Friday, August 3, 2012

Healthy Go: Sleep Okay? And Preparation

Strong-willed... in a dress!

Life pushed me this week, as it does. I pushed back. Never start a shove match with a strong-willed person.

I didn’t do any set workouts this week, but I was more active throughout the day than I usually am, taking care of tasks here and there. I know my shoulders got a workout; I didn’t have to move to feel them when I went to sleep at night.

I was on my feet a lot more, but just standing and walking, so no mountain climbers or kickboxing. I think this break was good for my left leg at least. When I had started to do the workouts again, my knee ached and throbbed more than usual and I got nerve shocks by my tendon a lot more. The shocks were getting to where it interrupted my sleep because I felt like one was coming on, and sometimes I was woken up by a shock. And the shocks were lasting longer and feeling more intense.

So the break from active workouts while still standing and moving around was good for my leg. The aches have gone down; it only aches sometimes when I try to sleep on my side instead of on my back and the arch of my foot hasn’t hurt as much either.

Life doesn’t always go as planned. Be prepared.

I am so glad that I started on this path when I did and no later. I had no appetite this week but I didn’t want to undo what work I’ve done and so I still ate how I have been eating for the past month. I still got in at least 2 bottles of water and sometimes 3 bottles, just as I have been for the last few weeks. The workouts were the only area where I backed off a bit, but like I said, I was still active, just in different ways.

The only questionable thing was having a 7-layer burrito from Taco Bell. I marked that as my indulgence for the week. I hadn’t had one in a long time.

So it was an okay week. Not bad. Not great.

I did, however, not have any sodas! One goal down, many to go….

Getting enough quality sleep is healthy.

I am terrible at getting enough sleep. I am a night owl. I feel more energized during the cool of the night.

Falling asleep is difficult. My mind races all day and then it races as I lay down to sleep. One would think racing all day would make me tired, but apparently not.

And, I cannot sleep if I feel the tiniest inkling that I might have to pee. TMI? Sorry.

Anyways, I finally searched to read if it’s a common thing or what, and if there were any pointers to alleviate that and possibly fall asleep better. It seems that responses varied.

So I decided to try cutting off liquids at 8 pm. Then I started to also take my sleep aids at that time, if I remember to. The last few days, this process has been working out pretty well. If I remember to take the sleep aids at 8 pm, I will get tired between 10 and midnight, which is the goal for now.

Waking up… now, that’s a different story. I still wake up anywhere between 3 am and 2 pm. It depends on how often I wake up in the night and such. It hasn’t been too bad, as I’ll usually wake up between 7 and 11 am; that seems to be the most general time. I mean, this new sleeping ritual has only been implemented for about the last week and a half, so maybe my body is still adjusting to what’s going on.

I have noticed, though, that more often now when I do wake up in the middle of the night, it’s been easier for me to get back to sleep again; that is a good sign.

This week’s stats----
Weight: no weigh in
Size: 10
Activity: no set workouts; physical tasks
Food: maintaining calorie goal; looking to eat healthier foods in general
Liquids: H2O 48+ oz. (looking to increase); NO SODAS!

Current Goal----
To fit into the size 10 dress comfortably.
Accomplished! It could still fit a little easier in the chest area, or it’s that I’m not comfortable wearing a strapless, but I was able to get the dress on and off on my own like when I had first bought and worn it!

It's official- I'm a 10! ...again!
I'm swishing the dress because it fits!

Next Goal----
August 2012 Measurements- click
to see larger view.
Hmm… I only realized now that I fit the dress that I didn’t really think much about what the next goal should be. Size 8 dress? Lose the belly? I don’t want to underestimate myself, nor do I want to set too hard of a goal that I get discouraged. For now, let’s say an 8, and that I would get through a full run of Jillian Michael’s “Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism” DVD workout. So far, I’ve only done the warm up, and then 1 or 2 of the cycles without resting.

[See July's measurements here] Now, the measurements… I see that some of the numbers have gone down, but now I’m wondering if I’m being consistent as to where I am taking the readings. I know that during the first measurements last month, I wanted to be able to make it consistent. In pictures, I don’t know, maybe it looks like my hips have gone down. I haven’t posted pictures because it’s embarrassing and because I’ve had to rig up a way to take the pictures myself; my camara isn’t flat on the sides where I can stand it up and take a vertical timer shot- I’m working on it, or on getting someone to take the pictures for me, plus I don't have a full-length mirror so I'm kind of guessing where I am in the shot. I'll work it out.

I suppose time will tell; eventually, it will get to where I cannot deny that I’ve lost inches. That will be a good day!

I’ll turn up the focused workouts again for the next week and see how my leg reacts again, try to figure out intensity and such that will help my leg get stronger and not do more damage to it.

And if you’re wondering why I haven’t seen a doctor about my leg and exercising more, it’s because when I did see the doctor about my leg, he wasn’t all that sure about what was wrong with it. All he could come up with was “possible nerve damage.” To confess, as soon as I could walk confidently on the leg again, I have neglected the stretching and movement exercises I’m supposed to do for it, so I’ll get back to doing that also.

Anyways, I hope the next week will be full of blessings and healthy endeavors for you. As always, you’re welcome to leave a comment in the box below!

Thank you for reading!

P.S. In case you missed it, I’M A 10 AGAIN! Yay!


  1. I used to not be able to sleep too. It took me hours to fall asleep. Not anymore. The trick is to stay awake and get about 3 hours of sleep a night. Eventually the lack of sleep will get to you and you'll start falling asleep as soon as you lay down.

  2. I tried that before. I think my body is more trained from all-nighters in studio. If I delay sleep, or get very little sleep for awhile, I'll guarantee to oversleep... like 15 hours straight! lol. I could try again though.

    I'm going to see if expending more physical energy during the day will help the sleep. It's supposed to, but I'll see....

    How many nights in a row of 3 hours did it take you to sleep okay?


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