Wednesday, August 8, 2012


At the window, missing her former outdoor
life. She's been a house-cat for several years
My little MegaMouth has been feverishly scratching herself.

For my Facebook friends, this is the cat that sleeps in sock drawers, sinks, shoe boxes, in the closet nook, on the computer tower (until I put my shoes there so she couldn't anymore), any small cranny she can find, and shoves me over on the bed. I recently found her behind the shelves, wondering how to get back out and calling for backup.

We got her to the vet. She has a flea allergy. Just one bite makes her itch like mad.

I feel bad. I know what uncomfortable, itchy skin is like. I have eczema. Also, we used to have rabbits; just one rabbit hair on my skin made me itch like mad. I would have to bathe three times to get my skin to calm down again. When I said “bathe,” I meant “scrub until I bled.”

That’s pretty much what Mega has been doing, scratching and licking and biting herself. I should have taken Mega-babe in sooner.

The nurse just adored Mega, of course! Mega has a cute little flat face- they think she might have some Japanese Manx in her blood. The nurse said she was so calm and stayed in place as she was weighed and then took two injections to help her get well again. The nurse said that cats usually have a short-attention span there.

And of course, Mega showed everyone there how she got her name- she was louder than I can remember.

We got MegaMouth home.

I gave her the last medication for now.

By nighttime, she was exhausted. Mega fell asleep in her water bowl. I put her back in the carrier and she made no protest. She loves people but she hates being carried.

I’ve had her in my room since the night before the vet visit. I know she loves having her own food and water bowl. She showed signs of the second trait that earned her the name; she has been eating like a feline Michael Phelps… and she weighs only 8 lbs., which is on the low side for a cat.

And since she’s in my room, I haven’t been getting quality sleep but that’s okay. I’m doing that parent thing sometimes where I just watch her sleep to make sure she’s breathing. I want to pet her but think I shouldn’t wake her up.
She's not drinking, she's sleeping in her water.
Tuckered out in the carrier, her new room.

She climbed the mountain of shelves to claim another spot.

See Chick-a-dee and Roar in the back?
Chickie still squeaks but Roar doesn't roar

She was still pretty tired the next day too.

But, she’s not scratching and fidgeting so much. And I think she’s made herself very at home in the carrier.

The other two cats got flea medication also. The home remedies for fleas are definitely not working as well as was hoped. It didn’t get out of control, but it didn’t get rid of the fleas entirely either.

So, for now, I’m going to find out other things to do to clean the carpets and such to take care of the fleas and step up the efforts majorly; hopefully I find something that works better for our situation.

And for now, I’m monitoring MegaMouth as much as I can. I’ll be taking Mega in for a checkup this week.
Her new food bowl.

Thank you for reading and here’s to healthier pets and homes!

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