passengers because they had a policy that no row could have more than one infant in it. I had never seen that done before. She said it was a safety precaution due to the number of oxygen masks.

One of the babies somewhere near the front was having a worse flight than I was and I felt sorry, the poor thing.

Again, landing and moving was good!

Sea-Tac Airport

Sea-Tac Airport Train Station.

I really like the Sea-Tac airport! It was a little confusing at first only because I wasn’t used to seeing trains in an airport. I’m used to following the crowd just down an escalator to the baggage claim but we had to take the train to the baggage claim this time. However, the airport signs were very easily followed. Also, there were very helpful people around to tell us where we go to pick up the rental car. They have a bus to the rental car facility which makes everything very easy.

I generally have a good sense of direction. I’m not thrown off by N/S/E/W. I kind of just know where to go. Still, I was a little off as we left the rental facility. It only took a few minutes to turn around and go the other way, and then we were on the right track. We found the hotel easily enough.

Safe in the hotel room.

Now it was late at night. We got to the hotel. It took a few minutes to get the room assignment and keys. Then I did a bit of walking as I searched for a nearby elevator. I didn’t search long because I was just tired and so I carried our bags up the stairs, and got into the room.

At that time, I was just on mission-mode: do the next mission. Go. Done. Next mission: fill bucket with ice. I hunted down the nearest ice machine which was on the other side of the hotel; good thing it wasn’t too big of a hotel.

Mission: drink a lot of water. Mission: take a shower. Mission: get ready for bed. Mission: crash. All missions completed.

And that concludes the travel to Seattle and the first night.

Not very interesting, I’m sorry. The write up for Day 2 should be more exciting!

For my Facebook friends, I’ll be posting more of the trip photos on my FB page. Enjoy!

You are welcome to leave a comment in the box at the end of this post. Say “Hi” to me!

Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last Friday

Previously, on “Who I Am”…

I talked about a food establishment which has gotten on my bad list. I had also mentioned, briefly, that the day had been great until that negative experience, so I thought I should mention why that Friday had been great.

It was one of the mornings which I was able to get an affordable hot breakfast. Classes went well and I am enjoying the subject matters.

Then I went to meet Mama Julie. She is my friend Julie’s mom; to keep from confusion, I’ll call [our mom] “Mama J.”

I had performed special teams duty at Julie’s wedding; I was one of the scripture readers. Julie told me that I was supposed to have received a watch for being on the special teams (she didn’t call it “special teams,” that is my term for it). Somehow I didn’t get my watch while I was up there, so Julie sent it back with Mama J for me to pick up.

I picked it up on Friday, along with a few other little goodies from Mama J! Some of the goodies were for my own Mama also.

We were in the downtown/ Chinatown area so I didn’t want to open the gifts right away. We went for a walk around town. She showed me a cute little corner store that had Hawaiian hula/ craft items. We talked about her grandchildren and other things. Mama J’s so cute!

Then we went to her new apartment. It’s in a good building and she’s able to grow some potted plants. She has some nice views out too! (I don’t want to compromise her safety so I’ll move on and not give away more.)

After I left, I decided that I would do a little walking of my own- it was the mid-afternoon and I when I said “little walk,” I meant “little walk.” Anyways, I find that I don’t know Chinatown as well as I ought, being the place of my peoples.

I stopped off to have a chat with Sun Yat Sen.

Sun Yat Sen statue, Honolulu Chinatown
I caught the sign of “Otto Cake” and stopped in. I had remembered reading about his shop in an article in the MidWeek [read it here]. Despite how possibly dangerous that area could be, I wanted to show support for his shop, and to have a little cheesecake treat served by Otto himself.

Otto Cake, Honolulu Chinatown
Otto Cake, interior
Otto Cake, interior with artistic touches.
Otto Cake, storefront window with words calling for justice.
Perhaps a better read about Otto the artist is this one [click here]. He mentions having a fascination with ants, which reminds me of my friend Handsome whom I had met in art class many years ago- he had done a piece that featured ants, but I wouldn’t know if Handsome knows Otto in any way.

Otto Cake, cheesecake takeout box.

Otto Cake, Lemon Cheesecake- yummmm!

I’ve only had a bite of the cheesecake so far but it is good! I took it home along with my other goodies.

I told you it was a little walk.

Here are the goodies!

Wonderfully brightly colorful, really good choice for Mom! Mom also got a butter mocha, of which I do not have a picture.

From Jules' Mom to My Mom.

Pearls for me! I do believe these are my first pearls.

From Mama J

What was inside the purple bag- pearls!

And THE watch! So pretty- I see why Jules wanted me to wear it at the wedding. Quick, someone take me out on a fancy date so I can wear it out!

Memento from Jules and Dex's wedding! And it was on
Seattle time!

Thank you to Mama J and Jules for the goodies!

Thank you to Mama J for the great afternoon!

And thank you for reading! If you happen to find yourself in Chinatown, stop in at Otto Cake and have a treat!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

On The Bad List: A Certain KFC

This was my status update on Friday night:

It was looking to be a great day... now it's ending in crap. Don't even ask me about it yet because I am that ticked.

It is difficult to get onto my bad list. The list is rather short with the list of people and places that I will … not deal with.

Here’s what happened:

Dad suggested KFC for dinner and sent me out to get it. Get 5 pieces and corn, he said.

I passed by the high school and it looked like some event was going on. I get to KFC and the drive-thru line was long. I went inside, thinking it would be faster. There was a line inside too.

When it was my turn to order, I asked the girl if I’d be able to substitute the sides in the combo #4- 5 piece chicken for two, including 2 biscuits and 2 sides. She said she didn’t think so. So I told her 5 pieces of chicken only and a large side of corn. She said they couldn’t do that. Okay, so I ordered the #4 and a large side of corn (4 pieces).

I think she got stuck, or thought I was stuck, on the 5-piece meal substitution. I’m pretty sure customers can order single pieces of chicken. I was just trying to make it easy since it was a busy night for them.

So I wait for my order. And wait. And wait.

The people who were behind me start to get their orders. I’m waiting and watching. After about 20 minutes, the guy who ordered after me asked if they forgot about us.

His order comes up, but the employee was about to give it to a lady who came after us. They had to clear up that confusion.

Another customer was at the counter trying to clear something up or I don’t know. So I was waiting for them to take care of him. I was considering asking for my money back and walking out at that point. The guy told them that I was there before him.

So the employee asked if I had the #5. I said no, I had the 5-piece meal with a side of corn. Corn? She looked confused. I show her my receipt. She goes to get the corn.

I see the manager go in back and pull out a bag of frozen corn. If I had to wait for the corn, I definitely would have asked for my money back.

The employee gives me the order, saying that they had given my order to someone else. I just left with it.

If it had only been that they were busy, that would have been fine- I could forget it easier.


… They were understaffed for a Friday night, and for there being an event at the high school right across the street.

… They were poorly managed. The cashier and the order-maker were not communicating well. The order-maker didn’t know which order was next. Once she made the orders, she was calling out what the order was, NOT the number of the order, hence, a lot of confusion as to whose order had just come up. The manager seemed to be confused as well.

The people who were eating-in, I kept seeing them go back up to the counter to ask for utensils and plates.

… There was barely an apology for having kept us waiting. No compensation either. It was at least a half-hour wait for me and the guy that was after me. I checked my phone for the time.

It was ridiculous and way beyond just having a busy night.

Years ago, I had gone to this KFC and went through the drive-thru. I had to pull to the side and wait. It was about a 1-2 minute wait, and they brought out a complimentary drink for my wait. So, I had a good impression about them.

After this past Friday night, I will not go to that KFC again. If I am wrong about this, blowing it out of proportion, tell me how so in the comment box below.

I am a huge fan of good customer service and will tell people when I see it. I will also tell people about very poor customer service. Good customer service is so important to business.

Sigh. I couldn’t stop shaking my head the rest of the night.

I’m sorry that I can’t say here which KFC it was. If you know me personally, you’ll have a good guess which one. I am not going to that one again. 

At least this is good for my Healthy Go journey as the next KFC is "far." 

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! I’m going to go read something good.

Thank you for reading!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Healthy Go: Fitting Results

Morning sun rising

First, an update to a previous post [Persecution Tuesday]. I have received comments and points back from the professor and I have earned full points for both presentations. Some remarks returned regarding areas of improvement in public speaking, of which I had already anticipated and are usually performed by me but not this time.

YAY! Complete survival of PT!

Not gonna lie, PT was a little brutal for me. I am used to having several assignments due on the same day, but usually for different courses. And, I don’t believe I have ever had to do 2 presentations in one day, and both for the same course. Ah well, now I can say that I can do it!

I am regaining some confidence regarding my mental faculties. There have been doubts….

I had also reported in that same previous post that I had a pity mushroom burger. No alarm is needed about that since: 1) I did not follow that up with pity fries, pity soda, and pity ice cream, and 2) there’s proof in the closet that one pity burger shall not devastate this healthy journey.

The list of practical items in my closet continues to grow and that without having gone shopping!

Well, I did do a little shopping, but I’m not referring to any of those items.

The list does not yet include the grey shorts which are the item of the current goal, but I am a half-step closer to that goal. Just before the trip, I had fit into a few old dresses again. Most recently, I have fit into my light jeans shorts again!

For months, I have been wearing the living out of my dark loose jeans shorts that, for a time, were not so loose but were the only ones I could fit, and that are decent enough to wear in public. The light jeans shorts used to fit just right, then not at all, and now fits just right again. Now I have both pairs of jeans shorts at my disposal. Next up will be the grey shorts and my board shorts. I just tried the grey ones; they are button-able, but still tight, so I am not quite there yet.

Some of my old tops are fitting better now too! I love shopping my closet!

Intake-wise, I am still soda-free. I am getting back into drinking more water with this current schedule, but not yet at the 3-bottle minimum I had reached earlier.

I don’t recall if I have mentioned this already: I had read something about frozen vegetables and so have bought some and am working out how best to prepare them. I mean, the bag came with instructions of course, but I’m getting it to where I just know how to do it well and make it more routine. It’s the type of frozen vegetables that I remember school cafeteria lunches serving and I did not like them then; I think I was very suspicious of the freshness and preparation of them. Now, I will learn to be in control of that so that I have an easy mind in eating prepared frozen vegetables.

I have been craving chocolate lately, lots of it. I’m not sure why, or if it is a good or bad thing. I’m not gorging on chocolate but I was never really a chocolate kind of lady before and now I have a piece at least 3 times a week. It’s on my mind a lot. I’m only a little concerned about it since Halloween is coming up and so the impulse to eat bags and bags of chocolate could kick in. We shall see.

Hot breakfast: scrambled eggs and
potatoes with red pepper and onions.
Otherwise, I’m still eating rather well. I have increased my caloric intake just a little since I am walking every day. It is reassuring that I have done that and am apparently still losing inches. I have been hit or miss with breakfast only because my body gets up much earlier than my brain does, especially with the current schedule, but I haven’t missed too much. And the bus has arrived early enough that twice this week I was able to catch a hot breakfast for under $3, with time to enjoy it- fantastic!

Flower: I passed this on my morning walk.
Flower: I'm not sure what kind of plant it
is but the flower is pretty.

If anyone doubts the influence that one’s intake has on one’s health, you should just try making a few significant changes and see if you’re not feeling overall better in the course of a month.

I can go by my own experience through this journey. I am not a morning person, though with the changes in my intake, I have been going to sleep better and more regularly, as well as waking up and not dragging as much as I used to. In fact, I am waking up and often been ready to go to take on the day. I cannot remember a time that this has been true before in my life.

Getting adequate sleep regularly has boosted my attention skills in class. So far, I have felt like sleeping in class just twice- a big difference from it being every single class period. I believe I am retaining more information as well.

I do not fear an early schedule anymore. I can’t say that I love it since I’d still rather sleep in… but… I know I can do an early schedule.

I hope that you are healthy and well and are off to a great weekend! As always, feel free to leave a comment in the box below!

Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Persecution Tuesday

I did not make that up; my professor called today “Persecution Tuesday.” It was only PT for me and one other student.

At least I wasn’t alone in the persecution? Though, she bore it better than I did and I’m a bit embarrassed about that. I am so off my game. Oi.

This is why I am supposed to be out of the college game by now. I’m too old for this.

In short, I had two presentations and one assignment due today for ONE class, my first early class of the day. One of the presentations was an extemporaneous one. By the time I got the email notifying me of this second presentation, I was stuck. Instead of doing final preparations for the first presentation, I ended up working on the second presentation.

I was supposed to be up second for the first presentation, but the first person was a no-show apparently. Generally, I don’t mind going first, but this is a subject that is new to me and so I am a little out of my area. Plus, being distracted by the second presentation I would also have to give, I ended up with a flat presentation. I could have done so much better.

I flopped on that second presentation. I presented more like an architecture emphasis rather than an urban planning emphasis, which it was supposed to be. I leaned back on my area of knowledge rather than what the course is teaching. I know I was missing pertinent information.

And, the third strike was the assignment. Granted, it was a rewrite and I should have completely finished it before this weekend so that is my fault; I had worked on it early but failed to finish the thorough final look-through that I usually do. I forgot to include a very important map in the illustrations.

It’s not over yet. I now have a write up to do for that extemporaneous presentation, due by the end of today.

After classes, I went to the library and got the books and DVDs that I had put on hold yesterday. Phew, at least that much is done. I still need to search out one more book.

However, I couldn’t fit all the books into my backpack. I ended up carrying three big ones. Not too bad, but then I caught the bus, a very crowded bus.

And people never cease to confound me. There we are, in a sardine bus, and the person behind me is going “Excuse me, excuse me,” wanting to get past me or something. Hello. Friend, I would be so glad to get out of your way but I am busy breathing down this stranger’s neck already.

Anyways, I gave up my seat twice for others- it was the right thing to do. I ended up having to place my bag on the floor and shuffle it along with my feet whenever there was space to move. Even in a crowded bus, I think courtesies are still in fashion, but so many people just knocked me without the niceties. It was a good bus day; it just wasn’t much fun.

It’s life. Don’t take pity on me because there are others whom have worse days.

I had a mushroom burger today- another reason not to pity me since I gave myself a pity burger. I mention it here because, in light of the theme of today (persecution), the initial sight of this gave me a little start.

I thought it was a skull.

It is a mushroom. 

I appreciate the artistic outlet.

The professor promised PT wouldn’t happen again. Maybe next time it will be “Punishment Thursday?” I do enjoy the course.

Saying a prayer for all those who work to pay for their education at the time of their education. I don't know how they do it. I mean, I have worked and gone to school, but I had help.

I hope you are having better days! You’re welcome to leave a comment in the box below.

Thank you for reading and now to finish off “Persecution Tuesday!”

Monday, September 17, 2012

Library Card from The Past

I don’t have a Bible reflection post for you today. I am quite behind in my readings again. It’s not recommended to fall behind so often, but if you do, it’s okay; just get back to it as soon as you can. Yes, I should take my own words to heart and I will soon.

I just have a short story that happened today.

Between classes, I thought I’d be good and look up some text books that I need. I checked the library systems online and found the books. I thought I’d be extra good and pick up the books right after class. I thought, great, I have my card with me!

I went right after class. One of the books, I couldn’t find on the shelves. I decided to find other books that could be comparable, just in case I never find the original book. I found some that look promising. Great!

I found a DVD in the A/V room that would be good for a presentation I have to do later in the semester. Great!

I went to check out the DVD, a little apprehensive that I might have late charges yet unpaid from years ago- I always have this feeling even if I know that my account is good.

Instead, the lovely librarian informed me that my card was old and unusable. Apparently, I could not find my card at some time and had just gotten a new replacement card with a new number.

I wanted to cry right there in the library. I’m trying to be so good and this felt like such a big slap in my face by ME. I could’ve kicked myself.

Anyways, the librarian really was lovely. She put the DVD aside so that I could pick it up later, if I find my current card, and said I could have my books held at the counter downstairs. I went and put the books on hold.

Defeated, I went home. By bus, but the ride was good- no incidents.

I found my current library card. What the grief was I doing that I found the lost card and put it in my card holder?!

Well, no big deal really. I just have another trip to the library to make tomorrow, means more walking for me which is good, right? Physical activity!

Let me take a moment to make sure that I switch the cards………. Done.

To top off the day, I just read an email that I have an extra presentation to do tomorrow morning. That makes two presentations in one day, one of which I did not know about earlier. A presentation in less than 24 hours on a subject I know nothing about so let me get on it.

I hope you are well and having a great start to the week!

Thank you for reading.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cut Short

Do you like my new haircut?

It was time for me to get a haircut and schedules happened so that I got it cut just before going on the trip. I went to my usual spot at the Paul Mitchell UluponoAcademy.

I mostly have a great haircut experience at Ulupono. I’m getting a cut by a supervised future professional (student) for a great price; this is the main reason I go. They give a scalp massage during the shampoo & conditioner.

The main downside to going to Ulupono every time, for me, is that I’ll get a great haircut that I LOVE and then the next time that I go, that person who did the cut is probably not there anymore. Hopefully they’ve gotten picked up by a great salon. In describing the cut to the next student, I even use their terminology and yet the cut still hasn’t been quite what it was the first time.

Another downside is that there can be several people touching your hair (the student and their supervising “learning leader”, or more) and there can be breakdown of communication, which is what happened to me this most recent time.

The whole process could take at least an hour, as students consult, wash and massage, and then also are trying to get the attention of the learning leader. My cuts have taken at least 2 hours because I usually have long hair when I go in, and my hair is thick and wavy, calling for extra care at times.

So, I had prepared some photos of the haircut that I loved to take with me and to show the stylist. I forgot to bring the photos; my fault.

Original loved cut, styled, side view.
Original loved cut, flat-ironed, front view.

The student assigned to me was nice and professional enough. The consult was fine, the wash and massage was good, and she was doing a good job. I believe she understood what I wanted as she showed me pictures of the cut and asked me questions.

What happened was that one of the leaders that she called over to check something took up the scissors to show the student something, and the leader went ahead and cut my hair shorter than I wanted it to be. She cut it the standard triangle cut but I wanted an elongated triangle cut. The leader didn’t talk to me; she didn’t look at the consultation notes at all.

I did not like the way that the leader handled my cut. Let’s just put responsibility where it is.

I didn’t say anything either because once you cut, there’s only growing it out again. The student was being careful. As soon as the leader made her first cut, I knew it was too short.

I’m not very attached to my hair; I’m pretty laidback about whatever the stylist wants to do with my hair as long as I look good and don’t end up bald. I usually don’t even tell them what cut I want but I really loved the cut I had years ago.

The cut came out great and I look great with it. The male leader, whom had supervised most of my cut, kept staring at me as I paid. Either I looked really good or he was simply admiring the cut, I don’t know. I just caught him staring and he didn’t look away like people usually do.

New cut, front view.
New cut, side view.
New cut, back view.

New cut, wash & go, with bangs tied up top.
New cut, wash & go, side view.

The cut is good. I can flat-iron it or just wash & go and I feel confident going out either way; I love that. Mom and I have not detected any odd parts about the cut; there’s no odd chops or unevenness, etc.

The only thing about the cut is like I said earlier; it’s much shorter than what I wanted. The loved cut was the same long-front/ short-back cut, but elongated, meaning that the front was longer.

I’ve had my hair this short before, but it was a different cut and so long ago that I don’t remember how I handled it. I don’t remember disliking it at all. It might be that I wasn’t having an eczema flare up at the time or that I wasn’t doing my makeup… I don’t know.

While on the Seattle trip, I really noticed that I can’t do much with my hair. I can’t put it up or back in any way without a lot of clips all over my head. None of the ends reach enough to be put up in a hair band. Wearing a headband keeps my hair out of my face as I put on makeup, but it hurts my head after awhile so I can’t wear it all day.

My eczema has been flaring up in certain areas, most noticeably on my neck right now. The hair is not helping the situation as the hair touches my neck right in the areas that it is most irritated.

I tried this method:

Hair out of my face and off my neck,
but it's worth it...?
…but my scalp gets irritated after awhile.

I don’t know what I’m going to do. If you have any suggestions, please let me know? I would be SO grateful!

Still, I prefer going to Ulupono than anywhere else to get a haircut at the moment.

I’ve had mostly bad experiences with other cheaper haircutting places and I can’t afford to go to a higher-end salon for the time being. I don’t know that I would want to pay higher-end prices even if I could afford it; it would have to be only once in a good while.

So I recommend Ulupono if it’s time for you to do something with your hair. It is currently my go-to hairstyling place. I have had good styling experiences with certain leaders as well as the students.

Just be cautious if you’re pressed for time or if you’re very particular about your style.

I have been considering going there to get my hair colored- I just haven’t decided what color and style yet as it’s been awhile since I’ve had any coloring done at all. I want to do something bold for the next color but I want to make sure I will be hired somewhere first!

Thank you to Kassandra and Andre for the good style!

Check out the different services (hair, makeup, nail care) that Ulupono provides here. Let me know how it turns out!

Thank you for reading.