Friday, August 24, 2012

Healthy Go: Down to Busy-ness

Has it been THAT hot? Yeah, I guess so. I'm parched too.

Good evening,

I am on yet another detour in life. Actually, this one is more like a touristy rest stop. So I’ve become busier than I’ve been in a few years, which isn’t much compared to normal people. I still have a lot of “free” time.

What it does mean is that I now have to prioritize things a bit better. I also have to be a little more intentional with things pertaining to this journey towards better health.

For this first week of busy-ness, I did okay. I didn’t do great, but I did better than I have before. Today (Friday) was my longest day this week but I am not dying. In fact, I have some energy left! I had a tiring bus ride, tiring because it was packed with people and I got punched in the arm with a lot of bags and stuff, and avoided some armpit-face time (crowded bus, mind you), but otherwise it was okay. I did a lot of walking today.

Before, I would have needed a nap somewhere. Or three naps. And I would’ve been less inclined to walk as much as I did.

Monday: Spicy Ahi Donburi, Sushi Company.
One of my faves.
I did forget to have a proper breakfast today, not because I didn’t plan on it but because I forgot to eat it! Oi. I got home and someone asked me about the English muffin in the toaster- oops. I tell ya’, those early mornings are tricksters…. I totally thought I had breakfast today. Sigh.

Tanioka Friday! last week. Hash patties, shrimp tempura, and
salmon patties. 
I also didn’t have a schedule set this week; that is what I have been trying to figure out and won’t be completely set until next week. So, for me, this meant that I didn’t get in the water drinking. I took my water bottle with me, but since I’ve been riding the bus and running around to settle a schedule, trying to meet with people, I didn’t always know when I would be able to find a bathroom or have a break, and it is not fun being on the bus with a full bladder- trust me on that. Once I have my schedule set, I should be back on track with the water.

I SO wanted a mushroom burger this week but didn’t. I was able to eat the same things I’ve been eating pretty much. Earlier in the week, I grabbed a bag of frozen vegetables and will be seeing how I can incorporate that into my diet (and by “diet” I just mean “what I’m eating,” not like a program or trick).

I could work on:
Maintaining a rather regular sleep schedule

Preplanning meals and preparing snacks- this includes knowing where I can grab something healthy to eat and planning a budget for eating away from home

Schedule in exercise and do it- I shouldn’t rely solely on all the walking I have to do


Workouts for the week:

Insane Home Fat Loss- Sexy Abs
Side plank raises- one side at a time; Side leg lifts- one side at a time; Alligator pushups; leg & arm lifts

I followed the demonstration round and the 2 full rounds in the video. For the side leg lifts, I used a 10#. I really tried to do the alligator pushups the way that she was doing it, but couldn’t manage the pushup and moving the legs at the same time, so I did the leg moves from a plank position. Otherwise, I did okay.

And, like I mentioned before, I got in more walking this week than usual. So hopefully regular exercising will also be easier to work in once I know what time I have.

This week’s stats----
Weight: no weigh in
Size: 10/ M
Activity: Still need to increase
Food: maintaining calorie goal; looking to eat healthier foods in general
Liquids: H2O 24+ oz. (need to increase); NO SODAS!

Current Goal----
Grey size 10 shorts

Well, it wasn’t a great week, as I essentially went backwards a few steps (missing breakfast, not getting water or exercise in), but overall, I feel a lot better than I have in the past. I’m not feeling defeated at all and that is a good sign.

I also tried on some dresses at TJMaxx and found some that looked decent on me, size medium- yay! I didn’t cringe as I looked at the mirror. I’m still probably a large in tops though but that’s, well, to be expected.

I think the main things to have a positive impact so far has been drinking water (not having that extra sugar from sodas like before) and not having the guilt from eating bad stuff because I haven’t eaten bad stuff. Oh, and having rather regular sleep is pretty great!

This coming week will be a little challenging as I will be on the first trip I’ve been on in a good while. It will be a new experience as I figure out how to do healthy things for the first time while on a trip!

So, do something healthy this coming week and see how much better you feel, then remember that feeling and do the healthy thing again! That’s my advice and let me know what you’ve decided on or what you did afterwards.

Thank you for reading and here’s to a healthy future!