Friday, August 17, 2012

Healthy Go: Get Back To It!

Blue Diamond Almonds and Pirate's
Booty Aged White Cheddar.

Hello friends!

I believe my brain is back to work. Though I didn’t take much of a detour on my healthy journey, I do feel like this past week was about getting back on track.

Saturday, I had an early and somewhat long work day- it was a one-day job. I was able to get in 4 bottles of water that day (96 oz.) easily. I was mostly sitting but also did some walking too. It was okay.

Left:1 bottle = 3 cups; 4 bottles.
Right: Bottle counter at 4.
I got in at least 3 bottles of water everyday (72 oz.). Saturday and Tuesday, I got in the 4 bottles of water, which also means that I had less lemon iced tea. I’ve been snacking on the usual Snapea Crisps, but also Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar since it was on sale, and I started having almonds around also. The almonds really kept me going through the one-day job.

Watermelon'Rita & lobster dinner.
I forgot to mention in the previous update that my family and I went out to dinner to celebrate a birthday. I had a Watermelon’Rita (guess where we went); it was okay but I don’t think it’s my taste so won’t have it again. For dinner, I’ve been used to saving half for another meal later, been doing that for awhile now and did so this time with the lobster and potato. I dip the tiniest portion of a lobster bite into the butter for taste. Oh, I love baked potatoes! Yet I don’t enjoy slathering it with butter anymore; I put just enough for flavor.

My cat is still sleeping in my room but I’ve started to keep the other 2 cats out so that I could sleep a little easier.

I’ve also been doing a little extra reading: Flavia Del Monte’s Flavilicious Fitness and Nutrition.  This blog is geared towards helping women get healthy and fit. I’ve been following it for a month so far and found some helpful tips. I haven’t used it too much for the fitness part and more so for the nutrition and motivation parts: she does a Motivation Monday series that sometimes gives me something to think about in what I’m doing.

Workouts for the week:

On the ball- knee pull-ins: I was going to do a video but I had a difficult time doing some of the other exercises due to lack of space. Instead, I tried another video.

Body Rock- Hot & Sexy
jumping jacks; high knees w/ twist; shuffle touches; heel kicks

+2 more exercises, but the toe was hurting; I had to rest it after those 4 exercises. I’ll try it again another time. I need either a shoe with the toe cut out or very supportive reinforced socks. The thing is to allow room for my toe to move around in the shoe, not have the shoe upper to smash against my toe, and to have support in the arch area, because the arch is the next thing to hurt when I work out if I don’t wear shoes. Any suggestions?

Wednesday- I was home, trying to work on some personal projects. Whenever I got up for something, or if I was watching a video, I did something, like jumping jacks or skaters or some kickboxing moves. I wanted to see if I could still get moves in while mostly doing things at the computer.

BodyRock- Take Me for A Little Ride
10 high knees + 5 deep squats; Exploding pushups; Around the Worlds + deep lunges; Plank Jump Overs

I did the 3 rounds shown in the video. For the first and third exercises with weights, I used one 10-lb. free weight. I am not comfortable yet to do exploding or walking pushups, so I just did regular pushups; I did them on my knees by the middle of the second round. For the planks, I hopped more than jumped over, so I could focus on form and monitor my bad leg (knee and toe mainly), and the third round I just did a straight plank. I was tired. It was a good, sweaty workout!

This week’s stats----
Weight: no weigh in
Size: 10
Activity: Still need to increase
Food: maintaining calorie goal; looking to eat healthier foods in general
Liquids: H2O 72+ oz. (maintain)

Current Goal----
I’ve decided that my next goal will be my grey size 10 shorts. I seem to like the clothing goals; I have a lot of pieces that I would like to fit in again. I chose the shorts because it’s my favorite pair and because I gained a lot of the more recent weight in my hips. It’s easy to hide the hips in a size 10 dress; not so much in pants or shorts.

I don’t know how difficult, or easy, it will be to lose some of the hips. I’ll just keep improving on moving more and eating better, and see how everything goes and takes the hips with them.

Let’s see how fast I can get into those shorts!

I hope these updates haven’t been too pointless for you. It has been helping me feel better about this all and maybe I’ll stumble on some helpful tips for all of us every once in awhile. If anything, you’ll see that I struggle just like many people when trying to change something in my life, but I keep pushing for more. I fail at times, yet I rarely give up on anything and that is often the key.

As always, you’re welcome to leave a comment in the section at the bottom of this or any post. It would be good to hear from people!

Thank you for reading and have a glass of water for me!

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